She cute

She cute.

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You think she was designed that way? Like, on purpose?

tru dat

>Selick went to Japan with his son
>Bought him a Japanese imperial hat but his son didn't want it
>Made a movie and gave the hat to his daughterfu instead
most definitely

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>brown eyes
Not white

and funny

didn't ask + don't care + ok and? + dilate + ur cringe + you're mother + take a shower + eat salad next time + get a clue + you're 56% "white" + La Luz Extinguido + sneed + L

>all those buzzwords
I want zoomers out right now

She could probably kill every other laika protagonist when you really think about it.

How so?

What competition does she realistically have? She's a survivor, wiry, and has that glint of a killer in her eye. Yes, perhaps some characters are physically stronger than her and would win in a death battle scenario, but she could probably lure them into a false sense of security with her personality then move in for the kill.
Who could beat her? Norman? Kubo? No contest.

Was he a good addition Yea Forums?

Also, what kind of sick fuck calls their kid Wyborne?

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Kubo will just slice her in half

Kubo doesn't have the nerve. Coraline just needs a moment's hesitation to rush in for the kill.

His origami will protect him, then he'll just play his guitar or something

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i find her cute to but in a platonic way, like if she was my next door neighbors kid i'd treat her like niece or lil sis and maybe hang out with her like zeus in gravity falls and just join her adventures but i like wouldnt be attracted to her like some degenerate pedo. Like we'd hang out and stuff, and id listen to her talk about her problems and give her guidance then coraline would start crying cause her dad yelled at her and i'd give her a hug and hold her while she cried her little sweet tears, then afterwards she'd....she'd look up at me and smile faintly happy that she had someone that was there for her. Then she would play my nintendo switch on my couch for a few hours on my couch until the rain cleared and it stopped storming but it wouldnt, so shed just fall asleep, and her parents would be cool with letting her sleepover because they trusted me and because i loved the family. So coraline would sleep on my couch and i put a blanket on her and pat her on the head and go upstairs to my room and sleep happily knowing she was safe and comfy downstairs, Then she'd wake up to pancakes and bacon and it would just be a good day. I would not abuse, groom or exploit her in anyway just pure unconditional nurturing love for a girl in a need. And that's beautiful. Glad i got this off my chest.

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If we are allowing the origami, then we must necessarily allow wybie and keith david on the side of Coraline. These are big factors, not to be dismissed so lightly.

Only in the year 2009 would wybie have had the luck to meet a girl like coraline and still be able to date her 10 years later. But now that's impossible, women have too much freedom and get too much attention.

Have children

Let's assume they go all out, all sides.
Kubo with his origami, equipment and guitar, and Coraline with her cat and Wybie. If we include Norman and Aggie (with her full witch powers), I think Norman will win (if Kubo's magic doesn't counter Aggie, which it probably will).

I didn't think about that, damn. She would be a close second though, even you must admit.

Who said anything about dating?
Besides, out of the two of them, Coraline seems like more of a nightmare in a relationship anyhow, with how stuck-up and controlling she is sometimes. I'd put my money on Wybie peacing out from the drama.

I do wonder about Eggs though.

Funny too!

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Where the fuck is Narcoloco these days

Are you forgetting Coraline hated him for most of the movie? If it weren't for the weird shit they probably never would have become friends.

>no 4k laika collection


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Laika need to focus on having more waifu materials

Post it

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She didn't get her Mom's hips, so no.

The raw frames off of the DSLRs are far higher res than 4K, but all of the post-processing and compositing (like removing the face plate lines from every shot with characters in it) was finished in 2K and is likely highly impractical to re-do. Missing Link is the only one so far that was finished in 4K.
Coraline could definitely use a remaster though, it was a top-notch Blu-ray at the time but it does have some noticeable flaws nowadays, and Shout Factory just re-used the same transfer for their version. It’s okay but the compression could be cleaner and you can spot some artificial edge enhancement (which Universal were notorious for). I’d buy a 4K just for a new transfer/encode even if it’s upscaled

No, fuck you.

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that fucking haircut

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Sir please stop with the garbage art please sir

>Author writes about quirky alt-girl.
>You bitches are surprised when fans give her shit alt-tier haircuts like that.
C'mon now.

Bro how can you look at that haircut and think "damn this is a great look for her"
I reckon if the artist tried just a bit harder he could've produced a nice piece with that haircut
Actually no scratch that, it's a shit cut

Well, only because you asked nicely.
And because I ran out.

Have you never met punks or alt-girls before? They all gravitate to shit haircuts, it's not a surprise.

Why are Tumblr artists like this?

I don't talk to women.

Don't have to talk to women to see them, retard.

You asked if I met them. Meeting implies I talked to or at least involved myself in some sort of conversation.
So no, I haven't.

I find her cute in the id invite her inside if she were my neighbor and fuck her on my bed.