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How do you feel about Mara soon coming to Disney+ ending up with Ahsoka?

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Are they actually adding her?
Still not watching it, though.

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Mara is my favorite SW character, but her story really wouldnt work in the current newu.

For shame.

Good god is she really THAT good of a character? I hated her when I was a kid but that was only because I and everyone else knew Star Wars was for boys

I would argue so. Her character arc in the thrawn trilogy is great, and she's a perfect counter to Luke character-wise. And follows that physcological thing of partners mirroring a parent, in this case vader.

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>I and everyone else knew Star Wars was for boys
If only it stayed that way.

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>Was for boys
I mean the person they used for the book covers was a model, and she has a canon dancer outfit...

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Reminder that she, like Padme got SHEEVED

>she hooks up with Ahsoka instead of Luke

Eh not really. EU wise sheev raised her but she mostly just killed people.
That would suck. She's very much designed to be a foil to Luke. Her whole motivation is to start out hating him before she realizes that her last command is in fact a lie and that luke's not that bad.

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Ahsoka will use timetravel to defeat the emperor through space whales and that's why Mara hates her.

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So that's what yoda meant by pain.

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Weird. You do know that Leia was also an important character in the OT, right? Many people liked her even "le boyz"

Again, if anything boys liked her more. Y'know.

So its a bizzare argument to peddle.

I misspoke slightly. It was mainly that she was a capable hot female who didn't fit into my boys club view of star wars. She was with Leia, and Padme as just characters I didn't care for because girls were icky back when I was 6 years old. I didn't realize they could be attractive until Clone Wars came out and I saw ahsoka for the first time.

Its a little surreal to think about how I watched Leia in the slave bikini and all I could think about was how Luke was going to rescue Han. Maybe Christina Rosetti was onto something with homosexuality being a humans natural state. Too bad for her because seeing orange tummy at 7 years old heavily changed my opinion on girls.

Skeptical they're adding her, but the Thrawn trilogy still puts everything to come after it to shame. Which is extremely depressing because it wasn't REVOLUTIONARY or anything, just pretty damn good sci-fi adventure stuff in the mold of the first movies.

I never said I disliked Leia, though.
My balls hadn't dropped yet so her in the metal bikini did nothing for me.

The original trilogy and the original Thrawn books are the only must-experience Star Wars stuff. Mara was a perfect bookend for Luke's story.

They'll fuck it up. Just stick to the three good movies and three good books.

Are they planning on ignoring 7-9? It seems weird to cram this extra lore into lukes life given that we know his end is shit.

They've already alluded to the sequels in a couple instances. It's over.

No. Filoni loved the sequels and foreshadowed events for them in many of his projects now. That the sequels would be retconned is just a rightwing grifter meme.

It probably helps that i didnt find out about mara untill i was a teen, and was then disappointed most of the porn was of ashoka.

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No. The prequels are superior

Labyrinth of Evil, Clone Wars 03, The prequels, Darth Plagueis and the Darth Bane trilogy are also very worth experiencing though? Not to mentioned post Thrawn trilogy stuff like the Hand of Thrawn duology or New Jedi Order.

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I’m honestly tired of Ahsoka, she’s fucking in everything now.
Should have just left her ambiguously dead in Rebels.

Yeah, i think most people can agree on that.

She should have never existed in the first place. People would have rightly mocked and dismissed the idea of Luke having had a secret child inbetween TESB and RotJ. Same way should have been done here for Anakin's le super duper secret aprentice who survives Order 66 and many other death encounters in a universe controlled by the empire.

Got any obscure SW waifus?
For me, it's the off-duty sith officer that you have to schmooze your way past her attitude into getting her to invite you back to her place in KotOR. I hope she made it off Taris.


Thana Vesh from Swtor on Taris Imp side.
She was a total edgelord Sith who I would have rather had as a waifu for my pure DS Inquisitor over the knock off Ahsoka the game gives you.

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>mara jade

Go to bed Mr. Lucas.

>I wonder is it because her name starts with M and then has a like Lucas's ex wife?

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kek, I thought it's Daphne from Scooby Doo
wasn't Ray basically a half-assed replacement of Mara? Why add her now?

Rey was a half assed attempt in adapting Leia's child Jayna Solo while Kylo was other one. Disney looooooves incest

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Cause no one liked Rey except for fujos using her as a self insert to ship with Kylo.

>Half assed replacement
Well i mean she had similar goggles and got the old skywalker lightsaber, but outside of that they dont have anything in common.

Imagine if instead of being Palpatine’s grandkid Rey was Luke’s secret child and they still went ahead with the romance with Ben.
people would still love it since Incest is popular thanks to GoT now.

Nope they just want to keep filling in the blanks. The Vader comic literally had Exegol in it. Mandalorian shit has had a bunch of sequel bait stuff. The big question is will all this stuff make people actually start to like the the sequels in retrospect. I would like to think no but given how bad people's tastes are that could change.

>outside of that they dont have anything in common.
both are the chosen teenage girl of the emperor meant to be evil but swayed to the light side in the end, both trained under Luke
They're basically both the evil warlock's daughter archetype from Hero's journey, except Rey is a protag.

>both trained under Luke
Boy that word "training" is doing a lot of legwork today doesn't it

The overly eager brown sales lady in lego sw the Skywalker saga, the one who keeps trying to convince you to buy r2 a propeller hat

Well Mara was the same age Luke was, maybe one year older, so not really teenage by the thrawn trilogy. And she wasnt swayed to the light as much as won over by Luke personally.
Mara being the warlock's daugther archetype is a good catch.
Well Mara does refer to him as a teacher. And did once flirt by saying she calls him master too.

All this shit is an attempt to re-contextualise the sequels. I know the Ahsoka series will have set ups/hints for the sequels, some of which don't get resolved.

I had a nightmare that they did a Rey/Finn Disney+ series with them building a new group of Jedi, Rey training up Finn and them using something set up by Filoni/Ahsoka show to create a new conflict. Then all the online media will be like "this redeemed shit blah blah" even though it'll be just stuff Luke did in Legends/EU except with Rey. Then people will get mad and they will be all "you got a new jedi order chuds, you can't be pleased."

I hope I'm not giving them ideas.

Got any source?


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No, you're the senate, silly

>It still starts with S and ends with E, close enough. Now believe my claims without evidence, dew it.

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>>It still starts with S and ends with E, close enough
So does the word skate but I don't see you with any roller blades on.

I'm afraid somehow Palpatine has returned... And he's a radical skater.

>Very well, i shall learn this "skate", and master the powers of its sith legend.

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Reusing the name of an old character doesn't make it the same character

The more Star Wars you try out, the more you can convince yourself "maybe the rest is good," but there's far far far more bad than good. Better to get in and get out with the original movies and a solid story that wrapped up most of the loose ends and gave Luke a Happily Ever After too.

>Well Mara does refer to him as a teacher
I think he was more refering to Rey barely having been trained by Luke at all. She basically learned nothing from him and only stole some books to train with Leia

>Then all the online media will be like "this redeemed shit blah blah" even though it'll be just stuff Luke did in Legends/EU except with Rey. Then people will get mad and they will be all "you got a new jedi order chuds, you can't be pleased."
So basically The Clone Wars?

>Better to get in and get out with the original movies and a solid story that wrapped up most of the loose ends and gave Luke a Happily Ever After too.
I mean he didn't really get that in the EU either.

As I said. Three movies, three books, stop there. You'll only disappoint yourself hunting for the few other gems.

Not him but TCW is for insecure normalfags who don't bother to actually understand the prequels and EU material

You can stop at Unifying Force though. That's a pretty good ending to the Skywalker Saga.

>Yuuzhan Vong
Ew, way better to stop at Hand of Thrawn.


Thought it was pretty good though

It seems like fans won't be satisfied by anything other than a literal CGI zombie voiced by an AI whose only purpise is to make you clap.

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