Last episode of Teen Titans

So it was about sexual abuse and how she wanted to forget everything or just Beast Boy imagination?

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Reminder that Slade tore this pussy up and Garfield is a stupid cuck.

What I want to know is how the fuck she managed to enroll herself in a school when a parent has to be the one to do it

The point was moving on. Terra no longer wanted to be a part of the superhero world. Beast Boy was trying to bring her back but she refused. The ending is him accepting that and it's expected that the viewer will do so as well. It's also why they had an ambiguous thing for the other Titans to fight that was only ever officially called Thing.

The impression I got from the last episode is that the creators were tired of making the show and straight up said the fans to “move on” with the episode plot.

>the creators were tired of making the show and straight up said the fans to “move on”
I wonder if this going to happen with TTGo

With the cash stacks they are making hand over fist, fat chance.

The best scenario would be both TTGo and Young Justice cancelled and replaced by “Teen Titans Unlimited” something like the JLU where multiple Titans would live in the tower, the tone of the show would between TTGo and the 2003 show.

She was revived by one of the white robots fusing with her corpse and as a result she's lost all her memories.

>between TTGo and the 2003 show
Eugh--what the fuck? A cross between faux-anime garbage and nine year old humor sounds horrendous.

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Yeah, but I really want something like JLU again, for me was one of the best versions of the Justice League in any media including the comics. My dream would be a show with nearly all Titans living in the tower with episodic dramas and big fights

>Yeah, but I really want something like JLU again
...And that's nothing remotely close to "a cross between TTGo and the 03 show"; both are pretty shit.

Well, at least TTGo does a good job at being a children's comedy--the 03 show only has action, god awful anime """comedy,""" and very hollow drama, given that none of the Titans were allowed to have actual characters beyond their superhero persona.

Talking about JLU, how is JL Action? Is anyone here watching? I liked the JLU and the early 2000s period of DC until Didio destroyed everything, DCAMU is a terrible like Nu52.

Top to bottom I think this was all just Beast Boy's cope.
-Beast boy goes after this minimally descriptive long-haired blonde blue eyed teen girl like there could only ever be one in Jump City.
-Beast Boy couldn't locate her scanning the city. Terra could not control her powers. It was a constant for her and literally the reason she got un-alive'd. Sure we can faff on that maybe she lost them. Yet using them is the only apparent explanation for her freedom. At least if we trust Cyborg and Raven when they shoot down the suggestion their scientific/magical attempts freed Terra.
-You might suggest alternatively she gained control over her powers and no longer has them go off involuntarily. But she had rubble and mud thrown at her/hit her and she didn't reflexively protect herself either time.
-She says she doesn't remember being Terra and if Beast Boy didn't interrupt her maybe she'd've gone on about things other than high school. I mean for god's sake he didn't even ask her what her name was.
-Just from the state of the school it seems to be fairly well into the semester and she and her friends don't mention her transferring in. I doubt her entire school-life took place in the weeks of the Brotherhood Arc when the Titans were globetrotting.
-We don't know where she lives, the school she's at doesn't look like a boarding school. Yet she claims she had to be back home before dark. Though rather than follow her: Beast Boy goes off to vent at the amusement park.
-Possibly most damning Slade is aware of this girl, and that BB made contact with her. Does he abduct her using his fucking Trigon herald magic for some other criminal venture? No he chose to make a robot taunt Beast Boy about how this girl is totally Terra and just hates Beast Boy.
-No one else on the team sees this girl BB insists is Terra. So if Slade was fucking with BB maybe the entire episode was a mindfuck. Possibly using the same nanomachines that fooled Robin into seeing Slade.

Yeah, I had problems with 2003 show when it aired but rewatching again isn’t so bad but don’t let the characters to have personalities outside of their costumes was baffling, DC superhero girls pulled this off while having silly humor, why not the 2003 show even tried?

It was crazy to me when I realized that they just straight up omitted the use of any of their actual names.

I guess it could be said to avoid confusion about the comic run happening with Tim Drake as Robin instead of Dick Grayson, but that would be a strange lack of belief in their audience's intelligence for some of the stories they put in the show.

Didn't learn Cyborg's name is Vic until more than half a decade after the show ended. Same with the others, with exception to Robin.

That's a good question. A lot of personal information has to go into enrolling in a school and a kid can't do any of it.

Slade dunnit?

Why would he bother enrolling her in school? Wouldn't he have better things to do now that he's no longer dead?

We learned Robin's name with Larry. Season 2, Episode 11. It was right on screen.

>he's no longer dead?
Isn't he kind of... still dead?

The animation is nowhere near as good as I remember it being.

The word slade and chad both have d in them...

I don't know, an ideological victory? Knowing that he'd fucked her up so much, she'd rather pretend to be a completely different girl than go back to the Titans?

They're wearing uniforms. Seems like probably a private school. If she could come up with the money to enroll? I don't think the rest is a problem. Just forge the documents necessary, spin a story that her single-parent is deployed military and send them all by courier.

They weren't tired of it, but the reality is, shows are made for 52 episodes and TT was lucky to get an extra 13 and a movie. All the show runners had worked on other shows, many of which ended far sooner, and Titans was a lucky break to be so popular. Since Titans was in a unique universe to the other DC shows and the viewers were probably younger they made the episode as a bittersweet goodbye. It was never going to get anymore than that because thats just not how WB operated back then.

>Didn't learn Cyborg's name is Vic until more than half a decade after the show ended.

Well you learned his last name in a way.

been a while since I watched that one. haven't watched any of it since it aired--makes me cringe too much.

>Why would he bother enrolling her in school?
It's not like Slade has any actual motivations, so it doesn't really matter.

I always felt the writers wanted the show to be far more adult than CN allowed them to be.

His motivation was to rape the Teen Titans.

I personally cannot stop myself from laughing any time I hear someone call Raven "Rachel".

Rachel Roth is an incredibly lame name for an interdimensional witch.

Well they also made a conscious effort to avoid the secret identities or personal drama, had plenty of more comedy driven episodes that they clearly wanted to do, and went for a more lighthearted approach in general. The more adult elements come from the fact that its adapting material that wasn't aimed at kids. They could've probably pushed for more adult stuff like the Justice League show, but chose to keep it just dangling the more mature elements to increase the contrast when you did get them
The fact that they left you wanting more is by design and why the characters still resonate with people. You feel like you only got part of the whole and the writers left it to your imagination.

I think that one's more episodic non-continuity stuff than anything else. But admittedly I haven't watched anyhthing more than like one clip involving Jimmy Olsen and Mr. Mind.

I don't know what I think about the secret identities things. I mean we basically get Dick Grayson's name in an Easter Egg. I personally did think he had something to do with BTAS/DCAU Batman. I didn't read the lost years until well after the series. I recall being disappointed there wasn't a connection.
Cyborg does relay a version of his origin story and does once use the name Stone. But doesn't develop past that
Beast Boy gets Garfield plastered about once the Doom Patrol come in. But this secret identity is just connected with a different superhero team.
Raven's real name in the show seem to actually be Raven.
Starfire's a question. I didn't think of her when starting this post. But they do occasionally break out Koriandr and she has a secret life back home on Tamaran. Though she's not really living that life ruling as a princess: she's just Staarfire on Earth and avoiding presumptive responsibilities back home.

Nah, she was done with Beast Boy and Slade. They both wanted her for different, yet selfish, reasons and she knew that. Slade wanted her to be his soldier and BB wanted her to be his girlfriend. Terra didn’t want either of those things. By that point she didn’t want to be involved in the superhero/supervillain life anymore and became a regular school student.

Didn't he come back to life after the Trigon thing happened? He fought that big dude with a scythe guarding that big door of light and then jumped into the light. Didn't he say that was a fight to get back his life or something?

She'd still need a guardian and private schools do interviews with parents or guardians. The money thing is also another problem in of itself.

I bet Beast Boy regrets ever turning his back on her at the carnival after what happened in this episode. He’ll probably have to live with that guilt forever.

>I bet Beast Boy regrets ever turning his back on her at the carnival after what happened in this episode.
Was that him? It could've been Slade manipulating Terra.

Beast Boy acknowledged that he did it.

what the fuck, I thought her actual name WAS Raven

I don't know if I'd like the no secret identities thing if it were done today, but I enjoyed it back then.

I thought he straight up bailed on Trigon I don't recall any magic nonsense happening to him to make it look like he wasn't a skellington afterward the one time we got a peak behind his mask.

So did this ever get resolved in the go cross over or someone who worked on show answered or is it still a cliff hanger

Where? He went "We have to save our friend" mode in the finale and was confused as fuck when she brought up this scene

Actually they were planning a season 6, that's why the villain wasn't named.

He never made any attempt to deny that he did it to Terra.

I know he was upset but even saying "I hate you" would have been better than saying the scum of earth was right about you

thinking this with the robin seeing shit but no one isnt too

>thinking this with the robin seeing shit but no one isnt too

Of course.

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Resolved in the comic. That's her brother. Yes, it is Terra, and since she's so much happier now, they just leave her be.

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skelly im talking about the hallucination episode

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>That's smiling

He shouldn’t have been surprised that Terra didn’t want to be his friend anymore in the last episode knowing that he said that. Terra probably still holds a grudge on him for that and is probably a big reason why she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

The hell are you guys going on about? Terra cared about Beast Boy. Her obvious care and respect for him along with his his encouragement in the direct face of his death at her hands is what let her overpower Slade.

She used to care, not anymore though.

i remember someone said that robin was left ambiguous and is more like a amalgamation of the various exising robins rather than a single one

I can't believe no one has posted it yet.

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I always assumed that Slade borrowed Scarecrow's fear toxin, wouldn't be the first time Robin fell for it.