Young Justice Phantoms

New episode in a couple of hours.

>Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!

>Rocket learns that nothing stays buried forever.

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Orion's autism won't stay buried foreve, thats true.

Fingers crossed for some Wally anything

I doubt it, be content with getting Razer back overreaching is not good.

Gonna be honest friend, I barely watched gltas and couldn't give less of a shit about getting Razor back. Doubly so compared to a character I've actually wanted back for a decade now.

Gotta say, this arc has been very tolerable so far. Very little cringe.

Which is kind of shocking, all things considered. Of course, we're only two episodes in, so who knows. Past experience with the new YJ has shown literally anything can happen. For all we know we could end up having a discussion on new gods race relations, one every bit as jarring and dumb as the halo shit in the middle of kaldur's arc.

the autism is a little much

Sure, but I feel it’s miles ahead of Lagoon Boy getting cucked or the Halo sexuality BS.

Yeah. The autism was a bit on the nose but mostly we're just getting right into the heart of space enforcement negotiations and conspiracies. I think Razer coming in out of nowhere saved it.

My morbid curiosity is getting the better of me. How many more hours till release?

An hour left.

Will Rocket develop a personality this episode or will she continue to be overshadowed by characters/plotlines far more interesting than her?
Speaking of which though I hope we get more Connor in the Phantom Zone this episode now that the exposition dump is done.

Still can't believe such a who gives a shit character is getting an arc.

rocket arc is fuckin trash i hate the characters

she's a diversity hire, has been since season 1. Greg wanted a black female on the team, only reason she's not a lesbian is so they could use her kid for a mental illness PSA.

I wish wcostrean uploads the episode immediately.

Its up. Also, Orion is fucking Skaar from that Hulk cartoon.

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it's out

>wont even show Beast Boy getting over being a bitch

All that elongated bullshit set up only to NOT SHOW what changes his mind?

>Orion getting mad at useless convo in meeting
>He's the bad guy I guess?
I'm really not liking Rocket here to be honest.

need that time to push autism PSA's, gay fish thruples, and Muslims deciding their pronouns

Meanwhile, the new main villains are a black guy demanding rights for his own people and an allegory for black guys demanding rights for their own people. Show fucked up the Zods so bad.

Someone drop a link pls. All my usual sites are still not showing the episode.

>Saturn Girl, a blonde white woman, wants Bart to help them stop Lor-Zod, a black man who desperately wants to free his family from prison
I thought this show was woke?

I actually like the therapy session with Canary and BB but I feel like they should've reached this point with the character earlier - like in the Atlantis arc or something.

Well that felt like a waste of time

So is Conner going to fight the team when he gets out or something?

Mantis was MVP here, completely saved Lor and M'comm's asses.

Can we get to Nightwing asap

Well that happened: the episode.
They gonna have Megan do the "You're still in there I know it" type of thing with a brainwashed Connor?

Rockets arc has been good so far.. it's just barely about Rocket.

The worst I can say about it is painting a character we've barely known despite 4 seasons in an honestly pretty unfavorable light by finally going into their flaws might not have been the smartest idea.

I'm guessing a fakeout there. Or something somewhat anticlimactic. Megan will mind rape him back to normal in like an instant.

Probably yeah. M'gann vs Conner feels like the obvious conclusion to this.

Who knew Forager was such a poet?

Maybe she won't have to do much if Conner's already remembering her and recent events.

Wouldn't that erase Metron's warning? DC goes by Back to the Future time travel rules.

Yeah desu she'd probably just have to slap Conner a bit. Really it'd be more about convincing him Zod's a bad guy than anything else.

The Targets comic already spoiled Conner going back to the Team happy-go-lucky.

>Zod's such a badass he has his own chant about how cool he is and it convinces Conner to join him

what a chad.

So.. Bart, the Legion and Lor's time traveling created new timelines before.. so are we on like the 10th fucking timeline after all the time travel madness that happened here?

I felt weirdly happy for Mantis, even if he's a villain and might cause a Kryptonian invasion to take place.

Also, I noticed that Kru-El was amongst Zod's army. Would he somehow recognize Conner's resemblance to the El family and inform the Zods?

>takes inspiration from Krypton's Zod
>Krypton's Zod still kino while YJ's has a Disney song to accompany him

Not really. The sequence with the Outsiders in the preview has Terra with shorter hair and Cyborg still a member. It's a pre-season 4 flashback.

By the stuff the Legion and Bart have said YJ is going by branching Timelines more or less.

Maybe but if he has an El among his ranks already would he really just kill Conner off the bat because of that?

Haven't watched the episode, but I hope Rocket could be more compelling character altough at best she maybe just only have new perspective about her son autism.

they really want to depict deppresion realistically isn't ?


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It's a cult chant.

No, but it might change Zod's strategy around Conner a bit. It would just feel weird to put an evil member of the El family there as just a cameo, it's all.

was the zod song kind of weird

Fucking speedwatchers.

>Season 4 episode 20
I miss smoking weed, especially when it made shitty cartoons better

Rocket is weird.. they have added a lot of layers to her character compared to before... but their mostly character flaws without really going into her better traits. So she's a lot more fleshed out now.. but pretty unlikable.

The two Legion members WEREN'T erased because of the Time Sphere giving them immunity. Their future is gone.

>Just read some BS article that the show is going on break and won't release the next episode until December
say sike right now

No? Its still week by week until the season is done.

>GLs poop in their suits

Who wrote this episode? JK Rowling?

That was from a Google algorithm that tried to predict the next airing and failed. People picked it up as true and wrote articles about it. Show came back last month

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well now I feel silly

Astronauts shit in their suits.

that's sad

I feel like Superman dies somehow. Leading Superboy to take his place.

It says a lot about this arc, that the most interesting thing to happen in this episode was kilowag literally shitting himself.

That was Emerald Empress's eye right?

By the end of the season I mean

Well, considering the most interesting episode of this season period was a GLTAS epilogue/massive infodump, the bar's not too high.

For real. I just re-watched season 3 a couple days ago. It's got some weak parts, but it more or less is really entertaining. What the hell happened this season?

episode link?

Arc Structure doesn't really work for a show like this. Could of long ago but that ship sailed. Should just focus at what YJ's always done best: crazy plot, lots of twist and PLANNNSS.

...but it's never done any of those things well. This show peaked during s1 and has only gotten worse since

Yes but their people were militant extremists of the potentially more powerful species in the universe.

Some Doomsday bullshit or a showdown with Zod
Superboy kills him after he kills Superman thus fulfilling his purpose of killing the Kryptonian

Eh, I'd say Child using Baryon Mode was at least equal to it in terms of being interesting.