Imagine being a superman fan lmao

imagine being a superman fan lmao

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Imagine rage baiting.

Imagine thinking this is something to cry about.

I thought it was BBC baiting.

You shouldn't trust the motivation of whoever put this shit up to be straightforward user. In any case, OP desires either a shitposting about race thread, or a BBC thread. Do you intend to give him either one?

>Will Race Swap Lois Lane"

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>Superman's alien heritage as a parallel to racism
Sorry, Coates. Asians beat you to it.

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Wasn't this comic an adaption?

It looks like all future BBC baiting will be focused towards Asians.

Ya, of Icon.

Loosely based on the Superman radio show that had a storyline dealing with thinly veiled KKK as the bad guys.

this is why negro characters will never be good

First, Lois Lane, and then, the world! Mwuahahaha!

How did America become so fucking pathetic? It will simply collapse in 100 years.

This is the same man that said 9/11 was deserved and that the first responders aren't human and so it's ok that some died because a black guy got killed by a cop (who was also black)

No? Icon didn't go around beating up Klans members he just sat in his mansion all day did you read Icon?

I knew they would do this the second it was announced. All American blacks do is talk about racism and oppression. It's the only story they know how to tell. They're the most boring people on the planet.

too many you running around.

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>Icon didn't go around beating up Klans members
Wasn't he alive back when the Klan was actually a threat?

Icon didn't stop slavery, you think he cared about the Klan?

Icon would work better for this

So batfags, are you happy? Congratulations. All that bitching about muh realism and how superman is boring resulted in this

WB's doesn't own the rights for Icon anymore.

They've got to pull themselves up by the Bootstraps that's not his problem. He also claimed he didn't know he was invincible till after the civil war.

Not really. Icon sucks.

Why do iconfags keep going on about Icon as if he's some great hero? He's literally Superman but black. There's nothing interesting about him.

Does Icon even have fans? It seems like people only bring up Icon whenever chimp Supes is brought up.

This sounds exciting. The most interesting thing to do with Superman.

Not really, if they did they'd understand that Augustus Freeman wasn't a hero.

That girl's panic stricken look has me thinking this image would be far funnier if it was Captain Hero from Drawn Together holding her.


You just answered your own question.

He's not even the main character of his own book.
Rocket is the real main character.

No, he's worse.
He's Zack Snyder's Superman.
Agustus Freeman isn't a superhero. Not really. Left to his own devices his natural predilection is to stay at home and let crime and disasters happen outside his door because it's not his problem. Icon is trash. It's his ultra liberal woke sidekick, the character this board would absolutely hate, that convinces him to get off of his couch and do literally anything.

Wow and he has "fans"? Wasn't this board also complaining about how Snyder's Superman is boring yet they claim they like "Icon"? What a joke.

You need to add more quotation marks.
Icon doesn't have fans, he has people that read a post one time that said he's a black conservative and they think that means based and redpilled or some shit like that.
Because they didn't read a single page of his comics and so never realized that he was McDuffie mocking conservatism and making the liberal sidekick the actual main character with all the heroism.

Well that explains everything.

Just read the first 5 issues. Got to say I'm now an icon fan.

No it wouldn't because he's already black. Nothing is to be gained by it, it doesn't actively take down white supremacy by appropriating and replacing capitalist white cishet male characters with socialist BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals

>He's literally Superman but black. There's nothing interesting about him.
worked for miles morales


It's just the latest way to disingenuously try to make black Superman be bad without outing yourself as racist as to why you oppose it. No different from people who try to twist any minority project/casting/revamp as bad because of some purity test bullshit.

There's nothing racist about not wanting Superman to be Black just say that instead of championing Icon because he's dogshit too.

Isn't Milestone an imprint of DC though?

So you're a homophobe for disliking gay Superman then?

Yeah but since Dwayne's death DC isn't allowed to use Icon.

Superman is already black in multiple iterations. President Superman, Val-Zod, Sunshine Superman, etc.

He just had a book last year so did static. Where have you been?

>imagine being a superman fan
Its great, from silver age, through post crisis and all-star superman.
I have about 2000+ issues of superman (not including related stuff involvong him). So yeah, its based.

Oh you mean modern superman. Yeah, im okay. As i said ive got over 50 years worth of material.

I used to be. Used to be the biggest DC fanboy in the world. Used to get into arguments daily shitting on Marvel. But since Nu52 and BENDIS IS COMING and them not just undoing all the good they did with Rebirth, but retroactively going back on it just to appeal to the woke crowd, I'm genuinely not sure which company I hate more. At least I have manga, I guess.

ree ree ree ree ree ree ree ree ree

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Lex Luthor does not like superman because he is an alien

At least Lois is still a biological female.

>you will be calm
>you will not complain
>and you will like it

>imagine being a superman fan lmao
If this i sthe only way to see Power Girl in live action...
I'm ok with that

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>Superman fans are also fans of blacked
No surprise there

>Icon, Static and Hardware have shown up in Young Justice
>Milestone has been putting out comics recently


Clarence Thomas loved Icon. He probably hated the ending though.

If would be cool if DC actually did exactly this again to make Lois black.

Jews spotted.

I’m entirely fine, thank you very much.

Are you ready?

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They’re making her half Asian/Latina, because her dad traveled while in the military.

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that's a rather racist story though


I would love a movie about Calvin Ellis or Hernan.

The movie would be from Rocket’s POV though.