Sonic Boom

why did it feel like they wanted to pair these two together?
i was rewatching sonic boom and i noticed the interactions they had over the series, like *very* close interactions, more than they had with the other characters, even if they were as subtle as the writers could make them.

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knuckles gets all the bitches tho

>Amy got Sonic
>Tails got various whores
>knuckles is left with the last female.

It was either sticks or the walrus that loses her baby a lot

Yes we all saw the "don't stick your dick in crazy" comic got remade.

Too bad she sound annoying desu senpai.

Knuckles was the Cyborg of the group. He had great chemistry with everyone.


>tfw you shipped Cyborg with Raven
good times

I low key shipped them after their moment together fixing Cyborg's car. Was cute. Should commission some art of the two.

Yeah that was a good episode.
>Should commission some art of the two.

>Implying Knuckles would make the connection
The fourth panel would probably be "oh, I'm sorry. Luckily I don't have it"

you forgot
>everyone is thirsty for Perci and her twin sister.

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Shoulda left her tits uncovered.

I headcanon she encouraged his bulkiness there

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Knuckles is too dumb to really argue back and genuinely enjoys her company

Sticks is Crazy
Knuckles is Stupid

Post it


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What a Chad

I mean, it's not like Sticks is a bad prize to get. She's fun.

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She stinks. Sticks is attractive looks wise, but I don't want to fuck her unwashed pussy.

Don’t act like that Knuckles bathes

user there's a difference between Knuckles' gymbro musk, and Sticks running around in mud and filth. And Knuckles likes water what are you talking about? Being a talented swimmer is one of Knuckles' traits. Sticks because of her feral nature she would never take a bath if it was up to her.

Boom Knuckles is canonically a slob, I also remember a joke where it was implied he didn’t know what toilet paper was

twin sister? they are identical quintuplets.


*Quadruplets. my bad.

No one in the show has ever been displeased with Knuckles' scent, like they have with Sticks.

But it is an exception because we don’t have gender equality

Well, once Knuckles picks up rabies from her he won't like water much either.

you mean in the end that walrus lady won the bowl?

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What is Rabies?

It also has a mustache.

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>why did it feel like they wanted to pair these two together?

You're imagining it.

Where do you find your cheap decent artists to commission?

>I low key shipped them after their moment together fixing Cyborg's car
I thought I was the only one.

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Is it really that rare of a ship? I was never much for shipping but I always thought it was quite the cute scene they had together. I had thought it would be reasonably common considering how some times only two characters being in the same room as each other can set off weirdly dedicated ships.

You'd get used to it.

It's really eclipsed by beastboyxraven and then cyborgxjinx. I think unless you latched onto that episode you'd probably never really link the two.

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You know, that may be it. I never really could understand Beast Boy and Raven as a ship in this show so I never really bought into that. Then after this episode I could sort of see Cyborg and her at least being friends if not a ship. Well, this and that one time travelling Cyborg one. It also probably helps that I actually really liked that car episode. Especially for it's last moment's. The "It's not my car anymore" always sort of stuck with me.

It's kind of a cute pairing when it's spun like that. Also, while she's on that bar Knuckles gets a clear view up her skirt, doesn't he? I can see it being quite the motivator and Rouge being jealous is fun.

It's kind of cute.

Helps elevate the testosterone for better gains. Sticks knows what she's doing.

She sounds like Adam Lyon.

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Sonic 3 movie spoiler

Since Rouge was not in the menu, I would say yes.

Sticks helps Knuckles with his gains? Sticks is a better bro than I expected.

Eh, I don't know about that. It's been far too long since I heard his voice for me to make that connection. You should probably try to enjoy these things without thinking of other voices.

Knuckles is a sigma male, he's more motivated by her words than whatever he's staring at

Really? I'm currently watching the show and I don't feel that. Maybe I'm missing key episodes. Sticks also has moments with Amy and Sonic.

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I kinda like her voice. It's amusing. Like Nonon from Kill la Kill.

El Sombra.

shipping Knuckles and Sticks is like pairing the two special kids in the classroom.

>Justin Beaver
Made me chuckle.

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Where are watching this show? I've checked around for links in the archives but it looks like all the links are dead now.

There's a lot of episodes in YouTube and the whole show in on Tacoland Netflix.

What episodes have the most sticks? I need more

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>shipping Knuckles and Sticks is like pairing the two special kids in the classroom.
Sounds good

Alright, I'll look around then. I don't have any streaming subscriptions so Youtube will have to do.

I wonder what they would make