I don't get this lain

I don't get this lain

Am I too male brained to get the subcontract or is it just lazy.

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She’s unique in that she’s a case of /pol/ being unironically right in their armchair psychology
If Lainey were male, her comics would be slashed apart for being an endorsement of a hedonistic Peter Pan-ish lifestyle, but because she goes for this “power” angle, she’s got a pass.
However, it often shows that there’s something going on her life from the copious amounts of wine in her comics and the infamous time she interacted with /pol/

This is merely a philosophical diatribe on the fashion standards of today and how they are poetic reflections of the years gone by (they rhyme). Everything that will be has been, and everything that has been already was. Time is a flat circle, and Rust is the yellow king.

Also, I just realized. She didn’t draw the eyes the way she usually does


I am expecting a Netflix animated series announcement anyday now

>Lainey and user become roommates
>Though initially rivals, both realize they’re both retarded mentally and emotionally stunted overgrown children
>Series is their retarded antics as they try to navigate this crazy world
>other cast regulars include Lainey’s mom, Lainey’s dream guy, Femanon, and user’s best friend Kinoplex Robert

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They all have the same blue IP name and she never noticed.

Did anyone called her out?

>capable of higher thought

That’s your mistaken assumption

If its made my Netflix they’d make user the caricature they have built in their head of what an incel is without looking for references or anything related to Elliot Rogers or people like him. It’d probably be a discount Degrassi where the straight white guy gets shit on all the time

/pol/ is like old Yea Forums's evil retarded brother: instead of messing with people who deserve it in clever ways, they mess with mentally unstable women in really simple ones.

Teens now dress the same way as she did when she was a teen.

Lainey and user would fuck, though

>Lainey is tsundere
>user is too socially retarded to understand that

Good Times

>>Lainey is tsundere
>>user is too socially retarded to understand that
Ah--the ol' "ShinjixAsuka" conundrum, eh?

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losers and larpers

Oh, so that's still uncool now? I thought we were at the point where the 2000s looped around to being cool again. Or do we have to go through the 90s nostalgia phase first?

can't you read?

and thats why its fun.

pREsEnt tIme
PreSEnt DAy

user is a bit of a schizo weirdo but can be insightful and helpful. Robert often plays the straightman/foil to him and keeps him in check. Though Lainey is initially skeptical of why they’re friends, we get a nice flashback episode and dynamic between them. Robert knows the great guy user CAN be.
Meanwhile, Lainey’s mom plays a similar role for her, we see that Lainey actually is the free spirited and empowered person she makes herself out to be, but that her freespiritedness often gets her socially ostracized or into bad situations.


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Hi Lainey

I think it means fashion has been stagnant this whole millennium.
Did bucket hats stick around?

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Why posted this threat user? It is just a matter of time before the ball shows up.

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>Wanna know how I got these wine stains?

>makes comic about how she hates being told to smile and how she makes a horrible face when asked to smile
>/pol/ takes that face and turns it into a meme
I don't get it. What's the politics of this?

Wheres the lainy dickball?

And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man

What? Thinner with bigger tits and dont have anime eyes?

..aah, the good old days

Who will post lainey ball?

fucking dumb ass lmfao.

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Lainey thread?

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Holy shit she's serious

What is that goblin in the top right

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>Kinoplex Robert
Checked, sign me up.

How is this thread still up?

Well, the stripper does not cripple herself for her art becoming a net drain on society in her 40’s and that is why I have a lot more respect for her.

It just a old chestlet seething

Needs a bulge edit for goal body

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Pol are incels

Comics? On the Cartoon and Comic board?

>becoming a net drain on society in her 40’s
The stripper doesn't also do this?

Damn.... I didn't know Yea Forums hated women that much. No wonder why trannies are ingrained into Yea Forums culture

Not that guy, but not in the same way. Ballet dancers start young, it's their whole world and it really does fuck your body up so by the time they're in their 40's they can't do it anymore but have no other skills because it's all they've focused on since they were maybe 9 or 10.

Most strippers on the other hand are doing it as a side gig to pay college bills or the like. Most strip for 5 years or less overall before going on to do something else.

Yes, I'm sure these strippers go on to give society value. I understand ballerinas but anyone excusing the stripper is wrong.

Fuck that I’ll never respect a ballerina.

I think you have a very skewed and distorted view of the kinds of people who do that as a job. For most it really isn't different from any other college job, they do it for a few years and continue doing whatever else.

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I honestly feel bad for her. She wants to project a strong self image but is clearly super unhappy.

>Yes, I'm sure these strippers go on to give society value

One former stripper is currently running for Congress and when people tried to smear her for having done stripping in the past to make ends meet she just turned it into catchy election swag because she's not ashamed of her past. Now she has shirts like pic related and Elect Hoes on sale at her campaign store.

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Gotta give her credit for suplexing the smear campaign.

Or they're like single moms who can't find any other job that pays enough to support a family.

He bought?

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Sometimes she hits hard fr fr no cap

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only good comment in the thread desu

Congressmen are a net drain on society, and admitting you're a slut is not a gotcha.

>he actually, unironically bought the "I'm just doing it to pay for college" line

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