Will Heartstopper's success make fujo media mainstream in the west?

Will Heartstopper's success make fujo media mainstream in the west?

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Storytime or GTFO

What is this, western-style yaoi?

No. The boys aren't pretty enough for me. Western gay stories never have beautiful men. If they'd give me some eye candy, I'd consider watching something.

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Graphic novel that got a Netflix adaptation, it's quite PG: youtube.com/watch?v=FrK4xPy4ahg

Most fujos are loving it, though.

Interesting. I guess I'm in the minority there.

>Netflix adaptation
Oh, no...

>netflix fujoshit
Oh god, when all those feminists said psychological rape was real this must have been the feeling they meant...

No due The West has an overabundance of lgbt+ content that's its annoying. If you can't find it your not searching hard enough.

Uh huh. Non-background stories about male characters that aren't ugly dads or misery porn from 20 years ago? There's not a lot.

>Live action.

>Netflix adaption

Unusually, the reception from people who have actually read the source materials seems to be quite positive.

this user is right i was actually looking for a decent slice of life type romantic comic/graphic novel and almost all of the ones that come up are gay or lesbian.

Thanks user for backing my point up. I got done reading a slice of life series and wanted to find another similar to it but all i found was either gay guys taking care of a kid or a lesbian couple.

I should have specified I meant animated or live action media about gay guys. Clearly we're drowning in the stuff if we include webcomics (finished or otherwise), fanfic, indie press novels etc.

They couldn't cast good looking actors?

>I got done reading a slice of life series
care to share?
I just read a graphic novel called Never Always, its a romantic story that is told in reverse. The art is great and the concept is innovative and well done, but the love story being told is an affair and it made it difficult for me to get into it. I downloaded a book called Blankets but I haven't started it yet.

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That's not how the characters are supposed to be?

The adaptation was written by the author herself, so it makes sense.

How does the comic compare to the series? I thought the show was pretty cute and watched it all in one night.

The art is pretty simple and the comics are often structured like vignettes, so it won't feel exactly the same.
If you're considering reading it on webtoon instead of hunting down the bound volumes, avoid scrolling into the comments if you don't want to read baby fujos fetishizing the gays.

Isn't the comic itself done by a fujo who's fetishizing gays?

noooo you can't just like gay romance noooo

It's a concern I had, but it doesn't really come across that way. It's too wholesome and fixated on everyday interacations to read like most Japanese or western BL. We can't declare that only gays can write gay stories or we get into retarded territory where creators can only create themselves.

Fuck fujos and fuck days faggots. It should've been yuri.

>it's another girls police other girls on what is and isn't fujo pandering episode
It's every episode.

I hate women.

Based fujo.

FTMs are usually the worst cases.

The only time a woman has written gay shit without being fujo-aligned is Brokeback Mountain.
The book/movie has more gay male fans than fujos.

The recent “gay boi” FTM surge in fujos is funny to me. It reminds me of the meme “when you can’t get a gf so you become the gf” except it’s bf in this case.

Where have you been for the last ~10 years?

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To answer your question, yes it is.

It's just a webcomic but without standard comic formatting


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There are better gay webcomics. Read TJ and Amal, or Out of the Blue instead.

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Anyone have a mega or link of the show? I don't want to support a company that will no longer support animation

>out of the blue
Someday he'll update again...

It's not super successful though is it? I didn't hear about it until the Netflix show and while it's doing fine with it's niche group but I don't think there's much cross over appeal.
Like what even is the plot it just looks like generic high school romance but heavy on the wholesome parts.

That's only if you into boring ass road trips. You can't even see Jamal's naked butt. What a waste of my time!

For me, it's Bobby.

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I'm not sure I'd call women and incidental gays a niche. It's still in the top 10 and was probably made with a budget of paperclips, so I guess we'll see if they adapt the rest of it.

This art is so generic. What even is the appeal?

>way more gay than lesbian
Based and honestly pretty surprising?

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You could say that about literally 99.9% of cape comics ever made, so what point do you think you're making? Wild avant-garde art isn't popular.

That’s like asking women what they want, you’ll never get a straightforward answer.

The difference is western capeshit comics are dying, so you’re not making a point either.

Fujos are very active.

For creative works it's not that surprising. Webcomics are just a branch of fandom culture, which naturally leans toward slash and sometimes more serious gay material instead of femmeslash or lesbian uhaul drama.

It's getting another season, for sure.

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He did post some art recently.

The webcomic thread on /LGBT/ is probably one of the only threads there that has mainly gay anons rather than trans.

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Except the art in comics was generic at the height of their popularity too. The point you missed is that generic art is very obviously not a negative feature for most prospective consumers of any given comic.

Hot. Is that the theoretically dead flashback friend or fishboy getting out of the water?

I mean it doesn't look expensive so it wouldn't surprise me if it's made it's money back.
Doesn't that just mean people on Twitter are talking about it?

That was then, this is now.
Generic art may have been acceptable in the 20th century during capeshit’s novelty but not anymore.
Generic art is no longer appealing to the mainstream except fujoshi webcomics apparently.

You also created a false-dichotomy and straw man saying non-generic art is “wild and avant-grade“ when even a slight change from generic art would be sufficient.

flashback obvs, fishboy's hair and skin don't match


Looks like it's the flashback friend.

whatever you say
guess all those webtoons with assembly line art and trillions of readers are just crazy anomalies

That can easily be explained by woman-brain. Same shit with 50 Shades and Twilight.

>abloo bloo bloo wimmen
whatever, nobody asked

Twitter public is the bread and butter of these teen series. If it's doing well there, then it's doing well overall.

Most likely yes and it will be confused as legitimate gay male content and not something made by fujos who think they're men because of too much yaoi despite being extremely female brained.

As a straight man, I don't care about boys looking at each other, getting pinned to the wall, rough hands exploring sweaty, twitching abs, tenting trousers or grunts of extorted pleasure from getting your bussy cherry popped. hard pass.

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