Who has it worse?

And how would they do if they swapped lives

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Poor Carl would just get raped.... Again, I mean.

carl gets raped for laughs, clarrissa doesnt. if they swapped lives, they would both be better off. the dogs only rape carl so shes safe, and carl can drive her dad to suicide like he did his au self

apples to oranges, can't really say which has it worst
if they switched Clarisa would just move away from the ATHF and be fine, Carl would be fucked though

carl can fight off clarissa's dad, though.

i mean, did Clar's dad WANT to fuck ugly bastard?

It’s a dominance thing

I'm assuming the life swap includes things like age, and we've seen Carl as a kid, he folded to his dad and was a bitch.

>assuming the life swap includes things like age, and we've seen Carl as
Dude, you made me laugh

Either way. They’re both getting ræpe

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Can he? He’s fat

life kicked the shit out of carl. balding by 8 will destroy your confidence on top of being poor

They could just leave together. Carl isn't exactly fatherly, but he doesn't seem like he would be cruel to a child. Clarisa would be the smart one.

>daughter replaced by overweight, bald, hairy grown man
Clarissa's dad goes insane

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Is Carl allergic to peanut butter though? I don't think we ever saw Carl eating a peanut butter sandwich throughout the course of ATHF.

...is this what we are talking about?

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Fuck man, it's messed up to think Carl would be a better father for her.
Fucking Carl.

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Newfag leave.
it’s about Clarissa the comic where she is raped by her father repeatedly. Her mother and brothers either, pretend it doesn’t happen or blames her for the family tension. Clarissa hates herself and at times dreams of her father’s death. She holds no animosity to her brothers, one of which berates her for not taking the abuse. The first page is a dark humor joke, but then it gets very sad.

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Carl is a good man

Sounds similar the the 1700s clarissa. With the grooming angle. Maybe inspired? idk, going to read the 1700s clarissa tho.

wow, what a buzzkill!
Boo Clarissa!


He's a lot of things, but uh, I wouldn't call him that.

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Carl spends every weak getting tortured and killed in bazar ways only to repeat the process again and again with no hope of change or escape. He is essentially in hell even when minding his own business. Clairrisa has a much more grounded form of abuse and while far more personal and insidious its by no means comparable.

Any theories on why Carl is tortured on a daily basis? I think he pissed off a witch disguised as Dolly Parton (probably refused to marry her after they did the deed) and that's why he always suffers.

Why couldn't carl be her dad.

Thanks. Just read through all of them again. So fucked


>I used think rape was funny. Yeah, rape, so funny. UNTIL YOU BEEN RAPED. You're about to find out what that's like...DAD.

>all these people thinking Carl would be a good father
he absolutely would sell her into sexual slavery
he ain't into little girls himself (probably), but there's no doubt he knows a guy willing to pay top dollar for that shit

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Swapped lives how? Like swapping circumstances? Switching minds? Carl taking the place of Clarrissa with no one realizing the grown man isn't her?

The last one

>he absolutely would sell her into sexual slavery
I'm pretty sure he would just drop Clarissa to Frylock, Meatwad and Shake and have them deal with her, washing his hands off that mess.

Carl has been buck broken by Banana at this point

Hand Banana

Carl is a depraved scumbag, but he has his limits

Does he?

pretty sure if carl wasnt reduced into a blubbering pile for having to relive his child and adult hood being murdered aside, he would murder the fuck out of his family. maybe deal with it since it seems like he may have lived through that sort of situation already, but now hes not cripplingly poor and doesnt have to eat berber to survive. clarissa is a smart and resilient kid, and with carl's "resources," im sure she will leave that shit neighborhood and make a life for herself. hell, she might even make friends with meatwad and frylock, avoid getting raped or murdered every episode thanks to that.


I've read Clarissa but I've never watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force, what's the deal with this guy?

how old are you ?

Old enough to have acid reflux.

no one outside of the US knows about that show

That's not really a good metric, I had acid reflux when I was 14.

you joke but that's unironically true, new short that came out today confirms it youtube.com/watch?v=50zjN9sP6vw&feature=youtu.be

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Carl won with that glue trap

You were fat


He subjugated an entire race of peaceful woodland creatures, stripped their land bare, stole their only woman, and even stole their fucking Sun just for the hell of it. I honestly don't think there's a low Carl won't sink to.

You swamp places with Carl
How do you cope? How you avoid torture?

I don't think he'd do that because it would be way too much work to actually go through with it. He'd probably just neglect her, but given his own past I think he's at least feed her(memories of him having to eat carpet still sting). He at least wouldn't do it himself, he's a lot of things but he ain't a pedo.

It's for those reason, he'd still be a better father than what she had to deal with.

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He's just kind of a piece of shit from Jersey, but he's constantly tortured by his neighbors who are literal monsters. Comes back normal every episode. Watch a few episodes of Aqua Teen if you want more, he's in most if not every one I think.

Why would someone make this? Was it therapeutic? Was it meant to subvert the surburban family once again?

Carl would abandon her or get her into sports.

He did it to get Banana neutered. Not just neutered, but remove his entire wiener. But he didn’t feel like paying 700 to not be raped. He just doesn’t care, and knows he can wait him out.
I like the spaghetti gag this episode. In the Likes.

I’ve always wondered this too. What drove someone to make this?

It started from a quick joke then evolved into a really sad story.

Sometimes you have to depict real events realistically because people don't realize how bad things are. May have been therapeutic. Could have been based on real events. Maybe they knew someone who had a kid who was treated like that and they wanted people to become aware of just how insidious and bad things can get.

I know that can be a real downer and you really don't want to hear or see about this kind of thing, but you have to remember that these sorts of things do happen in the real world and sometimes to an alarming degree. For you it ruins your day but you gotta remember, some kids are living this right now. It's not just something hard to hear about, they have to live this.

I used to have a methhead for a neighbor. It's comparable.

you.... tonight

Would you have Carl as a neighbor?