Steven Universe

Should he have remained like this?

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No, this is his Super Saiyan form
Kaiju Steven is his Oozaru form
Stevonnie is his fusion form
Steven is Goku
SU is Dragon Ball

Yes, but only in a direct sequel made by Japs where he molests all the gems and dominates the townies.

Only if he dates Jasper


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It is indeed.

Of all animated characters, i couldn't believe Steven was going to be the one to make my dick extra hard and get me into cartoon porn, as I always saw him as pure and innocent and refused to think about him sexually even after the timeskip, but, here we are. I still dream of fucking this sweet 9 feet pink behemoth. So, Stevenfuckers thread?

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Would Steven date a fat girl?

How fat?


Damn finally a Steven fucker thread it's been too long.

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This would make it much better

Sure has

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Any pink Steven x older Steven?

When was the last one?

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For me it's Gem StevenxSteven

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I wanna say February?


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It's weird just how beautiful this art is
it looks so detailed and nice like someone put so much effort into it
And it's about a gay chubby space boy being in love with himself.

Why couldn't Steven stay this way? :(

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Too long ago
Chad is good but i love the round boy too much

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So he can keep being soft.

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I actually wish he stayed like this but without the pink glow. He's still big but he also still has that chub that I like.

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Excellent taste

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Seven Universe should be more trans-femme

Sexually assaulting Steven!

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Shame no one draws that one.

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I bet Steven has sensitive nips


Does anyone have male Connie pics?

I want to sexually bully him by teasing his nips

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Absolutely, it's his best form. Maybe don't have him be too self centered or have his personality change too much though.

Any good fics?

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Steven’s Walk On The Wild Side of course

Is that about the one where he has a bunch of sex in college?


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What does it say?

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>surrounded by female characters
>ship him with himself
Who are these people? Do fujos even watch Steven Universe?

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Nothing wrong with loving yourself.

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What if i ship him with various waifus AND himself?

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Does Steven has mega dick?

Of course, do you know who his dad is?

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Shame he doesn't pump out Steven art like he used to.

Yeah, they were one of the best Steven artists

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>that size

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an image for ants :)

I see that as a mix. He’s still pretty obvious big and fit, but he still has that chub. Like he’s strongfat.

That's honestly why I prefer him to Fragments Steven

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>Should he have remained like this?
Only if he got paired with Kevin
>Steven is the bottom btw