Ta-Nehisi Coates

What is his problem?

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When did Black Nerd Rants change his name?

He's too based for his own good.

He's a black Nazi

Dis nigga looks like he got beat up in high school for reading lol

He’s really just your typical black neoliberal helping to enrichen his Jewish masters in exchange for some meaningless culture wins over the wypipo he hates so much

>typical black neoliberal
typical black neoliberals don't seethe over the first responders who died during 9/11 over a vague association to police

I'm black y'all, and I'm black y'all
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Because I'm black and I'm back

>What is his problem?
there will be tranny janny tears if i say it

Acid reflux after spicy meals, the gossip says.

Any black writers around here?

He just sort of strikes me as the kind of pretentious English/Philosophy Major type who has to feel like the smartest and most enlightened person in the room at all times. Which just leads to a lot of obfuscation and vague hot takes that don't really mean anything. Because he really has nothing much original to say, but he badly wants to.

Just read this.

He is racist

Only has a career because Obama publicly endorsed his book

Obama endorsed a book that disrespects 9/11 victims?

usually you need to be able to read first

he sent tchalla and wakanda as a whole down a path that is both boring and insulting. putting all the faults of wakanda at his feet while not giving him any sort of props for the positive, and this new book is skidding towards the same conclusion. i hate to say this. but i think hes a worse writer and has done more damage than hudlin did

>willingly gives up a prestigious career as one of the most well-respected public intellectuals in Black America so he can write 6/10 capeshit books instead
Is he, dare I say, based?

>African (?) name
>Anglo surname

>get called out
>normally not a problem, but this time it was by another black intellectual type with his own following, so there's no advantage and it's an actual challenge
>delete social media and go into hiding

>police are racist against blacks
>therefore he doesn't consider paramedics and firefighters human

That 9/11 confession was honestly ballsy. Because I think everyone's been there at some point, hating entire swaths of people based of the actions of a few. Its fucked up if he holds the same views but I understand feeling what he did at some point..
For the record I thought it was brave when Liam Neeson talked about beating up black bastards, too.

Nobody will care about his stupid fanfiction

You think he gave up his career?

His family are hoteps. Which shows in his Space Wakkanda. But what's more amazing is that he makes Space Wakkanda fucking BORING.


Dunno, when he decided to make issue 1 of his black panther run a random chapter in an already developing story and also having little actual black panther in it I just checked out and never read anything by him again.

He's a racist black supremacist with a chip on his shoulder and an agenda he wants to promote.

he just doesnt like you whyte boi


He’s just generally a racist

which is highly based
he was simply too based. simple as.

>most well-respected public intellectuals
He was never this

he absolutely was during the Obama years. Nearly everyone in the liberal media turned to him as the definitive expert on Black America.

you're wrong. he's a dumb piece of shit but you're wrong.

Who is king of the negroes nowadays?

I never heard his name once until after the Obama years.

Shit in that PR release for his black Superman shit they dickrode over how important his garbage essays were to society.

Mike Tyson. Go ahead, tell him that he's not.

yeah no shit it's a salespitch. You think they're gonna say "eh this guy's alright". Congratulations on thinking the copy guy at Warner is an honest, important figure though lol.

Some guy in Camden NJ you never heard of.

The Maori are coming to skin that tattoo off. Might sting a little.


Kilmonger coming back as a symbiote zombie fused with his own larper fanboy from space really came off as something he only wrote because editorial leaned on him, which is kinda funny in a pathetic way, considering the shit he says.

Right a fucking fat white neckbeard who did effectively yellowface owns his ass now. Hysterical. But as points out he always has been owned by whitey.

The Maori are tough, but they're not Mike Tyson tough

Black comic book writers are weird as fuck.
>that time Christopher Priest implied Terra was guilty too for "seducing" Deathstroke

is it actually a whitey or just a jew though, either way dude in the OP sucks

Priest also quit a successful career for multiple decades to drive a bus because they wouldn't stop giving him black characters. I fucking love that guy.

He's got nothing to say but plenty words to say it with

Obama would be king, but has left an empty throne. Which is about as ironic as it gets.

I'm going to go with the Fresh Prince, based on slapping.

He didn't get a SINGLE esiner win, or even a nomination for his BP run.

At least he got a nod for Deathstroke, even if it was for the political issue rather than his message

That's more Priest going full massa with Wolfman because he respects him too much and fears that he'll get dragged through the mud and unpersoed by the Twitter crowd for the Terra relationship(and the Terry Long thing, to a lesser extent).

I figure it was a make up award.

I saw mike tyson in a hawaiian restaraunt once. I can't imagine them fighting... well any more than maori fight in general. Hes' a bro to them.

>He didn't get a SINGLE esiner win, or even a nomination for his BP run.
Batman is the only capeshit allowed to win Eisner

His work is taught in at least 48 of 50 states in the US.
It's one of the things that triggered the shitfest in florida.

Wasn't there a journalist who asked him what racism was at a Q&A and he couldn't come up with a definition?
I don't know how you intend to fight racism if you can't even define it.

He got bullied by other black kids for being an oreo nerd and became so desperate to prove that he was black that he blames everything on white people.

>Dis nigga looks like he got beat up in high school for reading lol
That's exactly what happened actually.

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>I don't know how you intend to fight racism if you can't even define it.
The ADL recently fundamentally changed their definition of racism to fit the times. It turns out they had it wrong for over a century and only now can start the good fight they claim to be fighting.


There's no morality involved in this. It's just a job. As long as people can make money "fighting racism" that's what they'll say they're doing.


>Sometime in the summer of 2020, at the height of the George Floyd riots, the ADL got a new definition of racism: “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”
>That means if the Chinese decided to deport all the black people in China, that wouldn’t be racism, because it wouldn’t be part of a racial hierarchy that privileges white people. Expelling blacks would privilege Chinese, not whites.
>And if a black man sets out to kill every white person he finds, that’s not racism because only non-whites can be victims of racism.
God I hate how liberals can't just admit that race is always going to be a problem and white people are the least of the issue