Why is Goku more compelling? Should they make Superman more like Goku?

Why is Goku more compelling? Should they make Superman more like Goku?

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Different philosophies; Superman is BEING Uberman, while Goku is about BECOMING it

Nietzche would love both

Would Superman be based enough to make fun of his son for being a fag?


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Look, I know /dbs/ is a shitpile, but it's your shitpile. Go back.

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Vegeta is more compelling than Goku
Batman is more compelling than Superman

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Ok edgelord

Because Goku only tries to appeal to young boys and young boys alone

Miles is not related to Peter though, so by Yea Forums standards he got cucked

Tell that to the entire male population of Latin America

And he is still right. People from LatAm who worship Cocu are a bunch of fucking fat manchilds.

And black people.

Nonwhites are mental children.

People still care about this?

>Why is Goku more compelling?
You just posted it. It's bait, right?
>Should they make Superman more like Goku?
Superdickery was peak Superman. He had his own way of being a chad, before becoming the impotent boy scout he is now.

>Should Superman be like Goku
No superman shouldn't act like a total retard, ask people who the fuck the personality of Goku is and all they answer is that he's buff and jobs to every villain of the week until he get revived by some other character. Superman should represent Truth, Justice, and the American Way of life, not be like Goku, who just represents Childish, Retard and the degenerate way of life! I don't care if Goku outsells superman, they literally sell the manga as fucking toilet paper when you take a shit!

>goku fanboy
>workout religious and sleep early
>spend all day watching and analyzing Dragonball complexities
>made a 4 hour video on Goku.

>Superman fanboy
>don't workout and have a horrible sleep schedule
>rarely read his modern comics becuase they are shit
>cry on stream when Superman is not portrayed as flawless

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Just like a school teacher, HEYO!

>superman is BEING Uberman, while Goku is about BECOMING
other way around user.

>east vs. west bullshit
Back to Yea Forumssshole

>>goku fanboy
>>workout religious and sleep early
Latinx never work out.

Eh, got to disagree. the african does have a predilection for goku, but not nearly to the all consuming extent of the beaner. the African has much of his attention towards naruto as well.

Goku inspired more people than Superman.

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>Chooses Angry Joe as a superman fanboy
Can you guys stop bringing up this actual rapist into normal conversations, i don't give a fuck about these Channel Awesome faggots but fuck these cocksucking faggots that think thier shit is any good!
Also who the fuck is Goku fanboy, some buff ayran faggot that gets his dragon balls dragged on the floor?

Idk, mate.
All the black people i've known REALLY love Goku. And, then there's the muslims.

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That's seththeprogrammer.

Based and anti kike pilled mudslime

As for the topic, I find them both compelling for different reasons as does toriyama seeing he often took inspiration from the west.

That Samir guy is batshit crazy, in a good and amusing way.

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Tim is now a faggot too. At least Jason is chad enough to make up for it. He fucked his own step brothers mom.

Superman's alien nobility while Kakorot is low class Saiyan

Gokus origin and entire basis of his character is based on Superman, consciously or not.

Why has nobody ever poisoned Goku? If you put arsenic in his rice he'd just drop dead.

This is all I know Goku for.

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Everybody in Dragonball are noble fighters.

>goku vs superman

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You should really consider studying philosophy before speaking to me ever again


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thats not what becoming and being refers to.
I do.
Superman always tries to live up to an ideal he is the definition of becoming. He lives as a process. while goku just is. he likes to fight and he doess it. he likes his friends so he protects them. He is concerned with is not will bes.

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Try killing yourself, spic.


They did. They gave him a son.

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based take


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your average roid monkey is not "more people"


>[western moebabble]



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Hola, latinx.

Muchas Gracias Doktor

>thats not what becoming and being refers to.
Wittgenstein was right when he said language is the cancer of philosophy.

Ok, but I dont see how thats all that relivent here. being and becoming are ontological principles. Less corruptible then most anything else.

>being and becoming are ontological principles. Less corruptible then most anything else.
Still uses language and thus is beholdened to context. Chad Wittgenstein pointed this out.

Im aware, but do you know what ontological means? Its literally what you do before you create language. of course language will always be the object of communication, but it sprouts from the subject of ontology (nature of being). And how different moods of communication and meaning can change frameworks (like hopi time)

Also, I dont think its all that much of a concern here unless we have opposed meaning of fundamental being vs becoming. which to my knowledge is rather universally accepted in its distinction.

At this point Superman is definitely the more interesting character.

>actual rapist

Ontology isn’t special. It’s still part of the language game just like anything else. Just because ontology means “before language” to one person doesn’t mean much when that context can be applied to the word “water” in someone’s Private Language.

>which to my knowledge is rather universally accepted in its distinction.
It’s not, as evidenced by the fact that you had to ‘correct’ someone who you felt misunderstood the context. Wittgenstein’s Private Language also disproves the supposed universality of language.

“Being vs. becoming” is just another part of the Language Game, same with ontology.


miles will never surpass peter. fuck you, literal irl shitskin.

Honestly with Luffy's new power... I think Popeye is the only hero on his power tier.

explain luffy's powerset because i have no idea what he has beyond rubberness

Not that user, but Luffy just recently got a new super-saiyan-like form that has toonforce powers.

Basically if he believes the world should function in such a way... it does. He doesn't have the gum gum fruit or whatever, he has a Zone (Animal) but instead of a crow or whatever he got a freaking God Zone. I kid you not, he is a freaking god whom has absured toon physics power.

Luffy basically has Reed Richard powers, the only differences is that he's impervious to blunt attacks, sharp objects can harm him though

Maybe if we follow what Chris said

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yes user, but you are pointing out an aspect of all communication which I admited, but then there is practical vs theoretical language. hypothetically if I write the word "faggot" that could simply be a symbology meant to represent anything maybe its the word I use for rasberry pie. However, given the context of me using it on Yea Forums, you can assume a number of intended meaning before that of rasberry pie, like as an insult or a term of endearment. If this wasnt true we wouldnt be having a semi coherent discussion in response to one another right now.

Someone said
>Superman's alien nobility while Kakorot is low class Saiyan
Which doesnt work much at all in regards to the context of the original statement
>Superman is BEING Uberman, while Goku is about BECOMING it
Because A, Uberman in the Nietzchean sense explicitly does not refer to economic-social class, but a type of mentality and personhood. and B. Becoming and being likewise have little to do with economic social class.

In no commonly understood parlance does this statement make sense.

Nietzche was born too early for superheros and shonen