Miyamoto said the Mario movie was basically done back in November, and just needed a little polish. In light of this...

Miyamoto said the Mario movie was basically done back in November, and just needed a little polish. In light of this, what could the delay until next April possibly be for? Did Sonic 2's reception really send them packing back to the drawing board? Is a year enough time to redo much of a movie?

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My guess is that the movie had a bit of it's " Illumination Touch" if you know what that means.

I would be surprised if Nintendo's supervision was so lax that they wouldn't know it was going in a direction they didn't really like until it was getting time to finish it up.

>almost done
>still work to be done
dumb statement

Shigeru is getting old, has never made a movie, and probably has very little involvement with the day to day of it, so I don’t think his opinion on how far along they were means anything. It’s not a huge delay.

Sonic 2’s box office influenced the decision to put it in April where there’s little family film competition and they can run the joint for a few weeks in the US (and put it during Golden Week in Japan which is a huge moviegoing holiday there), but that’s the only way it did.
They’re afraid of Avatar, Aquaman, and Puss in Boots

I bet you're right. But I also bet that those Illumination touches turn out to be better than the changes Nintendo forces are.

Calling it right now that it will do better than the Sonic movie

Dreamworks and Illumination have the same parent company so giving Puss In Boots room to breathe and be the only cartoon option during that time period (if you don’t count Avatar) is a self-preservation move if anything

It's not a huge delay, no, but it did ruin my Christmas. This was either going to be an earth-scarring disaster to laugh at until your face hurts that you want a front row seat to, or use the same magic Sonic did to turn impossible odds and portents of doom into something actually pretty decent. I have to admit I was really looking forward to the experience either way, and it was the only gift I wanted.
I feel like Mario could have co-existed with those films the way Sonic and The Bad Guys are doing fine together. Nobody cares about Abatap anymore, nobody knows what the DCEU is doing anymore, and Puss isn't a threat to Super Mickey-O himself.
Yeah, it'll definitely do better, even if it's likely going to be a worse movie. I will personally consider it good if it's better than Sonic 1. That's not a high bar, but for Illumination, it is.

>even if it's likely going to be a worse movie.
It’s not difficult to be better than Alvin and the Chipmunks tier shit

I suspect it's going to come down between Jack Black's Bowser and Jim Carrey's Robotnik.

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this is probably it
They decided, for whatever reason, that Puss has a safe casual appeal and will benefit from the holidays “let’s go to a movie with grandma” sort of thing, while Mario has its core audience but will be able to grow out because of lack of competition in its slot.
This is almost certainly a money move rather than a creative one

So, they're just going to be sitting on a finished movie for 4 more months just to make more money with a different release window? That would bother me more than them running scared from a 6-7/10 Sonic movie that had a full half hour of human filler that still made critics say there weren't enough humans in it.

It’s not as common now that all of our biggest franchises are run like a factory assembly line and rush their VFX timetables down to the wire, but this is historically how things work in the film business. Most of the movies that release in November-December for Oscar buzz are filmed a year prior and have their edit locked by spring

Can you faggots stop overhyping your dumbfucking sonic shit like it's the Godfather of video game movies, it's a bunch of more shit from the last film with a shitty has been actor that retired because the dumbass couldn't keep his mouth shut, some dude trying to sound like "sonic" but sounds like a gamestop employee that got peppersprayed and some fucking generic as fuck human characters. Fuck this movie dude!

My guess is that they postpone it because they're making the Smash Bros Cinematic Universe and they have to make the necessary edits to tease the upcoming "Mario v. Sonic: Dawn of Justice"

I could wait as long as I need to if they'd just give us an actual trailer within a decent timeframe. I just want to know if this is going to be doomed or if there's hope. I don't know why I can't let go of my cautious but persistent optimism; perhaps it's because Sonic surprised everyone despite every aspect of the first film looking like an "Illumination is making this movie"-tier omen.
Sonic 2's success is an objective fact. I have my misgivings about it that I haven't elaborated on, but that's irrelevant to the fact that it's dominating right now.
>but sounds like a gamestop employee that got peppersprayed
I'm sure you'd know what that sounds like, Chris, among other, much more disturbing things.

The first Frozen movie has made the most money of any 3DCG film in Japan by a mile.

Will be interesting to see if Super Mario can come anywhere close.

Well, it's going to do MUCH better than Sonic in Japan at least.

The first Sonic movie bombed there, and the second hasn't opened there yet.

Japan being the only country that always saw Sonic for what it really is will never not be funny.

waifus really are necessary for success there, huh

they're moving because BIG DICK Puss n Boots was also coming out Dec 21

Also animated movies typically don't do well in August/September so I can see why they would want it in the lucrative Christmas spot. Sing 2 did well for them at the same time a few months ago.

Mario is going to do well no matter when it comes out. Honestly I could see them moving Migration to Christmas 2023 and moving Mario to 4th of July weekend to make it a bona fide blockbuster. Only problem if they did is that they are gonna have to deal with a pixar movie and Spider-Verse 2 around the same time. If the Pixar movie turns out to be a sequel or something it could fuck them over. Mario would probably do better than Migration though against those two.

it's going to flop, i can already tell

mario will succeed........if the end credits is the do the mario dance


They just had their first test screen a couple of weeks ago. I’m guessing there was something about it Nintendo didn’t like.

Well, sort of, maybe.

Japanese All-Time Top Box Office:

1. Demon Slayer the Movie
2. Spirited Away
3. Titanic
4. Frozen
5. Your Name
6. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
7. Princess Mononoke
8. Howl's Moving Castle
9. Bayside Shakedown 2
10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It will
The only kids property they obsess as much as they do Disney shit is Nintendo's shit

Hopefully the flood of "Why in the blue hell doesn't Mario sound like Mario, what in the goddamned fuck is wrong with you idiots" was a key reason and they'll quietly correct the casting.

Yeah, given that Sonic came from Japan.

It's Illumination, not Pixar or Dreamworks.

Did they actually have a test screening or are you just believing a bunch of Reddit posts that were set up to look legitimate with false DMCA reports?

You will never be a woman

Darn right. I'm all man, baby, and don't you forget it!

I admire your optimism, but with Illumination it’s going to be almost impressively generic and soulless. They’ve done nothing to prove otherwise across 12 busy years. It’s not like the movie is being made by DreamWorks or Sony where they have the background to turn out something really interesting.

The idea here is Nintendo's supervision could potentially protect it from Illumination's mediocrity and general lack of taste. They were very hands-on with Bowser's seconds-long cameo in Wreck-It Ralph, even instructing the animators on how he should hold his coffee cup in his claws when they didn't like the way they'd depicted it originally. Of course, there's no guarantee Nintendo could make a good movie, either. If Koizumi were involved, I'd be more hopeful.

>Your Name was that big
I didn't know that, cool.

Nintendo “supervised” the Bob Hoskins movie too. According to the book Console Wars they approved the script, pushed them to make it weird, and then enjoyed it when they saw it; only when it came out they treated it like a bastard child.

Maybe the plot leaks were legit and they're going to rewrite it or add a bit more stuff.

>another sonic 2 shitting all over mario again 30 years after the first sonic 2 shat all over mario

based hedgehog

I loved the Bob Hoskins movie so I'm definitely liking that.

read the trades user. it's because they think it'll earn more money during Eastern weekend by itself instead of in December fighting for screens with Avatar 2

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...So they really are just sitting on the damn thing so they can have what they think will be a bigger opening. But they could still be tweaking it further in the extra months, surely?

>"Luigi, we're the aliens!"
gets me every time

Miyamoto has been pretty heavily involved. Like, he's not really doing game development anymore. This movie and the theme parks are all he's been focussing on the past few years.

Pikmin 4 says hello.

And in case anyone needs this explained... miyamoto says things are "done" all the time. Pikmin 4 was called almost finished by miyamoto 7 years ago. But sure, I'm sure that a movie that wasn't planned to come out for half a year was done 5 months ago. They just wanted to sit on a finished movie for 9 months.

My only guess is probably voice acting retakes. If an animated movie is practically done but still needs another year before release, it's usually a voice acting thing.

Disney sat on Black Widow completely finished for a year and it still had some CGI that looked like shit
It could get adjustments but probably only if Miyamoto himself insists on them

Recording the voices is one of the first things they do.

Charlie Day gave the impression he was still in the midst of recording sessions during an interview with one of those talk show Jimmies from February.

He probably is, but the stuff he's recording for hasn't even begun to be animated yet.

I dont get why people want this to fail. if it succeeds that just means more vidya movies/anime. Nintedo has like a bazillion ips to mine content from

Because people don't want videogame movies helmed by hacks who don't actually like the source material.

Lmao seething

Is it possible that they may replace some of the actors for certain roles? Can they PLEASE get rid of Rogan and replace him with either Patrick Warburton or John C Reily?

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I don't give a shit, niglet. Cope more.

>It’s not difficult to be better than Alvin and the Chipmunks tier shit
I can feel the seethe anytime you faggots say this

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Doesn't help that the latest trailer of Chip n Dale literally made a pro vs anti Alvin and the Chipmunks reference too, now it's a meme tier response at this point.

One of the Chipmunks sequels literally had an Uptown Funk dance battle scene. Eat my entire ass, rodent. Your franchise will always be a laughing stock.

>Nintendo “supervised” the Bob Hoskins movie too.
yeah but obviously back then it was still very minimal and that was when Hiroshi Yamauchi was the President of Nintendo and he was an even bigger old Japanese businessman/yakuza-style jew about making money than modern Nintendo, they only approved it because it would've made them money even if it flopped since the studios had to buy the rights from them
And besides it's pretty obvious that the movie had a negative affect on Nintendo since they've become autistically protective of their IPs ever since and want everything to be strictly on brand, aside from Miyamoto saying he liked how weird it was.
It basically killed any potential media their games could've had that weren't just video games for over 25 years until they announced this new movie
Miyamoto and whoever else is supervising is definitely going over everything with a fine-toothed comb and probably didn't like what they got so far

>mariofags malding
lmao even

There's no fixing miscasting the main character.

>One of the Chipmunks sequels literally had an Uptown Funk dance battle scene.
why do you know this user

They wanted to change the release date because money. That's it.

I regret to inform you that you now know too.
As do I. And everyone reading this.
Horrible things spread, I don’t know how you missed that after this last couple years.