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Tonight we’re going to be following our favorite semi-competent group of sleuths as they have wacky misadventures in order to make some money. Mistakes will be made, lessons will not be learned, and laws will be broken (by our heroes). This is Chaotix Super Detective Team!

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Second cover!

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Oh and the dialog is ROUGH! English is obviously not the artist's first language.

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All that money to find a dog? Deal!

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Not the best kind of clue but it's a start.

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Damn, this dog really had to go... a lot.

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t. Fleetway Sonic.

What's the worst that could happen?

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Vector you fool!

Ah, that's why.
Oh man, Fleetway Chaotix were such losers. Worse than the usual ones.

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Hard Boiled Detectives need a hard Boiled theme.

Dog thief? After him!
No job is too small and neither is any stack of cash.

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Time to earn that money!

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Doubting your fearless leader? For shame, Espio and Charmy!

Ninjas shouldn't be seen or heard!

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You JUST know

Clean thoughts user

Hamlin! Vector, no!
Exactly! Vector would never lead them wrong!

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>my cherry
Oh that's the dog's name.
I've just realised they were never given a description of the dog nor its microchip number... and the dog they followed the paw prints of is in a car, not out of it.

Uh oh!

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Vector please focus.

>Hamlin! Vector, no!
Nothing of value was lost, Conductor

>ayo where da human women at?!

A scooter! I'll steal it! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!
Dang user, you should join the Chaotix! They need someone with brains.

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>Vector, no!
Vector, yes!
Vector no!

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Vector your moral code!

At least Vector got his food.
Too lewd!

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Poor Espio. He's being turned into a clownshow.

Charmy's face can induce nightmares.
Can't think about repercussions! Need to get that money!

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And this is just the first chapter!

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>give me back the dog on your car and anybody will be hurt!
Vector's violent today.

That dog is dead. Also the driver too.

Whoops! Who saw that coming?

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Another case that turned out to be a lie. Fuck.

That doesn't look like a Cherry. More like a Watermelon.
Nothing will stop him from getting that money!
Another RIP.

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Stop right there, criminal scum!
Just another day for the Chaotix!

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Whomp whomp!

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That's a big fucking dog.

>Mrs. Much Money
Charmy, you can't just name people after how much money they have.

Next chapter!

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>store doesn't have a cent for change
Call the police!
>Charmy, you can't just name people after how much money they have.
That's actually her name.

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Then I must ask what her parents were thinking. If they were thinking at all.

>That's a big fucking dog
For her

Every cent counts!

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user pls

Have to ask the ancestors since that's her last name.

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>City Hunter X The Chaotix: Station Square Showdown

Is that...


Did you really need that one cent, Fang?

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Sorry, I can knot help myself

Look at Fang and laugh! LOL!
And not a Sonic or Sally in sight.

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>Nack appears
>Sonic just got terrified for some reason

Nackforce was not on his side this time.

What does Vector smell like? I want to think sweat, leather, and Axe body spray.

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Vector's a work of something but it ain't art!
He stops eating his chili dog and loses his appetite.
Someone has to job and with no Sonic, that falls on him.

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>fake scratch & sniff
>Vector isn't arrested for using it, and gets the money
>Fang admits his crime in front of a police officer
>it's also a crime to be stupid
>Vector isn't arrested for this either
I don't understand what's happening and I don't think Fang does either.

He went all out on this.

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And we aren't even done with this chapter.

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He smells like leather and desperation. Also, Charmy is a snarky shit in this one, goddamn.

Clothes beam!

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A waste of so much money.


Yo Espio, what are you doing later?
Charmy's that nice kid that has a shithead side to him.

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>maid espio
>fap fap
Yes, yes!
Typical of those "character gets rich" stories.

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Calm down Conductor.

Vector, why don't you give Espio a foot massage? As a joke because he's been wearing those high heels and his feet must hurt and be smelly. Haha.

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>haha wouldn't it be funny if Espio in a maid costume gave Vector a foot message? :)

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We need to get to the bottom of this!

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Holy shit, the nostalgia. Team Chaotix were my favourite (still are), and I printed this entire comic out back then.

>didn't remember the boy he promised
Yeah, he's fucked

On the flip side
>Nack Appears
>Sally feels she can take on the world today

Nack, Fang, same thing.

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STC Golden Axe was fun

Everything is back to the way they should be.

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And what kind of favor are we talking about?

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The lewd kind, which is the only kind.

I don't know. Espio pulled that off a lot better.

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Conductor, no!

>the little simplified crocodile flying off
>Vector facing the wrong way when talking to Espio while he's invisible
I'm so glad it wasn't just the characters getting a fan comic that made me like this. I love the humor.

It's Charmy time!

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ENTER THE BEST CHAOTIX (Not named Mighty or Ray)

Charmy is sad!

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