Expected/wanted left

>expected/wanted left
>got right
How the HELL do you fuck up a character whose main attributes are “hot” and “arrogant” THIS bad?!

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>Sue is going to get beaned

>that man cucking anyone
If they get 6’2” ripped Jon Krasinsky, you think Mexican Manletman over there is cucking him?

If the 6"2 chad has too many issues, Sue would definitely go for fishdick. You don't know the allure of seamen.

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Also, I always thought they'd get an Asian actor to play Namor. Maybe the Shang-Chi movie needed to stand out.

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Nevermind that, Disney probably has a ticking time bomb on their hands, this fuck says a lot of shit.

White people have a thing against attractive non whites who aren't gay or house pets.

That guy is not getting the role because masculine asian males confuse and infuriate people. Look at how they treated the shang chi actor when he didn't act like a soft bitch nigga.

Is it 100% confirmed?
I've only seen rumors.

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>shang chi actor when he didn't act like a soft bitch nigga.
what are you talking about. dude is charmin ultra soft.

This guy is also racist, but since it's against white nobody cares

I'm not even going to pretend to care about Namor

cry more fagbois. we beaning up your white women

‘about time

looks more like a poo, not just generic poo but poo in the loo skin I mean

shit thread anyway

The Namor franchise is already doomed

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>How the HELL do you fuck up a character whose main attributes are “hot” and “arrogant” THIS bad?!
because who is really in charge at Disney are two lesbian women and they hate it “hot” and “arrogant” men and comic book fans


>Tenoch Huerta - Biography, Height
>Height, 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) ; Weight, 65 kg (143 lbs)

It worked for Momoa so it can work for him

he acted like a little bitch in the movie and outside of it.

>Latino vs African race war

movie people are literally brain dead

>eyes closed in one comic panel
>atlantis/atlantic ocean

are you forgetting the fact that Jason Mamoa is tall, muscular, and handsome with a beard?

WTF I love Tenoch now

A reality coming soon outside a theatre near you, got to start programming them more openly now though

Is that why they turned the men in those disney plus minis into cuck house pets of middle aged obvious lesbians who couldn't act and had NO chemistry with the male lead?

Yeah...Disney is 100% fucked.
The multiverse movie is going to shit the bed across the world and be looked at sideways by the american public. Espescially the lesbian butt baby in brown face that absolutely no one in comics or in the theatres wanted.

user I know you and other people are paid to start a nigger vs(insert race here) war and downplay the huge amount of anti asian racism done by whites....
But this is true and has been going on for a very very long time.
Nothing against the famous asian women in media, but unless they are gay or are popular in asia they are going to be very average or below average.
White people are scared of hot straight minorities. Especially asians.
And because asians are completely ignored until they need an anti negro ally and just treated with no respect. They are done any kind of way.
That's a stone cold fact.

I guess white bois are too cucked to go against the BBC, so they went with the latinos

Namor has pretty much never actually been hot, and I'm not sure what you think smiling for a photo says about ability to act arrogant.

>That guy is not getting the role because masculine asian males confuse and infuriate people.
I thought it was just hollywood hating asian males in general.

>White people are scared of hot straight minorities. Especially asians.

what disney plus minis are you talking about. wandavision and hawkeye?

remember when superheroes were genetic or physiological specimens lol

probably loki and moonknight. i havent seen them yet, but ive heard the complaint.

Why are they like this? They can't possibly still be hiding behind "we choose the best fit for the role that's why the character doesn't look like he's supposed to"

Comics Namor there looks like some kind of radiation baby.
What non-racist thing are you trying to pretend you're upset about?

You know exactly what the problem is, histrionic simpleton. You're willfully missing the point, the only interrogative is why. You're either trolling or a shill, and neither of those are particularly good things

>you, a racist admitting to having a tantrum about brown people
>accusing anyone else of histrionics

Yep, a troll. Here's your (You), pathetic creature

>hiring a tiny Mexican to play Namor
>not going with a Pacific islander
Were they too afraid to be like Aquaman?
Momoa would be a great Namor, and have the comic fish man franchise on lockdown

Only Namor looks human because he's half-human, all the other Atlanteans are blue fish men.

what the fuck is with their casting man, manlets and twig woman

It's true.

Wandavision, Loki, Hawkeye, and now this Moon Knight debacle.

Watch, he'll get jacked like Kumail did.

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They couldn't at least find someone hot?

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Actually I was heavily pulling for the Rock to be Namor.
It was a perfect fucking fit.

But they picked that simp bitch from game of thrones for aquaman and then got the rock to play black adam.
It's just fucked all around.

Disney is ran by gays and old hollywood types who litterally live in a magic fantasy land bubble.

He'll still be tiny and unattractive to the normie female and LGBTQA audience.

>Rock to be Namor.
What the hell are you smoking?

>It's true.
Whatever you say, user.

I feel like he's also going to wear a weird looking costume

I always imagined either an asian, light skinned hispanic or mediterranean

Henry Golding is a fan of Namor and talked to Feige and was fancasted as Shang chi before they even started casting so I don't know how he didn't at least get Namor
kind of sucks the only recent action role he was able to get was that awful Snake Eyes movie

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I agree that they're pozzed but I didn't notice the cucked house pet vibes in Hawkeye, Loki or Moon Knight as much

Mamoachads stay winning

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White men can't have positions of authority in the MCU anymore.
Demoted and no longer SS.
Not a King.
>Captain America
Is now black.
>Iron Man
Is now black.

And so on. There is not a single white male with authority and power left in the MCU.
>This guy is also racist

That good shit.
He was voted most handsome man once
He can also slip into the over the top arrogant thing that got him to where he is and bam.
Easy namor.

>some mutt wrestler
>able to play arrogant princeling from Atlantis
Are you all from twitter or something?


fuck whites

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ugly shitskin

attractive hot shitskin

wtf how does DC do it bros

Tenoch is a royal cunt with persecutory delusions and an always offended state of being. He can pull off Namor's douchebaggery and cuntiness.

The Rock can't be namor, he's already Black Adam

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>people are making this
Who actually gives a shit about a namor movie/series? Is the mainstream audience even that aware of the character? When will the capeshit trend stop?

He’s hot. and pretty popular with female comic book fans