/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #821 - Post Apocalypse Edition

Thread Question: Have you read Pizza Time yet user?

Alt question: Which HYW character has the best ass?

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Shut the fuck up

>Thread Question: Have you read Pizza Time yet user?
Yes it's great. It reminds me of the Canadian Love and Rockets.

New Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury has updated. Thank you anons from the past thread for help and advice with the edits

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>Thread Question: Have you read Pizza Time yet user?
ColdFusion has and he still does. All you have to do is hit the block button. Really makes you wonder why he hasn't.

Left or right?

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I personally find left easier to read. But thats just me

My dudes, I got a new "chapter" up
lettering still sucks, but I think it just might suck a lil less than before.

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>my dudes
no blacks

ya got me.

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>Which HYW character has the best ass?

1. Rau
2. Decitron
3. Aideen
4. Kaylen
5. Fiadh
6. Edge
7. Eva
8. Rococo
9. Melody
10. Dana

Interesting. I always was bothered by the wall of text over the bunny drawing.

>Thread Question: Have you read Pizza Time yet user?
Why would you turn the shitposters in MY direction, user?
Ty king

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yeah i know. sorry that's just policy now. maybe join the discord instead. i'm sure they'd love to hear your 32kbps mumble rap from a bluetooth speaker over your stolen $5 k-mart microphone

You can just say "yeah, you got me" next time.

I'm too retarded for that discord, these threads are my home, where me being retarded is fitting.

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my opinion might not be the norm, I think the font just grabs my attention better.

>I'm too retarded for that discord
that's not a valid sentence in the english language. let's go ahead and get you set up in there

for curiosity's sake, which comics here do you enjoy to read?

to be perfectly honest with you i don't enjoy any of them. i read and have read a great many and it is almost always herculean effort on my part to trudge through them. sometimes the art is passable and even good but i cannot think of even one single comic here over the years that i have actually enjoyed reading or found to be a compelling story. part of it is probably because i view them analytically and in sometimes terms of competition but the bigger part is that you're the worst collective of writers on the internet

I appreciate that you still read them. If you're looking at them with an analytical eye even better, I'd love to know your analysis of mine, I'm not a very good writer so I'll take all the critiquing I can get

My next comic short will feature him again.

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>because i view them analytically and in sometimes terms of competition
Hi congoboi/assaultfox. You're still an autistic fuck and your websites ideas are retarded.

>"yeah, you got me"
On what? Coldfusion's been blocked for weeks. Try to keep up, bucko!

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So you only did it because I pressured you.

>So you only did it because I pressured you.
Kek, you wish. Admiral Pizza and Mrs. Pizza pledged their subscription and comments if I did so, it also lined up with my keikaku to block cf only after introducing two child characters in the comic kek
Better luck next time, brainlet

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If you look up the definition of cope on dictionary.com right now it's just a screenshot of your post.

these threads are beginning to heal.

not so fast faggot

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Sorry pal. Better luck next thread

what am I supposed to gather from this? Should I have brought my Agent Orange (tm)?

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Now you're just going to lay down and die after getting BTFO? Where's your signature seething? I feel like I'm getting ripped off harder than your reader.


that's unneccessary simple 5.56 will turn any body part into a gaping vagina

you seem to be an expert on the matter, you speakin from experience?

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haha no

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>Why would you turn the shitposters in MY direction, user?
Because we haven’t had a post from Renata in a while

i miss that lil troon like you wouldn't believe

I hope he gets btfo

hes most likely in the discord, where he can post without 20 messages attacking him while simultaneously having nothing to do with him

I barely released chapter 7 a few days ago. I just have nothing new to share right now

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>most likely in the discord
oh noo

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may I have a reference for renata? Been meaning to give the ol fan artin' a try.

Another drawing for that one comic I'll get to eventually

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good list.

do you post general art anywhere dude? Love the stuff you've posted so far.

Pretty behind on comics right now, but I already finished an issue

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Nice Artwork. hope the story is just as good as well.

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This is the old one, but we revamped the art style in chapter 2. Funnily enough, we’re making the new reference sheets, which full rotations starting next week. You may want to wait for that

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They're not going to draw fan art user is being ironic. And even if they were it would be for krump anyway.