Lazy Flash Thread

Tonight Team Flash fights post COIE Deathstorm with no Nekron or something

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ripperino caitlino

>Caitlin is immune to Deathstorm's flames because plot reasons
Oh. Of course.

>no one listened to Barry episode

Here we go again

>You're hurting. Badly.
Thank you, Deanna Troi.

You should know by now he's never allowed to be in the right, even when he is.

Guys, I think Barry was right.


Can they recast fucking Ralph already? Having Sue here without him feels weird as fuck.

Probably because Ronnie really is still in there somewhere or some hackneyed reason

So Singh just fucked off?

Caitlin has poison womb which eats Deathstorm's dark evil matter.

>Ma'am, can you describe the assailant?
>... Nicholas Cage?

Yeah, remember when he just made Joe in charge, that was him fucking off.

Almost dying during the Godspeed incident made him want to become a stay-at-home husband.

>It's a Deanna Troi episode

Does anyone actually watch this new Walker show

Watched an ep because I like Jaked from Supernatural but its the most boring piece of shit show ever to exist. If the og Walker was like this shit show, I don't want to find out.

>Iris gave Deon Time AIDS
Nice going.

>Iris is ruining the Still Force too

Iris, don't.

>no more Iris
I'd like to be part of that timeline please

Da fuck, Iris just killed Deon!

>Deon vaporizes
Let me guess. Iris is now the new Still Force avatar.

What happened to the forces in the comics? Did Thawne kill them all too?

Cecile sure likes having a bunch of dudes inside her. Its like the second one this season.

>This fucking "you can't lock up the darkness" shit again
Whatever happened to Black Flash

>Cecile sure likes having a bunch of dudes inside her. Its like the second one this season.
I hope she stays when Joe leaves

It's basically an empath version of vore

She will most likely stay, and Joe will be in the background. She will tell us what Joe is doing and that will be all to it.

First it was Despero and now Deathstorm, who else is going to get a turn?

Well Thinker is gone so no more of that, but there are plenty of other telepaths around

Why did this suddenly turn into a novella?

Christ, Allegra's Spanish is so fucking bad compared to Esperanza's.

Deathstorm can copy powers?

Because hispanic chicks

Why did they suddenly speak in spanish just to go back to english?

I really will miss these Joe dad talks when Joe leaves.
Then again, who knows how many seasons this show got left

How is Barry going to beat the season's antagonists without Joe? Joe literally has to preptalk every week because Barry is a fucking retard.

Best case scenario: Cecile does it
Worst case scenario: Iris does it

Cecile is a fucking retard and Iris has her own plots to take care of, Star City is fucked without Joe. They need to get Black Lightning here so he can give Barry pep talks every week.

>Peptalks from smol step-mom

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I quit the arrowverse when arrow ended. I'm just here for sexy pictures of cw actresses

What is the flying fuck is happening?

I've been getting a lot of mileage out of this image lately

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Dumb moment, but I appreciate the song choice.

This reminds me, how has this show not had a sneaker collab already?

Jesus that's quite a power

He's creating lightning pockets to skip along.


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Oh shit he actually wants the Killer Vag

Wow, Deathstorm wanted to be retarded too.

He's already dead, so he's immune!

Holy shit, you were right in more ways than one.


Its the only thing she's good for.


That Super Mario lightning jump was the shit.

It was completely and utterly retarded but Chuck's face and that music choice made it awesomely stupid.

Connect the dots already. He's going to kill the guy you were seeing, THEN transform you.

You underestimate the Killer Vag. She can make him double die.

It's certainly better than the light saber duel last season finale

>Caitlin has poison womb
>I'm sensing a huge amount of grief in you, enough for a whole family
That confirms it. The writers obviously lurk these threads.

The light sabers were dumb and not funny, this was at least dumb but funny.

Is Chuck still considered a meta-human?

Former meta I guess? He doesn't have powers any more

Oh no

I don't understand how anyone could make it through 7 seasons of science mumbo jumbo and draw the line there but whatever. If it's creative and earnest enough and puts a smile on my face it's worth it

I am not drawing any lines, it was just noticeably retarded. I am not the smartest dude and I am not turning my brain on for this show but that lightning jumping was so nonsensical and dumb that my neurons activated.

Wait, what happened with Bart and Nora?

The light saber stuff wasn't very earnest. It was something Godspeed pulled out of his ass and then somehow Barry and Thawne both were able to pull out of their asses as well with no explanation.
The lightning jump, at least they tried to give one throwaway line to explain it, which shows some thought was put into it.

They went back to their own timeline