MCU Ironman

MCU Ironman was a waste of potential. Instead of getting a Demon In a Bottle or an attempt to modernize Stark's rogues. We got

>Le quipster
>Two shitty movies
>Spidey's mentor
>Created Ultron instead of Hank
Why couldn't they do more with him?

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You have to be stupid if you think they'd adapt Demon In a Bottle. The MCU is for kids and families, they won't show a drunken Stark acting like a actual asshole.

>Why couldn't they do more with him?
Because it's the MCU

RDJ cost too much money for Marvel and he was getting tired of being Ironman.

>they won't show a drunken Stark acting like a actual asshole.
Wasn't this kinda him in Iron Man 1? Though that was not Disney.
The vast majority of Iron Man rogues are shit/redundant/both. He has Black Widow but in a Doom Mask, umpteen guys in different colored Iron Man suits, A Fu Manchu with energy rings, a pony tail dude with a whip, guy with freeze ray, guy with heat ray.

The FF have great, iconic rogues. Iron Man does not. The ones they used were slightly above his average in comics.

They did exactly that in iron man 2.

RDjr was adding 4 times his salary to the box office, and while I understand him wanting a break, his alternate career has been almost pure garbage, and Stark is a role that is easy, beloved by fans and lucrative as fuck. He'll be back.

They did adapt Demon in a Bottle in Iron Man 2, except lamely and in the most family friendly way possible
Otherwise yeah, it got boring that MCU Iron Man was just relegated to team movies after 2013

Being obligated to drink seaweed potion because you are blood poisoned is REALLY not the same thing as a Jack Daniels addiction.

>The ones they used were slightly above his average
Honestly his villains aren't any worse the the flash's and people on Yea Forums love the rogues.

By the time he comes back, he'll be a Grandpa.

See >>>

MCU Ironman is overrated by casuals and normies. The REAL Ironfags are comicfags who've stuck by Stark since Civil War

They should have adapted Gamora humiliating him with her stamina

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Ironman has great villains that just need a revamp.

Lol sure. Keep telling yourself that.

Yeah, no.

>Tfw you realize we'll never get Armor Wars

It hurts.

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>By the time he comes back, he'll be a Grandpa
Disney de-aged DaFoe, Sam Jackson, and on and on. He won't be 90, and the role of Tony Stank is the opposite of physically demanding.

The real wasted potential was all these suits getting blown up.

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Well we're getting something called that. But we all know they can't afford 6 episodes of War Machine and Ironheart vs. Crimson Dynamo and the Melter and all that

I like War Machine and wouldn't mind him fighting Stark's foes, but Ironheart? Eh. Hopefully the MCU revamps her.

If Hypervelocity Iron Man saves the day voiced by RDjr, people would shit themselves.

MCU is plenty of waste. Best to just enjoy it as is then what it could've been.

>Shane Black types the numbers "42" on his script, possibly as a cheeky reference, but probably didn't think much of it
>Concept artists and modellers scrambling to design 35 armors that will get 3 minutes of screentime and get blown up never to be seen again

I mean it COULD have been Fox-Men, or Dark Pheonix or Amazing Spider-Man 2, overall I'm pretty happy with the MCU and don't expect the perfect movie of my dreams from Hollywood.

Don't act like you wouldn't do the same.

Not him but its true
the problem is that iron man absolutely mog them now becuase every armor get ridiculously better.

Me being an Iron Man armor nerd would probably specify what runs and action figures to reference.

Those are 35 potential action figures we can sell to dumb kids. Hey how many different outfits do you think we can put Spider-man in?

His arc through Iron Man 1, Iron Man 3, Age of Ultron and Civil War was kino

It would be better if Stark wasn't a quipster and he had more than one good movie.

bro, everyone's like, "Demon in a Bottle! Demon in a Bottle!" but when the best story people can drum up about a character is the time they were a major alcoholic mess, its not a good look and not a good time at the movies, and its probably best you veer away from what the comics did.

Demon in a Bottle was adapted in Iron Man 2, faggot.

We could've had Armor Wars, The Five Nightmares, or a Ghost in the machine movie.

>Oh no my arc reactor is poisoning me let me sip on le alcohol during a party and piss in my suit.
Yeah that shit wasn't Demon In a Bottle.

Another problem is Ironman isn't a good character and Demon In a Bottle is mediocre.

he tried a "bring stark back" campaign after his alternate career flops

Did he really do that? If so wow. He brought it on himself.

disney would have to be stupid not to follow canon.


but here we are.

news articles will say ""fans"" petitioned for this and organised this but whos going to believe that

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Yeah. Only the ultimate version was any good.
And that was because he was litterally RDJ in an ironman suit...minus the bisexuality and heroin addiction.

It worked well. Problem is that he spent too much time getting his hollywood buddies into theatres and having self aggrandizing movies rather then good movies.

Marvel shot themselves in the foot when they let Disney buy Marvel. They can't do anything remotely dark otherwise they'll scare away the kids and families.

Wow. He only has himself to blame.

RDJ really did make Stark good...

>MCU Ironman was a waste of potential.
Victoria Alonso was the one who destroyed Iron Man, she hated Tony who was always with too many women and Iron Man 2 was the point where she said enough, she didn't like Tony's interaction with Natasha so she forced Tony to get married and have kids

holy shit there's no way that's actual rdj that did that, i refuse to belive it

A man's got to make his money somehow.

what's his other career?

he tried dr dolittle and realised hed made a big mistake

Dr. Dolittle.

Victoria Alonso and Scarlett Johansson doesn’t understand why a spy would act hypersexual in order to lure in Tony Stark.

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It was one flop, in sure he'll bounce back.

ah i remember that but i thought you were referring to something outside of acting. heard that movie was awful but never bothered seeing it

I think he was also trying to be an environmentalist or some shit

Iron Man 2 was supposed to go in the direction of demon in a bottle

Marvel stepped in and wanted them to set up the avengers

this is why tony was drunk dj'ing at his party and all the wackiness ensued

I would hope that RDJ could come back in some way, specifically a voice in an ironman suit for a future movie like jarvis

>no MCU Suicide Squad-esque film using minor villains like Big Wheel, Wraith, Blizzard, Whizzer, Mad Thinker, etc. to fight a big world ending threat like Gravitron or something

Its easy money and would be a fun ride. Why haven't they just nutted up and done it yet?

The problem isn't that disney won't do dark.
They'll do dark
The problem is that they want to dress essentially evil ideas up in pretty music and flashy scenes.

Disney movies are pretty damned evil if you think about it.
Look at Thanos's retarded kill hallf of everyone to save resources.
No one had an iq above 90 when they tried to tell him he was fucking retarded.

Oh goddamnit.
That's why the movies have the same stupid unfun bullshit in them.

Must've been hell for the design team but it did lead to one hell of a god toy where you could mix and watch limbs, body and weapons from the other armors to create your own.

>revamping a colored character
I like your optimism.