DC Super Hero Girls


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you're not. the Teen Titans Go crossover movie is the series finale


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Please, bros, not like this...

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user nooooo! you don't want her as an enemy...

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so this is the power of season 2

you faggots told me the show would get better when faust left. why is season 2 so shit then?

Trips of truth. That episode is boring. I'm just microdosing copium because I only watched this show when it was several episodes into season 2.

The end is here. The girls will split up and go their separate ways

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It leaked?

Go where?
>babs in gotham
>diana in JL
>zee on her own

When is Netflix going to have more than just season 1? There's like 3 seasons

Another reason DCSHG got shafted. Streaming rights bullshit.

Wasn't there one more season?

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fucking season 2 has been out for forever now
there's no reason for it to not be on netflix

God, Pam is so cute. I would like her to bite me while giving head.

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>year of our Lord 2020+2
>still being a paypig to streaming companies

They sure are lucky Carol wasn't part of the detention group.

I'm pretty sure Netflix only had a contract for season one and HBO Max noticed how popular the show is. So, they're waiting until the Netflix contract runs out so they can host all of DCSHG.

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HBO Max Latam has the second season and seeing how many are leaving Netflix, it is likely that they are waiting for the expiration.

>>HBO Max noticed how popular the show is.
Any visual or resourceful evidence of that?

Why is HBO latam so much better? they got Johnny bravo

Not as many restrictions. I remember being confused when my brother went to Mexico and told me he could watch stuff he couldn't in US Netflix like Gravity Falls.

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When are we getting more Supergirl/Aqualad moments?

I will love jess even if this show ended, season 2 sucked anyways

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johnny bravo is popular in LatAm because its dub

fat lips for kissed on the head of the benis

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a lot animated shows got huge in Latam because of good localization, like DBZ and Simpsons


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yeah but dbz and simpson are still airing in tv while jonnhy bravo has not aired in years and yet people remember that show

jess hitted hal many times in season 1 but she never did it in season 2

Let's not forget good ol' Top Cat, whose Latinamerican dub was so influential, even Jellystone! adjusted their TC to better fit the Latinamerican take on the character.

Relationships change...

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i thought she was no violence!

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You hurt the ones you love, user

i didn't know so many people loved me haha...

We love you, user.
In our strange and silly Yea Forums way...

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im gonna miss it
we have to make a tournament to choose the best girl once it's over

show needs more Lois

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What did Lauren mean by this?

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Finally someone with good taste.

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Dab dodge!

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Well, at least Kara is finally confirmed to appear.

>Legion of Doom
>No indication of Solomon Grundy, Sinestro, Cheetah, Toyman or Bizarro (Supergirl?)
>No clue regarding Black Manta, Scarecrow, Bizarro (Superman), Brainiac, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd

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>Solomon Grundy
Nevermind that one, he is in the left corner

>>No indication of Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Toyman
user, solomon is literally behind star sapphire in that cap, also, watch the trailers or old threads

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>solomon is literally behind star sapphire in that cap
See >watch the trailers or old threads
Forgive me, user... I've been busy.

this is what pisses me off the most it's literally a DCSHG movie and probably series finale that include TTGO for no reason. they cannot just give tthe series chance for once?

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Ah. More of the "Boys are always wrong and girls are always right" bit

Just as well. They'd just force more woke shit in like Jess' moms.

>more woke shit in like Jess' moms.
KEK, I totally forget that they exist and Im a jessbro

>They'd just force more woke shit in like Jess' moms
You mean Jess' mom and "dad"

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She meant a lighthearted show shouldn't have themes of domestic abuse you fucking manchild

This show sure does love pear shaped girls.
I like that.

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It loves a variety of body shapes and that’s a damn good thing

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