Why was the cartoon version of Violet so underwhelming compared to the live action one from over a decade earlier?

Why was the cartoon version of Violet so underwhelming compared to the live action one from over a decade earlier?

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This again?
It's because if you don't stump up the money and pick the wrong studio, it'll look like shit.

The entire cartoon looked like shit



Because RidiculousCake wasn't directing it.

1. The animators know about inflation fetishists and dont want to be affiliated with that
2. Budget constraints
3. They suck and are lazy

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Anyone have that screencap of an user telling gene Hackman how this scene gave him an inflation fetish and gene called him an asshole?

>gene hackman

Why the fuck does the top pic still give me a chub.


I see you too are a man of taste in certain aspects

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It was in the last thread lemme get it

Unironically one of the worst things I've read

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i'm dying holy fuck this is awful and I'm laughing

>I have to tell a person who happened to be in a movie with a scene in it that gave me a fetish about said fetish
>said person wasn't even the subject of the scene in question

Holy shit dude.

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Based Gene Wilder.

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looks like they're trying to sacrifice her to candy Satan

Kek, It does.

Does it matter? You're gonna jerk off to it anyway

>Gene Hackman

Berryshitstains have no standards, if it's a blue circle they whip it out.

t. Slobfag

It was the belt snap that sold it.

>tfw fap to both
Feels good, mang

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Based, same.

>During my second year of high school
And I stopped reading there. I don't want to read cursed material.

Has SB99 ever drawn Violet? (Preferably the 2005 version)

I wanna se some good fats of her.

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What kind of fats would you like from him?

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Embarrassed fat looking Violet.

Do you pick your feet?
There needs to be someone like him in charge of the blueberry sequence for the new animated Rohl Daul thing.
Something to do with the shot of her ass blimping up. Surprised that hasn't been drawn more since it's the best of the 2005 version.

Sounds like you want Violet to be pretty bottom heavy. She'll need thick thighs along with her bubble butt.

Anything that isn't just a huge round circle is good for blueberry art.

I wonder how they decided on who get what scene

>nooo, I want to do the part where her skin start to turn blue that the whole reason I signed up, that the best part, no don't get it to him, he just going to turn my entire passion into a shitpost ahhh.

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The 2005 one getting a huge potbelly after eating a lot in the Chocolate Room. You could probably have Veruca and Scarlett alongside her in the same situation.

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Mass hysteria!
Everyone turning into blueberries!
Panic in the year blueberry!

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I hate that I unironically find that idea really hot.

As a kid, I always felt ripped off that the blueberry scene happened, but there wasn’t any good weight gain. I wanted Veruca to go on a greed-fueled candy binge.

I got a weight gain fetish from her turning into a blueberry. Like the point of her belly puffing out to right before she becomes spherical that I found to be the most erotic thing ever

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I remember going to the theatre and nervously anticipating how they'd do the scene since I already had a fetish for fat and expansion.
I was so unbelievably conflicted as on one hand I wanted it to be the most boner inducing, lewd interpretation on the planet, while the other half of me wanted the scene to not happen at all so I didn't have to feel the humiliating embarrassment of watching a weird kink scene while I was with my family.
When the scene started I felt shivers through my body and was getting a major nervous sweat, as she started to swell my soul practically left my body and I didn't want to be there while simultaneously fixated in a fetish trance.
It was one of the most insane experiences I went through as a 7 year old and couldn't share my true feelings with anyone.
I think this fetish is one of the reasons I feel ill when having to express truth in any form to people I'm familiar with around me.

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I really like to believe this is real. Would anyone have the balls to go and recreate this exact masterpiece but with Johnny Depp?

I have always just wondered,how was this shot allowed? Like, it's a camera shift, so, it was very intentional, so I just wondered, who shot this scene, animated, watched it, and said "Nothing wrong here"

>That's coool man, I dig it.
Wouldn't be nearly as funny

Honestly could go either way. Though I think the last thing Jihnny wants to hear after this trial is some sweat autist telling him about his blueberry fetish.

If I had infinite art energy, I would draw more blueberry Hopps with fully colored characters and backgrounds

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Thematically it's purpose is to show complete humiliation while also being haha big butt funny. I do find it hilarious that no one went "Hold on why doe Violet get a massive dumptruck?" It's a god thing that artists get to stick with their indented vision. A more modern version with a shittier director would likely have a corporate team of people scrutinizing the scene and effectively killing it of any artistic merit.
What about saying it to Tim Burton or Ana Sophia Rob?

I like the remake's implication that Violet has permanently been transformed into a flexible blue girl after being dejuiced.

Sucks that we will never see the Netflix version.

Ideally, she starts re-swelling with juice every so often.

You could, theoretically speaking, stick a hose in her mouth and watch her fill up like a balloon. She can stretch quite a lot so you can fill her up to whatever size you see fit and give her the consistency of a sloshing water balloon.

How exactly does that work anatomically anyways? Do all her cells just start swelling with blueberry juice or is it all in her stomach? What sort of genetic manipulation is going on here?

Honestly I always thought that part of what made it so hot, there is no logical explanation for it and she's just at the mercy of her body. There's something weirdly hot about a girl going through some weird transformation that she has no control over and she can't run away from cause its her own body. The fact she just kinda stands there and watches her own body transform like that and everyone just stares and watches makes it so fucking good.
God there is clearly something wrong with me

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It's Lovecraftian body horror. That's what makes it so wonderful and kinky.
This guy gets it. Her body transformation being out of her control, the humiliation aspect, it's all so amazing.