I kinda wouldn’t mind a black kid getting Mjolnir. As long as he was street

I kinda wouldn’t mind a black kid getting Mjolnir. As long as he was street

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>tfw black
>tfw hate how "hood" for a lack of a better term they're trying to make Miles
For example his new hoodie costume is fucking terrible and they keep giving him costumes/outfits with very noticeable jordans. Its like they take some of the most stereotypical things black people find cool and slap them on him. look at your pic OP. This is borderline parody

>As long as he was street
The whitest hands wrote this sentence.

I'd say it's a straight parody, but I know a leftist probably drew it so it's definitely not

Now that’s what I’m talking about

I hate that every Black Character HAS to be Hood or else how are supposed to know they're Black? Also holy fuck Miles's new outfit is fucking awful he looks like a uncircumcised dick

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Asgard is a permanent 70s realm and everyone dresses like disco never went out of style I'd read that.

>This is borderline parody
the parodies are better

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damn. I actually wish that batarang pick was real. I'd use it for my fro

Chinks already have your number snownigger.

This look like a John persons character.

Not if I rat you out first, cracker.


I can't decide which of these What If Miles' is the most hilarious. That Thor might take the cake though, its just a black guy with lightning powers and a hammer.

What the hell is this?

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

Already happened, became a frog

Marvels new marketing strategy for all the new characters they created in the last decade is to do mulitversal shit with them.

We have Gwenverse where we have a million different Gwen Stacy's team up. Spider-Gwen and the subsequent variants was what started this entire trend. For Miles we have this What If mini-series which sees a bunch of other Marvel characters turned into Miles, just like what they did with Gwen. And in the final issue of the Ms. Marvel mini-series released today it was revealed that Kamala is going to be meeting versions of her from the multiverse as well.

Expect Moon Girl, Nadia, and Riri to get multiverse mini-series announced soon.

>Its like they take some of the most stereotypical
That not stereotype, but a culture

This concept could've literally been an action comedy from the early 2000s movie where some kid from the Hood finds Thor's Hammer and hilarity ensues, including but not limited to.
>Saving money on electricity
>Frizzy Hair sight gag
>Norse Pantheon trying out Soul Food and learning to do the Cha Cha Slide or the Electric Slide
>Auntie Character:Dayum Girl, Check out Hercules!
>Thor:I appreciate the compliment madam but you are mistaken, Hercules is a close friend though.
>The sequel will be about Gang Violence and Jotunn

user, I...

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yes it's a stereotype, because there a lot of black people who don't partake in that "culture," and arbitrarily turning Miles hood contributes to that stereotype.

It's not parody. It's an honest attempt to make these comics appeal to and represent Black people. Sorry that you mayonaiise skin people get triggered and butthurt when that happens.

ugly toad

He tagged Mjolnir lmao. Embarrassing

And of course a fight scene to Hammer Time
Such Kino

No that would be the learning how to use their power montage song.

Is his mom a sassy single black woman who threatens to fight the main villain for hurting her baby?

Either that or his dad is like Julius from everybody hates Chris

Obviously the kid lives with his sassy grandmother who hits on Odin

it feels like "hello fellow kids" but for black people. thats my problem with it

>Not I’ve Got The Power

ayo bix nood mufugga

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>Black people reading comics
Good joke

>honest attempt
stereotyping is an honest attempt? Can't wait for mexican Thor where he'll be wearing a sombrero while eating a taco

Stereotypes exist for a reason and it's not because of racism.

We wuz Asgardians n shiet!


>Hey, we need a What If series based around Miles
>Okay, things like what if Miles took more after his uncle?
>What are you, stupid? We just want to make Miles other superheroes!
The one appeal of Spider-Verse was seeing how the idea of Spider-Man can vary and change in various ways. It wasn’t just a giant team of Peter Parkers, that would have been boring.

Yeah? In the marvel universe anyone can be thor if they pick up that hammer.

Huh I wonder if Jews feel the same about their messiah?

Yes. They are honest about how fucked up they are about race. The real trick is that there is NO representation that some future generation will find racist as fuck.

This design is like someone asked the most cornbread mid west middle aged Karen what a black teenager looks like. Tying a superhero design to contemporary fashion just makes it dated in a few years

>reee stop drawin us as stereotypes yo
>reee why da fuq yo drawin us like gorillas yo

We will never see What If... Miles wasn't a rehash of someone else.

I think these are stupid as hell but I also like how this pisses off the /pol/ trad fag larpers.

What if they did it more grounded like Thorfinn

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Or maybe something more like Atreus

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Hang on, he might be onto something here.
An individual can't lift the hammer unless they're worthy, but it's well known the hammer can be moved (on a ship, on a plane, on a planet)
What if you spray painted the entire hammer? Then you're not lifting mjolnir, you're just lifting the paint

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>I think these are stupid as hell but I also like how this pisses off the /pol/ trad fag larpers.
I don't know why you thought posting how your morals are for sale because you seethe about people you'll never meet on the internet was going to own the chuds.

This really doens't feel like Miles as Thor if anything it just feels like Thug Thor.

That's a more of a thug unless a real O.G shows up then he shuts up or hides in the background.

>Try to avoid doing a hoodrat stereotype with Miles for years
>He's now trendy black kid #428198
ayy lmao

Post more funny 2000s throwback ideas, much better than anything marvel could come up with.

You surprised? Pic related is the writer and the guy who designed Thormiles is Italian.

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Marvel continues to run through their list of characters to swap Peter Darker into to try and artificially push him into relevance and popularity like he's Wolverine in the 90s. Miles still sucks.

LMAO why doe she have Samoan tribal tattoos?!

It feels less like “what-if Miles was Thor” and more like “what-if Thor was URBAN

I was thinking Storm and Thor kid actually

same reason he has lined up, bleached hair. Thor-Miles is a fuck boi douche.

Because typing tribal tattoo into google and not even taking a second to add viking to that search is all the attention to detail this dumb idea of a mini series deserves.