“Oh yeah, that exists” thread

“Oh yeah, that exists” thread

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The fuck dude. The animation is actually better than Family Guy and American Dad despite being similar.

>that dog look
How many dog fucker jokes are there?

It's not the worst amongst its peers, but it is the most forgettable

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Jeff Dunham is underrated.

Not too obscure but droids still definitely qualifies especially if you have the movies in mind. At very least homages are still done in both EU’s

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Kinda reminds me of this too

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Jeff Dunham is overrated.

Jeff Dunham is exactly as rated as he should be. no more, no less.

Dunham is one of those comedians who attracted the straight-faced normies and got enough exposure with some talent to milk it into a career. Catch-phrase comedians. Think Gabriel Iglesias.

Fuck me dude, how do they keep roping Tom Kenny into these things?

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>trips of truth
I watched this when I had covid, taking way too much pain killers, and drank way too much as a desperate attempt to stop the pain. Worst fucking experience of my life.

haha yeah it was so cool how he was promoting government sponsored islamophobia

Who the fuck asked for this?

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Merchandising isn't about demand you fool.

I think he has adressed this before, he said he just did it for a paycheck basically

is voicing the sponge really that unprofitable?

I think I saw a trailer and it looked on par with some crappy flash animation from five years prior.

If you could do a literal phone in job for your work and get a half-way decent paycheck in-between seasons, wouldn't you?

The writing was EXTREMELY bad. Its saving graces were the cool Aztec setting and the fact that the overarching adventure had a real greek epic feel to it.

>Think Gabriel Iglasias
Eh, as much as Gabe relies on catch-phrases, his comedy/popularity more comes from his range of voices/sound-effects imo.

"Fluffy" is now more of a brand than a joke that people actually find funny. At least, not after the second time the joke was told.

They look like they rip off the title promo of Kevin Spencer. By the way go watch Kevin Spencer

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They probably offer him money, and he agrees to do it for the amount offered.

Kevin Spencer

Oh god, I remember watching these so long ago. Surprised anyone else even knows they exist.

We had a thread about this recently and zoomies draw fanart of it, Kevin could definitely be more obscure

Pretty much any stop-motion film from the last ten or fifteen years that wasn't from Laika.

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It's ok to fun of Arabs for being violent but if you make fun of Israel you're blacklisted for life

>Fatdog mendoza
I am still haunted by the opening theme

High profle voice actors do a shit load of things. The more work you have coming in and the more ranged and varied it is, the more accomplished and available you look. Just imagine looking at Tom Kenny's resume when he comes in after auditions. You don't ask questions, he knows how much he'll get paid, and you give him the part. A busy voice actor is a great voice actor.

What about the hillbillies

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Hillbillies are white for the most part so you're allowed to make fun of them as much as you want

Problem, /pol/nig?

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Remember when adults going after teenage girls was basically encouraged?

Not even racist just stating how it is in Show business goyim

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You will never be a chosen one

You should only watch it for old man x, he's my favorite character.

Yes unironically

Why is this being shilled so hard in the last month or so?

It was literally not real until last year. It's some form of psy-op
In all seriousness I am not sure but kids everywhere are talking about it. My daughter and her friends are constantly referencing Kevin Spencer and it is banned at a couple schools in my area
Is it a thing on tiktok? I find it creepy when my nieces and nephews watch this shit on Youtube

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because it's a one of a kind show that never had its time to shine. have you watched it?
one tiktok with a clip of the show has like 200k views, not sure if that's much for tiktok but the show is also free to watch on youtube and tubi and zoomers are afraid of torrents
>it is banned at a couple schools in my area

also how old is your daughter? you know this is a genuine TV-MA show right?

Terry Fater is better

>David Feiss and Maxwell Atoms worked on this
It's really noticable when you look at the character designs.

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What show is this

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Downloaded for my plane ride, thanks

you now remember

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Sometimes shit looks so fucking bland and generic that it hurts more to see than shit like chris chan drawings

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Sit Down Shut Up

Why isn't anyone just rated?

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