Will Discovery finally whip Warner Animation Group into shape?

New CEO wants WBD to compete with Disney and already said he's trying to find a Kevin Feige-type for DC to turn it into Marvel Studios 2.0. think they're taking a hard look at WAG too or will they continue to let it make the worst possible adaptations of 60+ year old IPs

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No they will keep being shit

coyote vs acme will probably bomb and get the studio shut down again just like looney tunes: back in action did in 03


Why would Discovery give two fucks what their cartoon devision is doing?

A lot of the direct-to-dvd movies of Scooby and Tom & Jerry are actually pretty good. And there's some gems in the DCAU.

If they put a budget behind those scripts instead of the bullshit they shoved in theaters, it would be an enjoyable ride

Yea Forumsck suckers have no taste

Because animation costs money?

the audience scores on RT for literally ANYTHING that isn't attached to the culture ware is always within that range or higher no matter what it is

Feige isn't a feige.
He's overhyped as the savior of the MCU and everything absolutely shit that's wrong with the MCU now comes from his influence.

He'll need to burn it all to the ground and start over from scratch with someone who understands the product the average joe jane jonny and janney public and can't be swayed by hollywood types.

Fixed Scores

Your choice

Money and damaging valuable IP for generations with bad movies and treatments of said IP.

>he's trying to find a Kevin Feige-type for DC to turn it into Marvel Studios 2.0
WB has already been trying to do that for the past 5 years and it has been one of the biggest shitshows in the entire history of cinema.

>New CEO wants WBD to compete with Disney and already said he's trying to find a Kevin Feige-type for DC to turn it into Marvel Studios 2.0.
That's what AT&T did, though. The "we want to be Mousevel" era of DC movies failed, and they're finally finding acclaim now that they're trying their own thing. The Snyder Cut is the ultimate proof that you do not want the Mousevel Method.

I don't even see the point in trying to blindly ape the MCU anymore now that since Infinity War it's been kind of fading in popularity for the past few years anyway. No one gave a shit about Shang-Chi or Eternals and all of the shit people generally associated with the MCU (Iron Man, Captain America) is all over.

because they like making money and having a theatrical animation studio that only puts out flops doesn't make them any money. if there's anyone with brains in the new leadership they'll be asking why Disney launches shit like Moana and Encanto every other year that becomes billion dollar IPs for them but WB doesn't do the same

>Kevin Feige-type for DC
Bruce Timm. Easy.

But why DISCOVERY give a shit? Y'know the one who makes documentaries and fake found footage documentaries?

>Bruce Timm
if there's an animation guy i'd trust to plan out a sprawling multi-decade movie franchise, it would be greg weisman

Discovery owns Warner now. they finished their merger like three weeks ago


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Yes, that still doesn't answer the question
Why would Discovery give a shit, WB bought them because they're the non-fiction/reality tv glue that would help put eyes on them.

The few cartoons Discovery did were Tutenstien, Kenny the Shark, and that Future is Wild spin-off

because the CEO of Discovery became the CEO of Warner Bros with this merger and he's now in charge all of their movie studios in addition to Discovery. I guess if you want to get technical, "Discovery" doesn't care, but the new guy and his team (who came from Discovery) do

nope, AT&T never owned Discovery (and they don't own Warner anymore either since they sold them off with this merger)

>Why would Discovery give a shit
Because they can, maybe ask them via email

>in shape

no one owns Discovery, it's its own company

He shat the bed with the 2010's DCAU.

As long as the Coyote movie comes out I'm good. The Looney Tunes need more stuff that isn't Bugs and Daffy.

WB literally owns the site

You see how they have "verified scores" ? You have to prove you bought a ticket now to stop "review bombing" audience scores have been high since they did that. Scoobs is low because you don't have to verified.
Remember this if anyone tries to tell you audiences liked Morbius because it has 71%. That's a terrible score these days

Put Lauren Faust in charge of WAG and let the billions roll in


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They do?

That's most likely what's going to happen. Discovery basically spelt out their intentions with WB as a whole the moment they shut down CNN+ and announced they'll overhaul DC
>Fire off of the dead weights(Cartoon Network and Rooster Teeth. You guys are definetly fucked I'm sorry you just are)
>Clear the clutter(i.e budget cutbacks and more stringency on what projects get greenlit)
>See what stuck beforehand and keep it(an example of this occured when The Batman 2 was announced yesterday)
Rumor has it that WAG behind the scenes is pretty toxic and dysfunctional behind the scenes.
I can see these rumors being ledgit because their recent movies gave off the impression that the people who made these movies did not actually want to make them but had to for the paycheck.
that being said I actually didn't think Scoob! And space 2 we're that bad

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They do now

>Coyote vs. Acme off schedule
This has me thinking: What'll happen to the Daffy and Porky movie?

You'd be surprised at how some mergers turn out

Everyone thought Comcast, a horrible ISP, would destroy Universal, etc but they've been solid, especially the Theme Parks.

Fuck me. It's actually NBC these days. Oh well.

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that's a TV movie that'll air on Cartoon Network and stream on HBO Max. completely separate division from this theatrical stuff

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They still got 25%
Neither of these film companies should own the movie critique site though

bringing back this old leaked Warner Animation Group slate from 2019. whatever happened to that Ice Dragon movie they were working on it? sounded cool

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Thank fuck. Looney Tunes Cartoons is a great incarnation and the Daffy and Porky shorts are the best ones IMO. A full movie is a kino mine if they pull it off right


Discovery owns WB, not the other way around. They're going to want to make a big return on their investment, and that'll mean a lot of restructuring, cancelling projects, and firing redundant people

probably dead like half of the projects on that board. what's pic related supposed to be though, can't make out the name

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2010s DCAU wasn't much of a thing. A bunch of movies adapting New 52 at best, with a few of Timm's movies that weren't tied to the old DCAU as far as I heard.

>Will Discovery finally whip Warner Animation Group into shape?
LOL, no.

Discovery has a new show this summer where Tyra Banks dresses up kids in drag and have them show off.

The new CEO David Zaslav is just another jew globalist.

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The House Hunters and Shark Week people now own all of WB now which is fucking hilarious to me.

Huh. I thought the Tom and Jerry movie was universally hated.

>Funko pop movie
Ew. I think 2019 was the same year Playmobil came out and bombed, so hopefully that influenced them to cancel that shit

>Fire off of the dead weights
>Cartoon Network
I just can not imagine them doing that, at least without replacing it soon after.

They got a shitload of debt they need to pay off

>>Clear the clutter(i.e budget cutbacks and more stringency on what projects get greenlit)
How will that affect DC’s films and shows? I mean shit they greenlit a Kite Man show

Wow Scoob really did piss off a lot of people.

People have different opinions than you

>Discovery owns WB, not the other way around.
Neither owns each other, they are the same company

>Space Jam 2
>not bad
I could at least respect them having Lebron be kind of a dick so he could have an actual character arc rather than the original movie's 100% dicksucking of Jordan, but the movie fell flat in every other aspect.

>Young Justice
Fuuuuuuuuck no.

He’s a penny pinching Jew though, so if something flops he cancels it regardless of how progressive it is

>every single movie ends with the villain saying "ha ha, just as planned..."
That'll never get old.

>Fire off of the dead weights(Cartoon Network and Rooster Teeth. You guys are definetly fucked I'm sorry you just are)
Yea Forums wants this though, stops soiling the CN name with Craig of the Creek and TTG reruns

>we get Shark kino

If they hired the guy in charge of Latin American CN they could salvage the channel.

I can see Rooster Teeth being shuttered since it doesn't fit neatly into WBD's direct to consumer plans, but Cartoon Network is pretty much the only foot they have in the kids entertainment space. don't think they can't get rid out of it without fucking themselves over in the streaming wars. most they can do is probably shut down the physical CN Studios in Burbank and merge it with WB Animation to save costs (though that'd probably piss off the entire animation industry)