STORYTIME:Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland 7 - 8

Adult Gert is

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I hate credits pages, what so wrong about having the credits on the comics itself?

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I need the last panel as a reaction image

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>dramatic music

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How many of "those" have you come across user?

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There was a sequel?

Holy shot, Gert is my neighbour
It's more of a gaiden series

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Gert in front of the computer is worth saving on it's own.

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Pooh nice bump

I can digest superheroes, aliens and robots but my suspension of disbelief ends with comic book artists living in mansions
This is all there is so far, I hope you've enjoyed it.

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Why does my dick get hard at the thought of fucking this crazy bitch?

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I really like this artist’s style. It reminds me of the tf2 comics

Sweet. I love this series.

Thanks a lot, dude. The IHF storytime threads were pretty fun here.

That ComicBookGuy is easy to hate.

Is he reading Maus?

Now this kinda makes me want to read the prequel of this comic. Is it any good?

Is he trying to bring his creation to life by writing her into the real world? That never works you know, except for that one time.

Yeah, it is.

i really enjoyed i hate fairyland, but after the first arc they took a break and i ended up missing it. i should go back and read it.

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Now that’s an amazing cosplay

I'm really hoping the new Image! anthology gets an IHF story with an updated cover based on this with new characters that were made or gotten more known since

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Just unpleasant. Not funny or interesting.



>I can digest superheroes, aliens and robots but my suspension of disbelief ends with comic book artists living in mansions
He's got a hot wife too
>This is all there is so far
It's ongoing??

She looks like this in real life

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Yes, we should have more pages this week.

Arc 2 and 3 were episodic and kinda mediocre, Arc 4 was pretty good albeit not as much as the 1st

Cosplay bump

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Unironically based Comic Book guy.

It seems pretty mean sprited.
At least in Fairyland, her bitter nature was a funny inversion and deconstruction of the isekai'd character.
Plus her suffering due to her own incompetence/stupidity/stubbornness is funny too.
To know that Gert is suffering even worse in the real world when she finally wised up to do the right thing just kinda stings.

It also was basically frustration art. Very is Scottie trapped in a little kids world, aka being known as the guy in Marvel to draw cute baby drawing. Gert ripping apart cute fluffy drawing is Skottie being fed up drawing them, with some tongue and cheek as the book never takes itself too seriously.

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I liked the fan art, even though there's not a lot.

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I've been meaning to start this series. Thanks for the dump user.

wait wait, that is a thing? I have the hardcovers of the original series here and thought this was over. fuck, I need to get more into solicits again to see what's getting released.
ah well, waiting for the next hardcover I guess...

Loony girls can be strangely appealing.

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I enjoy the expressions this series has and inspires.

fuck. you're completely right. I never been able to make that connection.

I'm a bit surprised to see cosplay of a costume that appeared in only one issue.

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I'm such a slut for anything meta like this last twist. I was getting bored with the series, but this half-fast attempt of a deconstruction is making me way too hard.

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Those teeth do things for me. Maybe it's about time I give her series a proper shot. I just checked through the archives and it looks like any links are long dead. Is there an updated one or am I better off trying to hunting down the collection books?

10/10 bad ass and adorable

A surprisingly good cosplay.

Anyone got a download for the previous issues? I didn't know it got a continuation and they don't seem to be online.

>comic book artists living in mansions
Yeah, this is a bit silly.

>it was all a dream
I used to read word up magazine

I think it's one of Gert's better looks.

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Some of it can be pretty cool.


Part 3 should be up today.

Where is this stuff being uploaded?

I know he's supposed to be loathsome, but can you blame him? He doesn't know Gert is the Gert, so as far as he's concerned the chick who just entered is a lunatic