Character design is literally based on a real white person

>character design is literally based on a real white person
>they get cast as black

First Death, now Constantine


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Why is a British twink playing the American Peter Parker?

>Implying Death, as an omniversal entity, is beholden to only one form.

You know why

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You can change your accent, not your appearance.

By this logic she could show up as a CGI bug for the whole show and you’d defend it

Except of course, the reader sees her and dream in the same forms 99% of the time. So this “durrr they appear different to everyone” is nonsense

She will show up as a black woman for the majority of the show,

If it was truly irrelevant. Why do you think she’s still a woman at all?

The argument always just boils down to
>I hate niggers and I hate seeing them on screen.
Nobody else cares

Not very well.
And he's still a tiny fem twink.

shut the fuck up racist. black people can be death.


Why exactly do people get outraged at fictional characters gettinfg cast as black? They're not historical figures. So what does it matter?
A better question is why can't character be cast as black, and no one has an answer besides

You can to an extent actually, just look at Colin Farrell in the new Batman.

>They're not historical figures. So what does it matter?

Are you saying historical figures can’t be portrayed by Black actors, chud?

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>accountability to source material
The accountability is already null, the medium is a comic book, and your adapting something made for panels and word baloons to film.
>we need more diversity
Unironically we do. Tell me why we shouldn't

>By this logic she could show up as a CGI bug for the whole show and you’d defend it
>Except of cours-
Nnnope. I've already accepted Gregor Samsa Death. She's in. She's allowed. Your attempt at hyperbole has backfired, good day.

Why not? The actress looks enough like the character, You can pretend she has lighter skin if it makes you happy.

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>Unironically we do. Tell me why we shouldn't

Why is the answer to

>we need more diversity

To alter the existing characters ethnicity than to make new ones?


>The actress looks enough like the character

No she doesn’t lol

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Because they hate you. This doesn't randomly happen by accident.

Not what he implied at all. The Endless are capable of assuming any form but they have consistent default forms which in Death's case is a cute pale goth chick.

Thats not an argument.
Tell me why we shouldn't have diversity of race on screen?
isn't an argument

>The actress looks enough like the character
Have a free (You) from me friend.

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Why is Wolverine six feet tall?

Why was Charlie Chan played by a Swede?

Why does Dracula cast a shadow in the movies?

Why is there sound in space in the Star Wars movies?

Why do you hear a dial tone when someone hangs up a cell phone in the movies?

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>Tell me why we shouldn't have diversity of race on screen?
We do. In terms of American media black people are extremely overrepresented. Why aren't you whining for Hispanic or Asian representation if that's what activates your almonds?

These aren’t there real forms chud so it’s good shes black now

You don't need to change your appearance. Movie characters look different than comics characters.

Most of the needed audience has never read a comic and don't care what the original art showed, There aren't enough comics fans alive to make a difference.

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Asian swap characters don't get these post. Latinx and Indians only get these can post when this board think they are black.

>It's good to have contempt for the source material. Comics are lame and stupid.
Please fuck off to Yea Forums

Dishonest people like will say "hurr she shapeshifts" as if she wasn't going to be the nigger 90% of the show and they're weren't pulling post-facto rationalizations.
They didn't cast a nigger because Death changes forms, they cast the nigger because americans worship niggers and they'd cast a nigger for Lincoln if they could.

>it's another chuds use a dead woman they never met and don't know a single thing about except The Sandman artists traced over her once as an excuse to get mad at black people

obviously they can and obviously they never should

>we are overrepresented with blacks in media
okay nice, where are they? Cause last time I checked, superman, batman, wonder woman, flash, spiderman, aquaman, ironman, peter quill, thor, hulk, antman, wasp, scarlet witch and dr. Strange are all white.

Also if blacks are already represented in the media, why is it a big deal that they should cast a black actor in a traditionally white role? So far you still havent answered other than saying
>there are too many niggers on screen and I hate seeing them on screen.

>OP pretends they have a legitimate cause to be mad
>immediately dissolves to black people bashing
Kek, every time. So pathetic.

Niggers are pretty terrible, to be perfectly honest.
That's the entire point of replacing white characters with them.
It wouldn't be nearly as degenerate if they replaced with japanese actors, or something.

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>Tell me why we shouldn't
Niggers are overrepresented by 100% or more. Nobody likes them and nobody wants to see them. That's why we made ghettoes.

>A better question is why can't character be cast as black, and no one has an answer besides
why is it always blacks cast as white characters when there's other minorities who get fuck all representation?
why can't constantine be chinese
why can't hawkman be egyptian
why can't starfire be mexican
why can't death be korean
why can't deadshot be samoan
why can't catwoman be indian

rioplatense jews are jews in name only
t. arg

here's the thing though:
you're white

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case in point

This isn't hard to understand:

If it gets more black people to see the movie than it causes more white people to not see it, then the movie will make more money,

I can't simplify it any more than that, If more people stopped watching these movies, the studios wouldn't cast like this, It's pretty easy to follow.

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No I'm not.

Because they are ugly and nobody likes to look at them. It's like asking why Yea Forums complains when a female character is cast as an ugly fridgebody dyke.

>y-you just hate niggers

But see the thing you're forgetting is that so does everyone else.

Learn to read. I love comics, always have. But studios and the vast majority of moviegoers don't. Follow that?

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Yes you are.
You will never be an oppressed minority.
They will never accept you as one of your own.
There is no way to redeem yourself from your white cracker guilt, no matter how much you worship niggers.

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You copy and paste this multiple times and continue to ignore all of the Hispanics and Asians.

no one cares faggot

Don't feed this troll, folks.

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Jeez, now I KNOW I'm on Yea Forums, Reddit is a much better board.

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>Yes you are
No I'm not.

>If it gets more black people to see the movie than it causes more white people to not see it, then the movie will make more money,

So you're making more money by sacrificing 56% of the potential audience... to gain 13%

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it's not about viewership, the difference a black audience in the west would make is marginal. it's about ESGs, aka goodboy points from investment firms

you should stay there chud

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>making up stats
56% of the potential audience aren't as lonely as you.

>thinks Death is a redhead
So retarded.

>it causes more white people to not see it

Spider-Man, End game, And Aquaman made billions. Nobody care about race enough to impact sales.

>all of the Hispanics and Asians.
which ones? moon knight and ned leeds?

They're saying if it adds more black audience members with out removing white audience members.
Outside of Yea Forums most whites will lap up whatever Hollywood feeds them, and will watch movies with race swapped black actors.


>replaced irrelvant side characters with black actors

No because whites have the lowest in-group preference in America. You're not losing any percent of the audience by having another race, only gaining.

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white men are irrelevant

Then why are you seething lmao

>black actress goes through 9 hours or prosthetics, special effects, hair and makeup to look like a cute white girl.
I'd watch it desu.

Look at your calendar, you retard.


>w..why are you s..seething!
no one cares about your hate for blacks

Without white men niggers would starve to death in 72 hours.

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source for those stats?

go back and stay there.

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Oh no Batman's replacement is! Gordon in a mech? What was this supposed to mean?

I guess they'll have to drink your wife's pussy to survive

And yet you're STILL seething. Amazing.

P.S. I don't hate blacks, just niggers. I'm not a racist or anything that's fucked up.

Batgirl, supergirl, Elsa.

these look pretty cool

>still replying
lmao its over faggot

>black people will only watch something if the character is black

What? Is this the logic behind diversity?

It makes no sense unless you think racial tribalism is good and to be encouraged. In which case why are the same people shoving blacks into movies where only white people would be the real target audience?


>The accountability is already null, the medium is a comic book, and your adapting something made for panels and word baloons to film.
This is such a cop out. Your adapting a visual medium into another visual medium. A faithful adaptation would make an effort to adapt visual aesthetics and character design.

Because the vast majority of those things don't apply anymore, you disingenuous nigger.

well I really like the medieval stuff and the mystical stuff, I think it looks cool

bobby, ur a faggit

It's funny that you would use that as an insult. Almost like you know fucking niggers is morally reprehensible. Very woke and not racist of you my guy.

>Because the vast majority of those things don't apply anymore,
why not?

Fuck you chud. We will replace you