Playing the forbidden note

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I thought the forbidden noise had something to do with horses.

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Trapping Marcy in a 937 x 776 pixel image to be reposted over and over.

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Would that be ss o ll? Hell even normal gays are lesbians nowadays.

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You called?

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I'm glad I can't see whatever the hell that is

It pays to not use Twitter.
promo from Jenn

Someone already posted it.

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alright anons, I just watched the first three episodes.
I'm... pleasantly surprised. Judging from the style and characters, I thought it would be completely silly and very boring.
I laughed my fucking ass off.

The backgrounds are very good, music/sound design is excellent bordering on exceptional, voice acting is also very good (though I'm not really sold on Anne and Polly yet, but Sprig and Hop Pop are solid). I just think animation tends to be stiff at times as is far less three-dimensional than TOH, but it might be a matter of budget.
Going on, I enjoyed the first episode the most between the first three. I'd give "Anne or Beast" a solid 8/10, maybe something more but I'm right at the start and I don't want to swing out too wildly.
I enjoyed how Anne and Sprig's characters are tied together and how their conflict is resolved. very nice episode as a pilot. polly is annoying.

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>polly is annoying.
That never changes.

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Straight men: Sashanne
Gay Women: Sasharcy
Trans: Marcanne
Straight women: Grimsha
Weirdos: Spranne
Gay men: does not ship

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Polly would always be the worst of the plantars but she shows up the least.
She does sometimes get a few good eps though.

Imagine how much worse the "ship wars" would be if any of the girls were a guy

Really digging the DDR reference even if it doesn't make that much sense for the next episode.

I don't want boys in my shows so I know the girls are pure if they can't so much even look at a boy.

I'm not trans bro

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No kek.

Based people: Poly ship

moving on to Best Fronds, another very solid one.
I can't believe we already got the beach episode, what's next... frog sauna? however, nice dynamic between Sprig and Anne and also good jokes.
Anne is a little shit. polly is still annoying.
enjoyed the part at the end with blondie, it looks like she's been there for a while judging from the tallies on the wall.
all in all the episode does paint her friends in a pretty negative light, especially the 'if your friend' part Anne recited to Sprig. did not expect that.
7.5/10 for me.
>captcha: Y4MR0

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Whip out yo dick.

I'd put Sashanne under gay women too. Lesbians love a ship with a lot of friction.

>only 17 days of amphibia left

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>Gay men: does not ship

Cane Crazy: good episode. Loggle is a great addition to the cast. I really liked the dark atmosphere of many scenes and how they still managed to turn it on its head at the end. It strikes a really good balance.
Really enjoyed the scenes in the creepy swamp, but overall still a tad below the previous episode.
7/10 and Anne is still a little shit, but at least she's got Sprig. also I'm starting to really enjoy Hop Pop.
I'll stop here for now, overall I'm pleasantly surprised. hope the rest of the season is just as good

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No early release for streaming. We're getting it at prime time on saturday right?

prime time's next week, this is the last regular release

You faggots need to stop acting like lesbians are this epic edgy powerful thing.
It's literally the most cliche boring thing imaginable

Literally all wrong


I seriously cannot believe we are getting another lesbian ending

Sometimes I wish lesbians were normal so I could enjoy them in peace without people causing shitstorms.


where does sashannarcy fit into this

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god damn
I'm gonna miss this show and these threads

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Being gay will never be normal and that ok

Why tho

In the toilet with the rest of the human waste.

Marcy's Russian?


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What if you ship yourself with the characters?

Polys are for people that can't make up their minds

Evangelion episode incoming

>last episode was about tights
>almost no art of anne in tights
This fandom is dead

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She didn't like the tights

post muscle sasha

as a guy who liked combat camp I feel like tritonio should've had a crazier return

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Has matt ever commented on people lewding his characters

>17 days until I'm finally free from this cycle of disapointment

I can't wait.

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I made up my mind that they're a trio.

No, but at some point in time he was following on Twitter at least five artists who have drawn Amphibia porn (more often than not on alternative accounts, though, not the main one).

Sigma viewer: Yulivia

damn time really does mercilessly march on doesn't it? at least I still have TOH and Molly, but I'm gonna miss this show and posting with you fags
I wonder when I'll next get invested in a show the same way I have with this one

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Being LGB+ will never be 100% normal for the sole fact that anyone that goes LGB+ ends their bloodline, thus the straight people will literally outbreed them.
We ARE at a point where people are starting to knowingly avoid complaining about the LGB+ for fear of having a raging lunatic with purple hair screaming in their faces, though.

Time flies