Has 8 of her kids locked up in her basement

>has 8 of her kids locked up in her basement
>is in the r&d phase of XJ-10 which means she is going to do the same thing to Jenny in the future
What the FUCK

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They're just machines.

She only started XJ-10 since she though XJ-9 went rogue.

*fully sentient machines
That's the main difference.

Jenny would never let herself be shut down, she’d probably go hide out with Brad and Tuck. XJ-10 can be the perfect, emotionless, security droid, while Jenny lives the life she’s always wanted to live.

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>you know, for an older woman mrs wakeman is pretty attractive

She builds hot robot girls to attract teenage boys to her house.

Only character who looked better in the pilot

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Her nose is even more pointy with this design, I bet she can use it like a swordfish’s sword to slash at her enemies when her robot canon fodder fails.

She also fucks a lot.

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Her sister was hot

While i would a pilot nora, nora wakemans show design was still very sexy to me

How come jenny is attracted to both humans and robots

How come im attracted to both humans and robots but mostly robots and cartoon girls more then actual flesh and blood human women? Theres some things man was never meant to know user

and has thick awesome feet

the previous iterations are stages in the development of the AI she developed for XJ9. 9 is the first fully realized version that combines all the elements nessecary to create a fully developed intellect capable of empathy while still functioning as a defense platform.
Armagedroid was a weapon and his AI was extremely limited. To prevent that from happening again Nora developed the XJ series. Jenny is the first fully realized, self aware one. I dont think Nora even realized that at first, planning to retire her as soon as XJ10's design was ready. I like to think she'll retrofit Jenny now as she ages till her programming can develop naturally into a fully functional adult mind.

pitch a MLAATR video game

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Dating simulator/hentai game

those are genres, not games. be specific, faggot

Well damn. When I didn't remember that.

My dream game would be an open world action rpg with a good character creator (so I can self insert) and detailed Jenny romance. You could pick different super powers, or use technology, and wreck shit with the robot girl.

EDF with a robot girl combined with a VN

2D platformer with a basic combat system. Something like Guacamelee could work. Of course you'd play as Jenny and unlock different combat and movement powers as you go.

the youtube algorithm has too much power, first it randomly brings MGR back and now people are suddenly talking about teenage robot again

the corporations could never know about this. imagine if they started paying google to try and bring their shitty properties back like "haha hey remember fuckin uhhh kung fury?"

No such thing

In Jenny’s show I think she’s more sentient than the npcs she goes to school with.

It doesn't matter.

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Having a soul is overrated.

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Oooo. I forgot how much I like Pilot nora.

Why are these threads always trash?

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I actually wonder why not more cartoons take the Invader Zim root and continue as comics. Does Nick just not allow it despite the very low cost of the medium?

Because there’s not really anything to talk about other than how Jenny is cute. So people just autism post and shitpost.

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If Jenny being cute is all there is, then why not at least post more cute Jennies? The autism is too much, even for me.

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a decent action/comedy show carried by a main character literally everyone loves

everything surrounding her was eh

So XJ-9, J9 ~ Jenny
J8 ~ Jade?
J6 ~ Jessie?
What about the rest?

>tfw mrs wakeman will never call you to come fuck her brains out while Jenny is gone saving the world

>Jenny comes home covered in alien gore, and laser burns.
>Stumbles on you porking her mom
What would her reaction be?

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I wish miscon drew nora topless in that image

Milf in a turtleneck is something I can't say no to.

Yeah, it's a cute nose.

>Why are these threads always trash?

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Are jade and Jesse canon?

I don't think so, they're never called that in the show.

she didn't the cover of hot fusion for nothing

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I would say
a Transformer War for Cybertron game set on a Hive cluster planet
either Wonderful 101 or Lego city game set on earth.

Nora isn't going to leave a functional teenage robot in the basement.
Although this is assuming XJ-10 would be replacing Jenny as a hero and isn't a house wif- maid.

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Because you went through puberty jacking it to cartoons and you feel far more familiar and comfortable with them than real women.

An idea I've had for dealing with the previous XJ units was to just send them to Cluster Prime.


girl from batman brave and the bold

And barefoot

XJ-9 Jenny
XJ-8 Jade
XJ-7 Jessie
XJ-6 Jasmine (or Jacey)
XJ-5 Josefine
XJ-4 Jordan
XJ-3 Jean
XJ-2 Judy
XJ-1 Joan

I'm reaching with some of them.

Mega Man Legends clone with the show's art deco style applied to low poly. Would be absolutely beautiful

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I would prefer if xj-10 takes responsibility as the main earth protector leaving Jenny to have more of the life she wants.
It's kinda sad how much she wants the human experience but never could completely.

>leaving Jenny to have more of the life she wants.
Like how she enjoyed hanging out with other robots on cluster prime, but ended up staying on earth.
Although if they did do that the episode would be about XJ-10 being like jenny and ditching hero work to do teen stuff as a gag.

I imagine xj-10 is designed as a young adult

You know she's into it...

>xj-11 is an adult
>xj-12 is a milf bot

The most messed up episode I remember was the one where Sheldon was shot up into space and he aged rapidly trying to get back and was forgotten about


God I'd love to be her toy boy. She's got such an amazing brain

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