Why is fantastic four so fun?

Why is fantastic four so fun?

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Built on the creative synergy of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

It was progressive.

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haha ben and johhny prank each other despite the fact that they've both matured past it for at least ten years and have repeatedly made peace xD so funny, so reddit, so not totally flanderized

FF is something I really hope translates well to the movies. I'm way more of a DCfag than Marvelfag but FF is fucking great, deserves more mainstream success.

Who the fuck cares what normalfags think? The last thing I want is for Kirby creations to be raped by Marvel Studios watering down for the masses.


it kinda weird seeing Kirby espouse the concept of the long defeat.

It just works when it's done well of course
Also I found this nifty site earlier today in another thread, it treats the first 300 or so issues as being a Great American Novel: zak-site.com/Great-American-Novel/index.html
Haven't looked through it all yet cause it's a lot of pages, but it's a really interesting way of reading FF

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I've honestly never read a fantastic four book, just marvel things that they happen to be in. where do I start?

Kirby's misremembering left and right here. When he drew the character, the Hulk did not have unlimited strength. He didn't show the Hulk breaking off a fight with the Thing. In fact, in FF #25, the Hulk decisively clobbers the Thing.

Kirby also remember a scene from the 1970s Hulk TV show as his origin for the Hulk 1962 comic, which doesn't exactly work. He also claimed that in 1959 Atlas was closing down and the furniture being taken out (it wasn't).

You have to take Kirby's version of history with a little skepticism. His memory wasn't the greatest and especially later in life, his version of what happened was filtered through bitterness.

Where do you think?
You can't go wrong with the classics

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You'd never have any movies at all without normalfags. There aren't enough comics fans to pay for the catering on a production, let alone make a movie profitable.

you can see that in the comments about Doom losing to Daredevil and Spider-man

They're a science-fiction adventuring family, not superheroes. When they're written like that, there's nothing like them in the comic book industry. They're more Doctor Who than Superman.

Why would I want movies when I have comics?

>not superheroes
Maybe stop peddling Mark Waid's bullshit and actually read Fantastic Four #1, where they swear to be superheroes.

You're not the only person in the world. Millions more want movies than will ever read a comic,.


old comics have too many words for me. most of the text on any given page is a narration box iver explaining what you can naturally gather just by looking at the page

fellas, which is better: the 1960s FF theme song or the 90s one
I think the 60s theme is better but the one from the 90s is catchier

Before he took over Latveria and became all serious, Dr Doom was not above disguising himself as a janitor to play pranks on the Fantastic Four. Just for fun,

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i get so tired of Yea Forums. There must be better message boards somewhere.

If you want to suck Marvel Studio's dick I hear Reddit is pretty good.

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I never read them either until 2 weeks ago. I read through Hickman's run and really enjoyed it. There is def a bit of a 'learning curve' going into it, Hickman likes throwing a lot of sci-fi jargon in there and pulls a bunch of plots/characters I wasn't too familiar with; but overall it was great.

Reddit is unironically much better than Yea Forums, I can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise. It's the difference between adults at a cocktail party and junior high kids smoking cigs behind the school.

then go back there

>Reddit is unironically much better than Yea Forums, I can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise
the absolute state of this board

Why not sample both? This isn't your school's football team rivalry.That tribalism is a dead end,

Am I misremembering or was Yea Forums working at a more intelligent level a few years ago? Why has it declined?

Great Stan Lee dialogue. "We Poppupians have no names! We KNOW who we are!"

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So what? That’s their look out and this is Yea Forums not Yea Forums.

the way Reddit is designed is inherently bad and very much so contributes to the decline of the internet (and has been since it's inception).
why the fuck do you like reddit?
if you think it's so much better than this site why the fuck won't you go back?

Anyone here knows that Thing story about him going out with a girl but then there was some unseen twist about it? What issue was it from, exactly?

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because you are just shitting this place up when you'd probably enjoy the other site more

You're wrong. Subreddits have more intelligently presented information on history, astronomy, paleontology, world events and general esoterica every day than Yea Forums has had in its existence. Askhistorians is invaluable.

Yea Forums has degenerated into just low-level fear and hatred, name-calling rather than discussion. It's part of the general divisiveness and incivility drummed up beginning in 2016.

Don't feel threatened. Yea Forums isn't a street gang you belong to, where you have to defend your turf. It's just a board.

I do enjoy the other site more. Once a day or so, Yea Forums has a thread with some substance to it, so it's worth browsing.

Don't take it personally. This is just a message board, not your home.

Is it true that you are from the midwest and are jewish?

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No. What grade are you in?

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>say one (1) thing wrong
>account deleted
>billions of different boards all of which were created by users instead of fewer more centralized boards allowing for more discussion
>upvote/downvote system encourages samey retarded posts designed to chase clout rather than say anything even remotely interesting or original
>you're tied to the history of your posts so people can pull your history up and screech about that instead of actually having to refute your post
it's shit.
fuck you, i will take it personally.
reddit is a cancer upon the internet. it has infected this place with cancer as well as every other good website in existence with cancer.
what part of "if you enjoy any rival sites-- DON'T" do you not understand?

Sounds like a personal problem. I have been posting there for years without any problems. The huge variety of subreddits is a benefit, not a drawback. If you are interested in some obscure topic, there is likely a group of enthusiasts already discussing it.

Yea Forums on the other hand is a verbal lynch mob. Anons get worked up over some nonsense on social media and spent a week accusing each other of the sin of the week. Most conversations degrade into kids cursing each other out until they get tired.

Yea Forums doesn't care about you. It won't appreciate your loyalty and it won't notice if you stop posting. It's just a board.

Is this post for or against normalfags?

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Neither. It's just looking at reality. Movies aren't made for fans, they'd lose so much money that way the studios would go bankrupt. Movies have to appeal to the vastly greater numbers of normalfags, That's life.

That movie... it's fantastic

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Oh my fucking God, are you underaged? Holy shit, you sound like an actual little bitch.

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