The reaction to middle-age Peter Pan is the same one Invisible Man got after Hotel Transylvania 4's trailer came out

The reaction to middle-age Peter Pan is the same one Invisible Man got after Hotel Transylvania 4's trailer came out.

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But what other toons age? Peter was created to be an eternally-young boy. Every other toon shown is their normal "this is what I looked like 40-80 years ago when I was created" design. The fuck's up with this guy?

As interesting as the concept of a cartoon growing older when they're forgotten is, you know they're playing it for shits and giggles, and likely as a commentary towards folks like Danny Bonaduce or the other child actors who grew up to become fucked up goblins.

whose reaction?

What the hell is this

>child actors grow up LMAO
If they had the balls, they'd have Macaulay Culkin punch Joe Pesci in the face.

hand drawn animation from the new Disney's animation studio in New Dheli, India.

Hand-drawn? That's clearly cel-shaded CGI. The hand-drawn stuff only looks like it's limited to brief cameos.

It could be that he didn't age but just got fat? Like he was always hairy, he just shaved all over his body to lock like a little boy for that role, like how actors do when playing teens. Then he lost his hair because of stress when he couldn't get any other roles playing his normal self.

But that would probably kill Joe Pesci

user, if Disney says it's classic hand drawn then it's classic hand drawn. you don't want your family to get hurt, right?

I'd love to see this, except exchange Macauley for Sinead.

Plenty of people are into this

Who made this?

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This Peter Griffin lookin' ass

Well isn't just that Robin Williams in Hook? RIP

God I hate this horrible disgusting faux-2D shit so fucking much.
Like fuck, I can understand doing it if you run out of time/budget like with the last episode of F is for Family's last season, but isn't this supposed to be a fucking feature film?
From fucking Disney no less?

No but like we made it part of the plot! That means it's genius!

Wasn't it Peter Pan's child actor who got screwed over by his parents and died an early death on the streets?

This movie and its consequences for the animation medium has been an utter disaster.

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Walt Disney molested Bobby Driscoll, then fired him and banned him from the Disney lot once he wasn't "cute" anymore. Bobby Driscoll died a junkie on a cot in the late 1960s.

It could be worse, he could be lying in a pauper's grave unknown for years as his parents frantically search for him.

I'm pretty sure that's Pluto.

Correct that, his parents didn't abandon him. He did get hooked after being dropped by Disney for getting acne and then bullied by other kids. Then life went down hill for him.

Kind of insensitive move on Disney's part now.

>in an interview years later, he stated, "I was 17 when I first experimented with the stuff. In no time I was using whatever was available... mostly heroin, because I had the money to pay for it."[
>On March 30, 1968, two boys playing in a deserted East Village tenement at 371 East 10th St. found his body lying on a cot, with two empty beer bottles and religious pamphlets scattered on the ground. A post mortem examination determined that he had died from heart failure caused by advanced atherosclerosis[58] from his drug use. No identification was on the body, and photos shown around the neighborhood yielded no positive identification. His unclaimed body was buried in an unmarked pauper's grave in New York City's Potter's Field on Hart Island.[59][60]
>Late in 1969, Driscoll's mother sought the help of officials at the Disney studios to contact him, for a hoped-for reunion with his father, who was nearing death. This resulted in a fingerprint match at the New York City Police Department, which located his burial on Hart Island. Although his name appears on his father's gravestone at Eternal Hills Memorial Park in Oceanside, California, his remains are still on Hart Island. In connection with the re-release of Song of the South in 1971, reporters researching the whereabouts of the film's star first reported his death.
Jesus christ.

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>no gadget

The smart move would be not to have her in the movie at all.

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>and religious pamphlets scattered on the ground.

Its this part that gets me. Imagine feeling yourself dying and helplessly, frantically searching for something that might make whatever happen to you next easier.

I don’t remember Invisible Man being based on a real guy that was fucked over by Disney and died tragically.

I read it more like there'd been some proselytizing guys looked for homeless people in the building and they saw him lying there and threw some of their pamphlets on the junkie in the hope that he'd read them once he woke or sobered up, not even recognising that he was dying or dead because they didn't want to interact more deeply with him.

I know middle aged men supposd to look ugly but why did they even went further to draw Peter Pan like a a fucking Sopranos character?

moreso than the renaissance wannabes it was mocking?

Idk, junkie strength vs italian fuckery sounds like a good match.

For a guy that claimed to like the story of Snow White so much, Walt certainly missed the point hard.

Remember that horrendous adult muppet movie that starred Melissa McCarthy a few years back? I get the same vibes from the Rescue Rangers movie

Daily reminder that Kingdom Hearts is Haley Joel Osment's cash cow. Sora will always keep him getting paid

I doubt he's too mad about that. Pays the bills.

Good on him, frankly. Secondhand Lions was based.

They didn't all turn into fucked up goblins.

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Somehow I doubt he gave a flying fuck.

I can't help but feel this makes this interpretation of Peter Pan a bit more disrespectful, seeing as the design of the character was based on Driscoll.

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Reminder that the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children legally had to approve this.

Oh of course. It’s not like Disney would ever violate a contract or break the law or anything.

It is very disrespectful.

Very mean spirited.

Is this garbage Peter Pan meant to look like 2D hand-drawn animation? Because it doesn't look like that, at all.

And also, they're not being as creative and original as they think.

We know that but the Hospital would also approve official Peter Pan porn if they paid them enough money.

According to the leak she's being a stunt actor for Black Widow in miniature shots

That’s kinda cute.

I accidentally had captions on when I checked out the new trailer and it refers to this guy as "Mean Dean".

It's all Cell Shaded CG

We'll get Gadget in a leather bodysuit. Dunno if that's worth the uncaring abuse they'll slam everyone else on.

I've been seeing a lot of recent animation doing this ugly cell-shaded wannabe-2D shit and 99% of it looks fucking awful.

For reference. Sorry for the crap picture quality.

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dont care
where is my frazzy haired, kinda chunky tinkerbell with a cigarette hanging from her mouth?

theyre trying to make the movie raunchy and cynical, meaning adults can like it too

scarjo has tits
where are huge mouse tits?


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He's not Peter Pan. He's Pluto (under the alias "Mean Dean"). The movie's gimmick is that Pluto's the bad guy and uses a transformation machine to switch up his body. This is the form he takes before revealing himself.

If toons don't age, wouldn't it make more sense for Pluto to disguise himself as a young Peter Pan?

You dont say jason, , disney, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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Geez, that many child actors got screwed over so bad they lost their lives?

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I knew a girl back in junior high who really loved Peter Pan
Even the sequel
Wonder how she feels about this?