Find the best (worst) comics about Elon Musk buying twitter

Find the best (worst) comics about Elon Musk buying twitter.

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>Same left that worship the Disney corporation buying up IP bitching about Elon musk
Talk about zero self awarenessz

>person i don't agree with is thanos/hitler/voldemort/vader post #853769
Does this count as a twitter thread? can we ban these?

No. Shut the fuck up.
Talk about things that don’t exist

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5 years ago he was the hero of of liberals because he ws saving the world with electric cars, spaceshit, paypal, etc. now they hate him because twitter?

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Is anyone genuinely mad? I assume it's just memes for the sake of memes.

I don't even use twatter

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The artist couldn't even think of things the other gems represent. What a terrible metaphor.

I assume some terminally online people are upset, but anyone with a brain realizes how little ot matters. Sort of like when Hiro took over Yea Forums and we all freaked out.

The "Left" doesn't care. It's just far right news channels distracting you from what's really going on.

I don't understand this one.

All the leftist news channels keep accidentally saying the quiet part out loud, that "this is the end of democracy" because they can't artificially control discourse.

because musk is for free speech. that means lefties are now butthurt that they can no longer report people and get them banned just because that other person has a different opinion

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Will twitter stop shadow banning porn artists? Asking for a friend.

This is that guy who drew the comic with the trucks labeled "Fascism" during the Honkening, right?

Or was that the one with the trucks wearing Klan hoods?

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Considering Elon's taste in women I imagine he'd be into some pretty kinky porn.
The real question is whether Grimes dumping him will make him butthurt at loli porn artists since she was very obviously into loli.

What are the other five stones?

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>the left doesn't care
they are just mad because musk did the worst bot genocide since the animatrix

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Has there even been a press conference mentioning changes or expected changes?

Twitter trannies are already flocking to this board since their erstwhile hugbox is no longer safe. We're going to see shit that makes the current clownshow look sane.

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There's nothing funny about this! As a transwoman of color I'm literally shaking over knowing I'll be subjected to violence over twitter now!

>Twitter trannies are already flocking to this board since their erstwhile hugbox is no longer safe.
Bull fucking shit

Yea Forums is already everything they're worried Twitter is going to become

The artist didn't think that far ahead. Thanos is the bad guy that collected things and Elon is also the bad guy for collecting something. That's about as far as they got.

Putin and Xi Jinping are on Twitter, Trump was banned.
The strip is saying that Elon buying twitter is welcoming Trump back on Twitter with a blood red carpet to be with other bad people, at the expense of democracy.

It's all so tiresome.
Also, for all the faggots who seethe about "Twitter trannies", eat a dick + rent free.
You MIGA bastards.

I don't know how the democrat party still has popularity, or how they convinced people that the republicans are the fascist ones

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But Putin was already on Twitter when Good People™ were in control, wasn't he?

That's just Yea Forums, we've been getting annoying Twitter expats on this board for years, especially on the cartoons side.
Unsurprisingly, most of them are women and underageb&.

Yeah, Musk said he would remove all designated dilation stations from Twitter HQ.

It's LITERALLY the first thing I wrote.
First word: Putin. Word word word, [is] on Twitter.

>Yea Forums is already everything they're worried Twitter is going to become

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>Talk about things that don’t exist
So about user's sexual experience...

When you have Republicans shouting and pissing their pants online about how "Democrats are the real Nazis/racists/fascists/whatever", you finally realise the idiocy of your average Yankeemutt.

I've never used twitter in my life but the way people are freaking the fuck out about Musk buying it is fucking hilarious. I've seen people act like it's the end of the fucking world and they've talked about killing themselves cause he's gonna be in control of it. how the fuck to people lose touch with reality this much

The problem is that Musk is donating starlinks to Ukraine, And started his special program after a russian oligarch spit on him.

NPC isn't a meme

The only twitter expats we have here is the spamming Rufofag.

>Self awareness doesn't exist
Are you retarded?

>The "Left" doesn't care. It's just far right news channels distracting you from what's really going on.
Tell me again how Disney going to get tax more is literally a hate crime and how CNN rightwing.

>Talk about things that don’t exist
Not even Reddit this retarded. They don’t call this board Yea Forumsumblr for nothing.
>Freedom of speech bad
>Still bitching about Trump when democrats already trying to distance themselves from Biden

I know what you wrote, I'm questioning the inclusion in the comic.

It shows Muskrat welcoming the Bad Man back into Twitter where he was kept out for being bad.

But Putin was and still is there and the comic reflects that. It's weird

user, literally half of all current cartoon threads on this board are full of Twitter expats, who will often times drag their dumbass Twitter spats to this board because they're autistic.
This is especially true for stuff like Owl House and Amphibia.

People hate Musk way before the whole twitter buy out happened.

The most deliciously funny thing about this is remembering those cringeworthy moments in stuff like Star Trek Discovery where they mentioned Elon Musk among the "great scientists of the past".

Biden only got elected in the first place thanks to Obama fucking up the economy and starting proxy wars. Biden shit Obama.

They certainly encapsulate it much more than Republicans do. Both parties have their issues but how do you look at Democrats and think they're trying to make things better and more fair?

They probably don't and are just acting a fool on the internet.
Often people even on here will believe trolls on other sites posts cause it means they can have a screencap and reaction to what that person said.

Musk is pro Russia?

They’re just the infinity stones. Musk didn’t want to sacrifice Grimes for the soul stone, so a website that people metaphorically put their souls into is close enough.

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>fucking up the economy and starting proxy wars
Huh user, that's what Dubya's program was all about
i fucking loathe this planet and its inhabitants

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The only twitter shit i see get posted is from the OP of the hourly outrage twitter screencap threads.

Get yourself a gf who loves you as dearly as neoliberals love censorship.

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If only we had some sort of council whos job it was to officially state what the truth is

Oh wait, the Department of Homeland Security JUST happened to state its intentions to create the "Disinformation Governance Board"

Good news, everyone! We'll finally know what is and isn't true from impartial observers

The hubris of these people to think that disinformation is always what they disagree with.
At the same time, they're the first to censor true statements that might cause offense to people.

>Oh no, the little family business "twitter" has been aggressively purchased by a greedy billionaire who will stop at nothing to quench his thirst of control! He will turn it into some kind of soulless, cynical, agenda-driven multinational that will engage in power moves against entire countries... like India... or Uganda....
Oh please, drop dead.

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>Both parties have their issues but
Stopped reading there
I genuinely couldn't give a shit less about Yankee politics
You guys are trapped in your Brave New World culture war hellhole, and quite honestly none of my business
Now fuck off MIGAtard

There were literally threads spammed about some dumb ship of some character from Owl House and a random Hispanic sitcom character because it was getting spammed on Twitter.

Then word your observations better.
As for your observation itself: the point is that Trump is being welcomed back in. Anybody who would welcome him back in would have to be somebody who is (a) bad and (b) already in.
The comic isn't saying "twitter was good but now it's going to turn to shit", it's saying "instead of kicking more bad people out they're going to let those who got banned back in". Putin and Xi are there purely to put Trump on their level.

The irony is that Trump already said he doesn't want to go back to Twitter. Not that he wouldn't go back on his words, but it's a bit soon to make this kind of strip.

I doubt it, because their internal twitter meeting was leaked where everyone was losing their minds, the liberal half of the msm is losing their minds, and the white house is also losing their minds over it

They are going to react to Johnny depp winning against Amber heard as if rape been legalized aren’t they? Restore the Synderverse crowd already freaking out that Johnny depp will destroy Zack Synder DC.

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Those nazis and their... free speech!

Don't they realize that if racists and anti-semites start being allowed to express their beliefs, everyone will think they're correct and side with them?!

This will ruin democracy!!!!

>on twitter

>Oh wait, the Department of Homeland Security JUST happened to state its intentions to create the "Disinformation Governance Board"
Yeah, I just heard about this, and have no idea how that's supposed to work.
Nobody trusts the federal government when it comes to anything else, why would anyone trust them when it comes to "LE FACT CHECKING"? Are they going to try and legally enforce their own fact checkers to, what, beat up random civilians who disagree with them?

>Twitter now bans bots and leaves people who say nigger alone
>Yea Forums is stuffed to the gills with bots and jannies will ban you just for disagreeing with trannies stirring shit up on purpose

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Musk has always been a twat though.

Obama tried this shit before he left office but it didn't go anywhere. Let's see how it goes this time

I don't think. Heard has exposed herself as a fucking psycho.

found the shill

I don't think literally getting medically diagnosed as a manipulative hysterical emotionally imbalanced bitch in public is enough to get some people to reverse course on what they've held to be true for years now

The most you're going to get is "Well I guess they're both terrible"


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>Putin covered in blood

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>elon buys Tw*tter
>deletes the whole site

A boy can dream...

>Nobody trusts the federal government when it comes to anything else
Democrats trust the feds, now that the Adults™ are back in charge.

The West will fight Putin down to the last Ukrainian

>found the shill

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