What made people start to turn against it?

What made people start to turn against it?

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I'm proud to be in the minority that was always against it.

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it got worse

People idolized Rick when he is clearly someone you're not meant to idolize. He's a burned-out alcoholic piece of shit.

women writers

Pickle Rick.
Rick's powerlevel ascending to Godhood.
Trying to imply Beth is just like her dad, clone Beth plot was cringe.
The writers hate serialization and constantly try to beat that into the audience like a bunch of whiney fucks but lore and plot episodes are the only ones they put any effort into. Like goddamn man I'm not in the writers room with you holding a gun to your head to force you to write Evil Morty and Bird Person episodes.

It became too self aware, which is usually common among shows nowadays, however they were being assholes about it too.

>The writers hate serialization and constantly try to beat that into the audience like a bunch of whiney fucks but lore and plot episodes are the only ones they put any effort into. Like goddamn man I'm not in the writers room with you holding a gun to your head to force you to write Evil Morty and Bird Person episodes.

>It became too self aware, which is usually common among shows nowadays, however they were being assholes about it too.

These. The meta episodes were just the writers whining about plots they themselves wrote and were under no obligation to do if they didn't want to.

Became shitty after season 2. Not a lot to think about

It got more pretentious and at the same time less funny.
The first two seasons had endings that surprisingly took itself seriously out of nowhere (wubba lubba dub dub, and Rick turning himself in). Alongside it actually being funny, people liked the sudden pathos in the finale of the seasons.
Then there's about a year and a half break in between S2 and 3 and you can see they've started to deliberately direct everything towards being these "deep" emotional finales about how sad Rick is and how he ruins the family, without any of the humour of the first two seasons.

S3 premiere made everyone realize Rick and Morty wouldn't be as serialized as they'd been hoping. The show still continued to carry a healthy balance between standalone adventures and an overarching narrative with lingering consequences, but that wasn't enough for the lore fans. The moment the writers dared to make harmless jabs at fans who only obsess over series canon was what set people against the show.

Also the Smiths aren't as funny or likable as before.

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>without any of the humour of the first two seasons
None at all? The show's still funny. Maybe not as consistently solid as before, but still funny nonetheless.

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They abandoned the overarching plot immediately after this episode, literally trashed everything

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It wasn't immediately unfunny from S3 onwards, but there's been a very clear decline.
I watched up to the sperm/incest baby/weird feminism episode of the latest season and just stopped there

They got tired of waiting over a year to get the next 4 minutes of lore per season.

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So let’s see it. See the funny, make me laugh. Get my belly moving or you’re out. Make me laugh. Go!

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Wrong. The jailbreak led to a season-long divorce arc. And you act as if we haven't revisited the Citadel several times since. The story's still going. They're just taking their time with it.

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I find funny that they just decided to flat out trash the lore as best as they could by closing almost every hanging plot they had. The Citadel, Evil Morty, Rick's God status, Bird Person, Rick's past as a rebel. Everything exained, deal with and discarded. Next season (if there is one) will start on a mostly blank slate.

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pretty much anything the fans wanted (lore episodes, more funny off the wall shit like the Interdimensional Cable eps) seemed like was putting them out for something they didn't want to do.

In fact, the show continues to drive home the point that the creators suck and don't want to do any more of the show.

From what I recall, the cynicism went too far. There's a point somewhere where the heart disappears and so does your investment.

I see. I never got that far, but it sucks to see that happened. There are other things I like where the creators do the same and it's a really shitty feeling.

szechuan sauce.

Poo Poo Pee Pee weiners. cock and ball torture.

That's what makes it exciting. A key element to the show's popularity is how you never really know where things will go next. Rick beat the Galactic Federation, then he cheated death with Operation Phoenix, and now he won't be the smartest man in the multiverse now that's it's actually infinite. There's a reason why the initial episode synopses are always so goofy and vague. The crew WANTS you to walk into each new episode blindly and get surprised. That's why the fans who keep trying to predict every little thing are only wasting their time.

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This. There are still emotional moments in the latest seasons, but Rick and Morty is sliding closer and closer into Family Guy territory, where the Smiths barely feel like a family anymore. The show's always been pretty edgy, but Rick's clear soft spot for Morty and Summer even amid all his teasing and insults was one aspect that really made the show a joy to watch. Smiling Friends is basically giving me that friendly character dynamic that Rick and Morty seems too afraid to indulge in.

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dan got more involved

justin got less involved


Indie sad songs
>can you feel it?

Probably the ratio in the writer's room,
CERTAINLY the McDonalds incident.

- Got too mean spirited
- Characters became unlikable & irredeemable
- Took itself too seriously

Fuck you those are some of the best parts:


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The schezwan sauce riots

>Took itself too seriously
I've seen more people argue it doesn't take itself seriously ENOUGH. They'll catch another joke where Rick gets all pissy about story progression, assume that's exactly how all the writers feel, and get offended by it.

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The sauce.

And this.

The surrealist gags and grounded-ness throughout season 1 and 2 were dropped in favor of more "meta" and gross-out humor. As put it, it became too self aware. It started to abandon the surreal humor and the more grounded parts of season 1 and 2 to focus on super big spectacles, deep lore and social commentary on nihilism, but they lost some of that subtlety and grounded-ness that made it feel real in the process. A great example of this is the therapist in pickle rick going on a full minute long exposition dump where she directly states the theme of the episode. I think the fact that the main characters gradually becoming bigger assholes as the show goes on also prevents it from feeling grounded.

It still has it's fun moments, though.

TL;DR: The stuff that helped ground the show and make it relatable in season 1 and 2 are mostly missing in later seasons.


It insisted upon itself. A quick swell in popularity brought in a wave of new fans who didn’t gel with older fans. The older fans acted like spergs who were upset they weren’t in a secret club anymore. The new fans brought in a mainstream culture that prompted [as] to hire outside writers which they foolishly promoted aloud, aggravating the old fans more. The McDonalds Mulan sauce fiasco sealed the show’s fate as legions of idiots lined up outside their local golden arch for a thimble’s worth of sauce they could’ve bought in Chinatown by the jug for ten bucks. Even though the “Pickle Reee” guy was clearly putting on an act, the video spread enough to do damage, and overnight the reputation of the show was tanked.

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I think you covered it perfectly. Both the emotional moments as well as most of the jokes feel more tryhard than before. The uptick in "eww awkward" sex humor probably makes it that much harder for those emotional moments to land since now the juxtaposition is even more glaring when that happens. The first two seasons made that transition from goofy comedy to surprising character drama feel more organic. I still enjoy Rick and Morty, but the energy just isn't the same now.

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To be fair…

>And you act as if we haven't revisited the Citadel several times since.
Not him but while I liked the Citadel each time it appeared, I would have liked to see more of it. I feel like they showed us only the bare minimum of how it operates so that we could have a general understanding of it but with all of the Ricks and Mortys on it, we could have gotten a little more. I would have at least liked to see more of Doofus Rick and how life is like for him on the Citadel or maybe even how Beths, Jerrys, Summers, Birdpersons, and Squanchies are treated there. I hope Doofus Rick's still alive along with Cop Rick and the student Mortys.

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Yeah. Season 3 is still the worst season imo due to dan harmon's marriage drama, but I pin the blame on Pickle Rick being so popular and even winning Adult Swim it's first Emmy.

It's definitely the most tryhard episode of the season (save for maybe vindicators which even harmon didn't like), with half of it being stilted family drama with the only real gag besides pickle man being the poop eating jokes, and the other half being big dumb but admittedly really well animated john wick action-sequences. It felt very disjointed and they didn't really blend together well. The crew saw this and the extremely positive response it got, and have kept trying to do it ever sense.

I *do* think things will get a bit better. The crew saw how negative the response was to the sperm episode and are probably gonna dial at the very least the sex jokes back in future episodes.

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That would take away from the main hook of the show: wacky scientist brings chaos to the life of his average dysfunctional family. The show may be called 'Rick and Morty,' but you can't pull too much attention away from the Smiths. Also, teasing the the audience with only bits and pieces of Citadel lore is what gets us wanting more. If you really want more Citadel coverage, you have the comics for that.

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Gotta admit the Naruto thing and everything leading to it was cringe as fuck.

>1st spoiler
Why was the Vindicator episode hated so much again? Did people feel that it was too mean-spirited of a parody, similarly to the consensus about the Heistotron episode? That Rick was too mean? That the sole female member of the Vindicators got away unscathed due to Rick being uncharacteristically forgiving? The gore? Am I missing anything else?

just wanted to say that i fucking hate vat of acid ep. that reveal ruins the entire dynamic of the 2 forever

It got very popular, to the point where the fans became insufferable. Right around the same time, Justin and Dan negotiated a 10 season deal, at which point they retreated to their mansions and let less talented writers run the show, turning it to crap. Also I think Justin Roiland is some kind of sexual predator, so he has just been hiding from the world and hocking NFTs while the show gets worse and worse.

>If you really want more Citadel coverage, you have the comics for that.
Thanks user. I'll give them a go sometime. As far as I know, they at least don't seem to be as divisive as the show judging by most of the discussions I've read about it.

It was yet another episode of "parody of popular cool thing is effortlessly dealt with by invincible Rick while drunk". It gets boring when it happens too frequently.

All this and also they keep indirectly insulting the fans for being interested in storylines. Storylines that they're introducing and then setting up for sequels.

People realized the pop science concepts and the surface level jokes weren't as profound as the show presented them as being

I'm gonna sound like a total puritan but I will admit that all the sexualizing of Summer makes me think that Roiland is a pedo. I mean he could use Beth for all the sex jokes, but no, he intentionally uses the teenager. He could just age her up and have Summer turn 18 but no, her being 16 or whatever is part of his fetish. Creep shit like that is probably also turning people off.

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The incest space baby shit didn't helped either.

don't forget the incest

do americans really?

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and the piss

Seriously? Vat of Acid was a solid premise that was fun to see play out. Some of the most iconic Rick and Morty episodes are about Morty getting in over his head with one of Rick's gadgets and somehow causing even bigger problems. Rick's 4D chess play reveal was funny because it showed just how petty the guy can get, which we know is true to his character. It makes sense that he's go to those lengths to justify one of his ideas. That Emmy was definitely deserved.

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Fuck off, don't put it in the show if you can't handle writing it

I just hate that Ponytail Jerry is the go-to for porn of the show when there've been plenty of actually hot one-offs over the five seasons. Planetina was the best thing to ever happen to the fandom. It sucks that she ended up just being another FotM.

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the dialogue became unbearable. every character sounds like they're embedded a mile up their own ass. it works if rick is the only one that sounds like that and everyone else is just earnestly trying to do their thing, but because and also i can't listen to even one second of this shows dialogue anymore without cringing

But they literally did. Story Train never outright said the writers were dropping all lore from the show. We still got a follow-up to Evil Morty and Phoenix Person, and we'll probably see Space Beth at some point in the future. The writers just see the lore fans as easy targets because all they'd ever ask for is Evil Morty after every new episode as if that's the main premise of the show. The butthurt sparked by Story Train was proof at how high-and-mighty these fans can be when things don't go exactly as they predicted and how easily they can be offended by meta humour.

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The series jump the shark as early as in season 3
The "smartest guy in the universe" narrative is boring and pretentious

Reddit liked it. It was never good in the first place, but Yea Forums loved it until they realized Reddit liked it.

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They walked back on that at the end of the last season.


The writers lost any high ground when it got to the point of incest baby. Lorechads tried to avoid that shit, there's a reason they valued interesting thought out plots.

Really? Stoped watching after the first batch of episodes of season 4, couldn't bother anymore, would you recommend retaking the series from one episode onwards?

The show was at its best when its wacky antics suddenly had very real consequences that the characters had to deal with, and with the obvious lore episodes which everyone wanted.

Problem is:
1. The writers wanted to do more wacky so zany comedy episodes, which were awful after a while. Pickle Rick was the beginning of the end.

2. The writers didn't want to do more lore or gut in the punch episodes. Instead they wanted to push Beth and make the viewers feel like they're the ones in a shitty fucking marriage.

There was no coming back from that one two punch. Pickle Rick and suburban marriage shit = irrelevance.

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