Godzilla Rivals: King Ghidorah storytime

Is the third time the charm?

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Ah nice

>Oh Sh-

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Good shot

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Weird seeing Godzilla so brown. I’m use to the more gray look.

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>Are you not entertained?!


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I can’t believe Godzilla is fucking dead

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JJ has been hitting the bench press.


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The blue gravity beams are making me unreasonably upset.

But what if… Godzilla was not kill?

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I was going to buy this today, kinda happy I didn’t. I’m not the biggest kaijushit fan but this feels pretty weightless.

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He’s Mars’ problem now

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So apparently this dude’s kids helped him with this

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Next time: Godzilla vs Gamer Gigan

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You can tell. Thank god I didn’t pay for this.

It’s cute to do little webcomics like that but not a paid gig. this shit was retarded and it doesn’t surprise me to see that at the end.

Well it was nice to see Dr. Hu, Mechani-Kong and all the little deep cuts in his lair but this issue was probably in the middle ground of IDW’s Godzilla comics

Holy shit. When was the last time we seen Mecha Kong?

oh hell yeah, bump

It was much better than the Hedorah one. No idea how that one passed QA.


JJ doesn't get enough love.


>It was much better than the Hedorah one.
>implying that it wasn't 10/10

That little bitch got what was coming to him and has to live with it.

The comic felt very weak and too fast paced