Itt best character that are not the main character

Itt best character that are not the main character.

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OP is a faggot
>Close thread

I see an Isabela thread.
I bump it

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>best character
>main character
as if that ever was a thing

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Original Isabella fag here.
I see my work is spreading.

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What I'm rolling for?


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She is not a square! She is a beautiful semicircle, symmetrical in only one direction!

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It's a weird coincidence dude.

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Don't bother reasoning with this user, bro. He pops up every now and then with such an encyclopedic knowledge of horse show fanart that it's clear he is more obsessive than any fan of the show. Let him stew in his own muck alone, or report him if you think it does anything.

Shut the fuck up you goddamn mongoloid shittard Jesus fucking Christ get a mcfucking life already you turbo fuck autist shitbag

bump because this nigger

Hon Hon Hon

>barneyfag nabbing Isabellafag
When worlds collide

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Shut the fuck up, you stupid niggering retard and a half.



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At least you guys aren't talking about that damn Isabella.

That's a shame

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Stay retarded, retard


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Why are there three separate Isabella threads on the board right now?

It has to be one mega-autist


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Go be a retarded newfag elsewhere, autist

Yea Forums has turned into free clinic therapy, I guess.

>being so anally ravaged over a color scheme that it triggers you into thinking it must be related to a show you dislike
Holy fuck, this place is a mental asylum.

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My God how long has this guy been at it?

11 years

Mother of god that is some nuclear powered autism

That's Chris-chan levels of autism to spend over a decade being mad at a cartoon. You'd think the fucker was molested with the violent reactions he has for it.

FUCKING DIE ESL RETARD. sparkle_equestria girls_equestria girls series_friendship math_charm_clothes_crossover_cute_geode .jpg

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At this point I'm starting to think its a bot.

Yes, yes, look at you go. Totally helping the boards by sperging out at unrelated colors. You get 'em, champ!

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It's probably automated to some extent, yea, but the guy has to be actively looking for this stuff, since other Isabella threads haven't had this kind of shit happen, just the usual "reee, pedo!" shit and general bullshit.

Made for BBC

Reddit is much better at this point.

Big Bhineas Cock

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British Broadcasting Company has the most unbiased news,

Let's not get crazy here

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