Lola Rabbit for women

>Lola Rabbit for women

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>Jessica Rabbit for women

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op is talking about furries/ferals my dude, not a dork with issues

Women have terrible taste.

Imagine all the bunnies he killed as an arsonist.

Women aren't into furries, that's gay shit

Wahman here, he didn't deserve what happened to him but no one wants to fuck him

>Women aren't into furries

Well, the difference is that Lola is humanoid, while Kovu is 100% a lion.

but can he hoop?

>but can he hoop?
White Men Can't Jump, so the null hypothesis is that all other races and animals can.

>super cartoony rabbit face on basically human woman body
>cartoony but still fully animal like lion
What did they mean by this

None of the lions in the old Lion King are even remotely "fully animal like".

Who is Nala

>Not Scar or Simba.


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Scar and Simba are beloved by gays, not women.

So is Satan but women still love him.

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>mr king of daddy issues
Nobody wants to fuck the emotionally damaged, if that were the case we all would have had a girlfriend by now.

On the contrary, women LOVE damaged goods, but only if they're "fixable" and not self-sabotaging.
Which unfortunately describes incels as a whole perfectly, including femcels.

>Lola Rabbit


Lola Bunny is this guy for men

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>not loved by gays too

Chris Brown and every serial killer/mass shooter ever has scores of horny fangirls

Faggot here, Devon reminds me a lot of my first faggot crush.

Lola Bunny of this generation

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money and fame

>Women have terrible taste.
Not a straight male vore fan, I see.


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They have personality though

>Nobody wants to fuck the emotionally damaged
Then why so many anons simping for Azula?

He's the lola bunny of gay furfags.

Beastars literally only exists because the woman who wrote it had Scar as her first crush

>nobody wants to fuck the emotionally damaged when they're not conventionally attractive and have by the numbers sympathetic backstories

Fixed that for you. People excuse everything if a person is conventionally attractive. Why do you think 'bad boys' are a thing?

>he doesnt't know


my mother used to say to me that i looked like him when i was a kid,
still don't know what she meant

The difference is we're all ugly losers.

Who's to blame for his death?

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Is this the only Disney Renaissance sequel that doesn't suck?

>Who's to blame for his death?
I bought Lion King merchandise so they eventually made Lion King 2, the movie in which he dies.

Bambi 2
Cinderella 3
the Aladdin sequels
Pocahontas 2 on the grounds that it's better than 1

All of these suck are you retarded?

>those sucked

and women

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for real?

Lion King 1 1/2 was great too. And while it wasn't very good, I do think Peter Pan: Return to Neverland was warranted as that's being faithful to the books.
yeah I forgot 1 1/2
LK2 should have had a theatrical release

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Yeah she talked about it in an interview

Just watch 10 years from now there will be girls(and boys) talking about how he was their first crush or the thing that awakened something in them

At least she has patrician taste

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It's amazing how all of these are better than Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen II.

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forgot to mention the stitch sequels too barring "stitch has a glitch". like seriously what an unnecessary movie. remove it and you'll practically have a mirror of Aladdin

>you will never hate-fuck Melon until he sets himself straight

Someone translate, I don't speak baguette.

That's actually the only true sequel to Lilo & Stitch. The others were done for the television series.

which is why I said the parallel to Aladdin was perfect
Stitch has a Glitch felt like pointless padding

>I have a crush on the wolf
>Me too
>Mom why are there many adults in the theater?