Hello? Is that a hospital?

>Hello? Is that a hospital?

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Békéscsaba mentőállomás

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What's Shmorky up to nowadays?

Off the internet. A real shame, he was incredibly skilled, better than most all other e-animators, and I'd imagine his style influenced a lot of current millennial and early zoomer pros. I guess it goes to show that skill alone isn't enough to pull you out of autistic NEETdom

He might not even be alive at this point

nice flurk

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>one of its mods killed in Benghazi
>Shmorky outed as a creep
>now Lowtax dead

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Sometimes I wonder who outlived who; Shmorky or Lowtax

Last I checked(a year ago) he made a new video on that channel where he pretended to be a teenage girl.



>one of its mods killed in Benghazi
will always be hilarious

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Damn, don’t remind me

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Shmorky being Redpanles being Stonetoss is my favorite schizo theory

That was lowtax's daughter.

He was getting her to send him voice clips and photos so he could pretend to be a girl
I think he even tried getting to send nudes but lowtax found out about it and that's one of the main reasons they aren't friends anymore.

Well your little game theory is immediately debunked considering Stonetoss was doxxed a while ago and they are actually a black woman.

>I think he even tried getting to send nudes but lowtax found out about it and that's one of the main reasons they aren't friends anymore.

Well there's another reason too.

Killing himself i think

jesus, this looks awful

He was last seen posting diaper porn pixel art to pixiv in early 2018.

i miss gaming garbage, i actually liked the poor guy. i wish lowtax had found success in his life.

Because shortly was an annoying dumbass and talked in a high pitched voice all the time?

Post pics

He's like a shitty and less relevant KC green

I wonder if he still wears the yarn wig.

It seems unfair for two such influential people to just fade away/die, seemingly hated and generally unsuccessful.

It looks better in motion.
Here’s another he did for Weebl

Lowtax blowing a hole in their head put a permanent end to their friendship.

>Lowtax killed schmorky
Fake news

wasn't he notoriously hard to work with?

He was also kinda notoriously crazy.

became aimkid

>It looks better in motion.
does it?

He even had a wikipedia page apparently.

oh sweetheart, you misunderstood.

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user, we're talking about Lowtax.

I'd imagine.
He clearly had some deep issues holding him back from leading a "normal life." If he weren't so whatever he was, I'm sure he could've created some Adult Swim show or a lightly edgy Nickelodeon cartoon. His default style was cute and recognizable, and he could do some very smooth, interesting animations when he wanted to.

I've heard that theory but I don't feel like it makes sense. Shmorky's a trans diaperfur, while Stonetoss is constantly criticizing or making fun of alternate sexualities.

One of the true Anonymous: The Hacker Group Known As guys is a goon.

I once heard that he tried to deliver a eulogy for a deceased family member in his cartoon voice and got kicked out of the funeral. Can anyone source this?

Schmorky is also too retarded to keep up a fake identity.
He was literally living off Lowtax's charity while doing almost nothing.

afaik Shmorky is still alive. Whether he's in prison or not im not sure.

Who's the guy on the left? I know right is Stonetoss the comic guy, but the guy on the left looks like someone's fanfic character.


What does that have to do with Lowtax you illiterate jackass.

Aimkid seems kind of zoomerish, but I wouldn't rule out he's Shmorky just pretending to be a zoomer girl. Is their any evidence that he's Aimkid other than they both are animators with a cutesy style? Honestly I don't see much of a resemblance in style.

>like shmorkys art style
>dont like shmorky

>like shmorkys art style
>T. groomer

Making racist NFTs


>Le epic "stonetoss is shmorky meme"
Shmorky could draw user, stonetoss's comics are stiffer than family guy

You seem awfully defensive about this

Aimkid is a tranny just like Shmorky, they're both actually male (men)

>Aimkid is a tranny just like Shmorky, they're both actually male (men)
I didn't mean to imply Aimkid was a real girl, I assumed Aimkid was a troon, just whether it's Shmorky behind it is the question.

Oh okay, I misunderstood. I don't think anyone has really looked into it into much detail, really, but I really wouldn't put it past him to hire some kid to voice some videos and just go from there, he's already done it once and there's no reason why he wouldn't do it again. I don't have any picture comparisons on hand, but the style he draws certain characters is similar to how Shmorky would have drawn. If this thread is up later I'll try to track down some images, but I'm going to bed now. Anyways, other than the style thing, Aimkid and Shmorky have both shown similar interests at least, they're both furries, both trans etc, but yeah, as of right now there's no smoking gun as far as I know

>Lowtax kills himself
>No obituary
>Nothing about being buried or cremated

Do you believe he's really dead?

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>The only way we found out he died is because his ex missed a child support payment
>Later he was confirmed dead by the state, there's a police record about it
Sorry to say user but he's definitely dead, his mother, the last person to care about him, died a month after him. Just check the kiwifarms thread for evidence if you really are skeptical.

I wonder if shmorky even knows, if he's even alive.

>If this thread is up later I'll try to track down some images, but I'm going to bed now.
I'd like to see a comparison, but I'm about to go to bed as well or I'd try to keep the thread up until then.

yes, because his crypto tranny gf had a complete melty on SA afterward seething that he killed himself before she could get properly roughed up like his last 4 mentally ill spouses

I miss Gaming Garbage. Bless Jonathan, but he never had the chemistry with Lowtax that Shmorky did.


You're REALLY invested in pushing this narrative, aren't you?