Bruce Timm

Post the art of Bruce Timm

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Can you be any more non specific?

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Spoiler tagged because those tits might be too spicy for our feminist mods.

Insert Gosalyn meme here.

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Nu harley is multiversal and is invincible in her ongoing tho.

The lewd one, I hope

You know Timm's good when he can make even trashy nu-Harley look like a million bucks

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Timm's next sketchbook should be called "Take an eye out"

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Yeesh. Am I getting old or have his faces gotten worse?

It's not Timm's work

Based, but I don’t think it’s Timm. The most we’ve got is that Gods and Monsters Batman short with gross maniac Harley being Timm’s meta commentary on nuHarley.

any scans of this?

do you guys think Timm ever saw SunsetStriders art?

I bet he's jacked off to it. He seems like that kind of guy

Super based

Well how'd you like if someone turned your character into a hooker.

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He does draw a nice PG

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I take Timm is really horny?

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The horniest

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>G&M Harley get defeated because she tried to Doomguy Batman
Basically, being too hardcore backfired on her, yes ?

Or he knows his market and aims for it,

dumb faggot

seething nu-harley drone.

Oh no, saltwater is bad for plants!

His Harley and Ivy stuff are my favourites, not even because of the cheesecake, but just because I enjoy Timm drawing them with more cartoony expressions than what you'd see in TNBA proper

>cartoon women with curves
I really miss this

That outfit is as plain as it gets, but Harley in boy shorts just does things to me, man.

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really nice animation

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If someone is an artist then they're probably constantly horny, even the ones with wholesome art. Timm's just upfront with it.

Dini seems to be okay with it but Dini has lost his way.

can someone post those pictures he drew of rei and asuka

Looking for them. Have some Dirty Pa-- Lovely Angels in the meantime.

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>what are we gonna do on the bed?

>fuck the kids

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Never noticed that in life. What kind of experiences have you had?

There's two kinds of artists: those who draw porn and those who lie about it.

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Walt Disney never drew porn. Checkmate

Walt Disney wasn't an artist. Checkmate

Not that he showed anyone. Crown me.

>No, I don’t think I will.

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I wish Tim made a show with a female action protag
Didn’t he fire some people that drew Mickey porn?

>draws women that don't look like they are underfed 70 year old's
>heh *tips fedora* this artist must have functioning reproductive organs!

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They need to tie him to a radiator and force him to re-drawn all of the 60's stuff.

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>Wonder Woman clearly naked before donning her outfit
>Livewire is technically naked
>Barbara in pic related
>All the art in this thread
Bruce Timm is a very horny man and we love him for it.

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