August 5

August 5

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Does anyone care?


Nick did the right choice cancelling the series, the writing was full of shit.

>Nick is moving forward the movie follow-up to one of the biggest flops of the entire franchise almost nobody liked.
>STILL won't move forward Glitch Techs season 3.

It was made during covid and 2012 TMNT had worst relative rating because DreamWorks and Korra had more views. Rise of TMNT was their best performing show that wasn't Spongebob, not to mention how Rise had higher rating than every other Cartoon Network and Disney show made in that time.

Nick has the worst management and TMNT will forever be in reboot hell because of them.

Rise was shit compared to 2012

fuck yeah
it'd be dumb not to

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is that your cope now that proved the "flop" wrong?
Funny you praise Glitch Techs which was done by a lot of the same crew, with a similar style, tone, comedy, characterization, and animation.

What do enjoy about 2012?
The main character Mary Sue April who can easily kill the turtles.
A stuttering Donnie who's a pathetic simp.
The stupid love triangle.
Or is it how none of the characters caring about their planet being destroyed?

The same release date as Shredder's Revenge.

Then why did the remainder of the show air on Nicktoons?

Thing is Glitch Techs wasn't based around an existing IP.

I will never understand why Yea Forums hated Rise. I thought it was great and it could've been even better if it were allowed to continue longer than 2 seasons.

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That's what nick do to show that don't get spongebob numbers. It's easier to name show that didn't go to nicktoon hell.

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I'm watching the 2012 version which is considered the best by a lot of fans, and it's filled with plots that are even more generic and boring than what Rise had. There are episodes about Mikey getting a zit, Raph and his neverending anger issues, an episode about larping, three episodes focused on the fucking pulverizer, the awful Donnie/April/Casey love triangle, Metalhead, and has weak ass villains like the cockroach terminator, weed man, spider butt, etc. They also keep repeating the same jokes with the kraang, Baxter Stockman, the tv shows they keep watching, etc. The S1 finale had something cool with the Splinter vs Shredder fight, but the Kraang invasion was a load of nothing, they even ended with a fucking dance scene right out of dreamworks. Meanwhile, the Rise finale had fantastic action scenes throughout, amazing visuals, every main villain playing a part, a tribute to old tmnt elements and a message that fits with the development the characters went through all season. It baffles me that people say this is the worst tmnt when the one considered the best by many has all the shit they complain about.
>yeah but tmnt 2012 also sucked
So what, you want things to keep being like the shows that are more than a decade old?

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So? They're both of similar quality in terms of a lot of relevant stuff, like characters, plot, animation, etc. Being original or based on an old IP means nothing, good things come from everywhere

They hated it for being too different and focusing too much on comedy, but tons of fans forgot that's also how 2012 started. Most of the "Kino" episodes that the TMNT 2012 fans think of all happen when SEASON 3 arrives. And guess what, Rise was robbed of that third season due to new execs wiping the slate clean. I'm sure if it had the same length as 2012 it would have been just as good, if not better. These shows always need to start small so they can later aim big. S2 of Rise is way better than S2 of TMNT 2012.

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You'll never understand because you're an opinionated retard that's already set on what the "correct" opinion should be.
Hint: this question has been asked numerous times in previous threads on here and on other boards, and every time there's more answers than just "black".

>and every time there's more answers than just "black".
yes, but the other answers are also retarded, just an extension of "not muh turtles" and "where's my edge?!", nothing of any actual worth. None of the big critics ever bothered with the show, so their takes aren't worth a damn.

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>because you're an opinionated retard that's already set on what the "correct" opinion should be.
And clearly, so are you

>So what, you want things to keep being like the shows that are more than a decade old?

DESU yeah. 87 and 2003 were hurt by shit budgets and haphazard planning. Viacom pumps big money into the turtles, a least 2012, I would've liked to see that put to better use.

2012 wasting time is no excuse for Rise to do the same.

2012 is as safe, bland basic shit. Rise had potential, but the polarizing art style and shit writing left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Hopefully the next iteration gets things right.

>None of the big critics ever bothered

What "big critics" Maybe I'm fucking old but I don't care about guys on youtube who review cartoons, I formulate my own opinion.

For the record I did like Rise myself, more than 2012, but saying people's takes aren't worth it because of the relativity to some nobodies on Youtube is stupid.

As a Transformers fan, 2012 feels a lot like what Transformers Prime is to me. 2012 is a great show for casual new fans, and pound for pound its the most solid show with most consistency,but there's something about it that lacks a spark the other shows have. 87 is mostly a shitpost, then a bland but ok action cartoon (Red Skies don't get discussed enough) 2k3 is ambitious but flawed, and Rise tries to be its own take. But 2012 just feels like there was a good show in there, but committee interference sapped the life out of it. I'm curious how it would've turned out if it wasn't a Nick show.

>more rise shit


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But it was apparently their best performing show that wasn't Spongebob.
Meanwhile 2K12 had lower ratings but I think all the episodes aired on regular Nick.

>2012 wasting time is no excuse for Rise to do the same.
It didn't though, despite the episodic nature it still did a lot with the mystic aspect of the show.

Because you can only do "four mutated ninjitsu-knowing reptiles battle some evil samurai-looking asshole and his ninjas" until it becomes stale.
At least when Mirage owned the IP they allowed it to take a breather for a few years before another revival.

wow you just proved right
>So what, you want things to keep being like the shows that are more than a decade old?
2012 and Rise never went as low as Fast Forward, deal with it.

But rise sucked dick though. I hated how they did no new versions of old mutant villains. I want shit like a redesigned monty moose action figure and other classic characters given new toys goddamnit.

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have fun with the stoner Seth Rogen version that will make you beg for Rise to come back boomer.

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>Meanwhile 2K12 had lower ratings but I think all the episodes aired on regular Nick.
It got luck from execs for a while for being the first Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon, and they wanted to get the most money out of it that they could. Said execs left when Rise started, and the new people wanted to make their own version of the turtles, so the show got axed.

>We will never get something gritty but fun like this or the first live-action movie.
>Instead it's always going to be campy Fred Wolf circle-jerk shit.

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>rise sucked because I didn't get my revised version of old enemies nobody but me cares about
This is why people make fun of you TMNT boomers.

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Rise was and always will be fucking shite, you can keep your nog april and fujo bait turtles and shitty OC villains

Eh just wait until the Super 7 versions. They already are doing fucking Scratch and Not-Sgt Bananas from an Archie comic.

It sucked because it refused to take other elements from the franchise, among other things, yes. Eat my dick you zoomer shit sucking faggot shill

>nog april and fujo bait turtles
And there it is, what was that you were saying that it wasn't about them being black?

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Super7 ultimates are okay but i want playmates toys figures that were actually meant for play

Also i already have scratch on preorder

Hot take but fast forward is not as bad as people say it is; its. a total mistake as a continuation but if it was a totally new series its a nonoffensive take.

>It sucked because it refused to take other elements from the franchise
thanks for proving me you didn't watch the fucking show retard, fucking battle nexus was in season 1

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I don’t hate it but I’m not a fan of the over the top anime style spectacle fights, I prefer 2012s more grounded martial arts style, but it has been a while since I’ve watched either of them.

Rise put me off because it seems to want to be anime so badly, even though it’s made about one of the most successful western comic book franchises. Play 12 how did weebie moments, rise feels like they would rather make an anime

Is it true that a lot of rise fans are only Rise fans? I remember a thread a few months ago where a bunch of Rise fans basically said they didn't really like any other series.

Why would i give it views first of all. Second i watched some of it besides Baxter stockman and the foot/shredder all of the characters are shitty OCs. And yes roastie casey is just as cancerous as fujo bait bellhop bull or gay donald trump worm

As someone who hates anime with a passion, I still ended up enjoying it. While the influences are definitely there, it is ultimately more a wacky western cartoon than anything anime-ish. They use it for style and nothing else. TMNT 2012 also had anime influence, with the way certain characters faces sometimes turned into chibi.
Half and half, some are only Rise fans while others who have seen stuff like 2012 and 2003 like the show too.

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>Why would i give it views first of all
Ah, so you admit that you haven't seen the show and as such your opinion is of no value, thanks for confirming you have nothing better to do in your life than complaining about a show you never watched.

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Nickelodeon is a shit company but they are not stupid enough to cancel and lose their freshly bought legacy IP.

Honestly I wish that Warner fully own TMNT. cartoon network don't have a history of 2 seasons show that got canceled.

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>reeeeeee your opinion isnt valid because you didnt give my show views
Not how it works, its still just as valid as it always was, fuck your and your shit faggot negro turtles, cuck

Rise is ugly, so I don't care about it.

I only like 2003 and rise. Some boomer on YouTube hate 2003, 2012 and only like 80s and rise.

>I didn't watch the show because I didn't want to give it views, but my opinion is as valid as someone who actually watched it
Pathetic TMNT boomer

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Imagine laughing that someone would want a legacy show to acknowledge that its a legacy show.

I watched a few episodes and it sucked, your show is fucking trash so fuck you you faggot terrapin loving FAGGIT

Amazing how you think the word boomer has any effect. Pissweak insults.
All your screencaps look like shit and no kid would want to watch this cartoon.

Rise is the Next Mutation/Fast Forward/Back to The Sewers of the third gen.

Title doesn't really roll off the tongue.

When it comes to animated tmnt content 2003 is my favorite version with Rise behind it. Though that could just be me growing up with a previous version. I think the disconnect happens because of how different Rise is and managed to attract a different demographic, but I have been seeing more fans actually give a shot to previous shows.
The funny thing about the anime influence is that one of the co-creators got annoyed with the story boarders adding so much of it. They just ended up sticking with the style because it actually turned out well.

Low in what regard? There is no perfect turtles. Literally all animated versions deviated from the source material. I like them for different reasons, but have yet to find one that I personally sync with. So anyway, whatever.

One of the things that'll bother me the most about 2012 is the choice in animating in CG. While the animation and character movement is great, visually it's going to look the worst in the long run.

Cool, looking forward to it.

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It will go out in an even bigger whimper than Glitch Techs’ lifespan.

I mean rise sucked cause the writing was unfunny, terribly improvised and stupidly dramatic. Animation was its saving grace, but it was too fast and stylized for some.

>Rise had higher rating than every other Cartoon Network and Disney show made in that time.
It did decently for the first half of season 1 snd then it plummeted
Season 2 was consistently under 200k viewers for every airing of new episodes

Never seen Glitch Techs, was it good outside Miko?

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No. It’s “how do you fellow gamers” the show, but unironically.

>one of the biggest flops of the entire franchise almost nobody liked.
You mean The Next Mutation, TMNT 3, or the anime? If you're implying Rise is worse than all of those you really need to fuck off.

Not that user but I recall it had to do with Nickelodeon scheduling new episodes during early mornings when no one would be watching. Moving it to Nicktoons made it impossible for most people to access it. No surprise ratings will plummet if viewers are given limited legal access while cable is dying.
It took a long time for them to put the complete show on a streaming service after it ended, and now they realized it should have been on netflix too.