Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

More animated Star Wars incoming

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>Dave Filoni
So Tales of Ahsoka.

I feel like Disney is culling any hope of creative approach. They are unable to understand anything important, and thus mistook TLJ for creativity. Now they 'play it safe', and it's just fanfiction territory.

>What if Visions but worse

>Star Wars
Glad I dropped that franchise after TLJ and never looked back.

>and it's just fanfiction territory
All of Disney canon and the vast majority of EU/Legends is fanfiction, the problem is the safe and dull fanfiction.

>Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made
Kikes get the saber.

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very true.

I hope it includes some high republic jedi for the first time

I have to agree, TLJ sucked because it was bad, not for trying something new. Book of boba fett was painfully mid to me

why did they have to use the Tales of the Jedi name? I'm going to make a guess and say this will be worse Vision and it will try to adhere to Disney Canon.

Might be good, I guess.

the only content they make to this day that isn't from disney canon is tortanic still somehow and reprinting legends books with new covers and making sure they say LEGENDS to remind people
of fucking course it will be strictly disney canon and fully unrelated to the tales of the jedi LEGENDS thing

New covers that are really ugly too, but new unabridged EU audiobooks are being made at least.

havent seen the new covers what do thay look like?

I do appreciate it when the company tells me something they make is trash right up front.

Just ugly. Heir to the Empire has Thrawn with pupils on it and Rule of Two's new cover is as bad as the old one.

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this implies star wars was ever good

Yep, this man really just need to draw porn of him and Ahsoka in fat bastard kinda of way.

How do I quit cold turkey on star wars bros, I know I should stop being in this abusive relationship but I keep remembering and revisiting all the pre-dishit star wars and watching star wars channels and I need to stop hurting myself...

go read and watch different Space opera content then switch to Hard sci-fi then Space documentary then Nature documentary. or try and make your real-life as busy as possible so you no longer think about your hobbies.

Accept for yourself that the writing and quality hasn't actually diminished, you've just finally gotten better at realizing the thing you liked was always just trash.

>hard sci fi
Thats a shit boring genre. Who the fuck wants sci fi but with muh realism making it all boring

Watch Trek kino

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that's kinda the point of it to ween you Star wars. honestly just focus on a different Space opera with laser swords like Gundam or something that might work.

Gundams boring because it doesnt have any aliens or conventional robots in it

It's not an abusive relationship if you ignore Disney shit.

In your dreams kurtzman

so you mostly like Star Wars for the Creature feature aspect of it?

90% chance that he just wants to fuck a twilek and that's all that keeps his interest in star wars going

then the user can just read Star dojinshi i guess

So is this Visions but not Asian?

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>Gundam doesnt have any conventional robots in it
What the FUCK am I reading

Hey little boy, do you want to come with me to the Jedi temple?

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I never cared for ST, it was always boring to me and the recent stuff tells me I dodge a bullet.

>so you mostly like Star Wars for the Creature feature aspect of it?
You could say that
Twileks are okay but i think the gross aliens are cooler
The robots in gundam are mindless mech suits piloted by humans, not a self thinking robot/droid in the regular sense of the word

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I wish it would be semi-adaptation of old comics, but what I expect is glorified Forces of Destiny at best

The hate for TLJ is way overblown. If it’s goal was to wean the series off empty fan service, Disney has sprinted clear in the other direction.

>rewriting history to act as if people haven’t hated new Star Wars since the late 90’s

Revanfags begone! It's Master Qel-Droma's time now!

Is Nomi Sunrider still locked up in copyright limbo?

What was rians intention for it? Personally it just felt like a bitter shitpost made by someone who actively hated star wars as a franchise and its fans

>that description
that's stupid. the species is totally cut off from their senses if their mouths are closed?
as a fan i know when Star Wars gets dumb

No, it was a boring, uncreative, stupid movie full of nostalgia bait and shitty references to other movies. Anyone claiming otherwise is Rian Johnson or coping.

I think he just looked at how JJ had set things up to be a literal repeat of the original trilogy and decided to do something radical to change it. People saying he actively wanted to spite the franchise are crazy. He started on his film pretty much immediately after Force Awakens wrapped production so there was no way he could've been keeping very precise tabs on all the reddit theories and whatnot that spread after its release. People who somehow think their echo chamber reached the ears of a director freezing his ass off on a puffin sanctuary in Ireland have very big egos and very little understanding of how production timetables function. Even if you don't like all his choices, just taking one look at the behind the scenes stuff or even listening to the dvd commentary (which he recorded right before the premier) will tell you that there was nothing malicious about his work.

>it shits all over the franchise's legacy
>it's nostalgia bait

pick one

>People saying he actively wanted to spite the franchise are crazy.
Killing snoke and making him into a joke while putting space opera edward cullen without his cool helmet as the villain, Killing off admiral ackbar then replacing him immediately with a cunt with a gender studies degree, and making luke a failure and attempted child murderer felt actively malicious to the source material

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So nothing of substance to say but what other people have repeated? I'm disappointed, user.

>Killing off admiral ackbar
no one in a movie theater knew who the fuck he was
>cunt with a gender studies degree
Buzzword. Tells me you didnt actually watch the character. You made an assumption based on an actors appereance. You're a moron.
>making luke a failure
Luke abandoned his friends in TFA dumbass
>attempted child murderer
more poorly thoughtout regurgitated bullshit. Kylo Ren/Ben was an adult and no Luke didnt attempt to kill him.

You merely repeated talking points from other clueless morons

Just get Genndy to make shorts lmao

One can only ever hope to be as dedicated to their waifu as Filoni is to Ahsoka

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>no one in a movie theater knew who the fuck he was
This is a great point, but not for the reason you think.


You can have both. That's been par for the course since TPM.

They will forever regret giving that character pink hair. The poor fools thought they were just giving her some more dimension with a crazy sci-fi color, they didn't know they were sounding the culture war dogwhistle.

Honestly if there's one plot element that could've been fixed instantly it was giving Holdo a greater reason for secrecy. She's clearly presented as a red herring but they don't pay it off with anything. If the reveal was that there was a First Order spy aboard Holdo was trying to sniff out, that would've been just enough justification for why Poe was left in the dark. It's otherwise just a minor weak spot, bit it would've given reddit autismos something to chew on.

The hate is deserved.

>people now pretend to love Phantom Menace

I bet half the fans who defend that shit probably haven't watched it in its entirety in over a decade. They just remember vague plot beats that get referenced in better works, and go watch the Duel of the Fates on youtube now and again. The actual film is piss boring and stupid.

>They will forever regret giving that character pink hair
Holdo was intended to have silver hair, but her cunt actress thought that would make her look old.

>Tales of the Jedi
Why the fuck can't they stop stealing names from the old EU? It makes both of the so much harder to find.

>hurr durr you say what others say
>buzzword buzzword
>i personally dont care about that character so it gives daddy rian the right to rape them
Stop having shit taste and stop liking objective garbage like the TLJ and get rian johnsons micropenis out of your mouth you contrarian cancer

TPM is kino, the podrace sequence alone is better then any of the sequel shit movies

It was and there is nothing you can do about.

Maybe that's their goal.

>Why the fuck can't they stop stealing names from the old EU? It makes both of the so much harder to find.
That's exactly the point.

I'm glad more people are realizing how much of a hack Filoni is.

>Dave Filoni
Ruined already. I wonder how he's gonna crowbar Ahsoka in this one.
Because it's all these fucking subhumans can do, just take and take and take and copy and steal. They have no original thoughts because they don't care. I hate them, I hate them so much for what they did to my favorite thing, Star Wars.

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