Bump if your reading

Bump if your reading

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>a fucking draw

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>Xillians are part of
Okay, you have my attention

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So when was the last time Godzilla had a draw anyways?
For a crossover nonetheless?

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Alright. Kind've what I've expected. Hopefully we get a MechaGodzilla/Zord merger at some point.

Rivals also came out. I hope third time's the charm. Surprisingly those Godzilla comics are quite successful especially for IDW standards.

Thanks for the storytime

You should have put the book’s title in the Op.

I’m trying to put together a storytime but the file size keeps coming out to like 8 megabytes so I can’t post.

I thought it was okay


In the movies or shows apparently once in Singular Point, once in KotM (debatable) and before that both fights in Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. There must be more in the comics because Rulers of Earth alone had at least one fight every issue but I'd have to go back to it to check.

I love Williams art

So the scoreboard is:

Godzilla: 1

Rangers: 0

Draws: 1

Very action packed. Glad to see Gigan.

So could the Rangers actually win if Tommy got the Dragonzord working again?

A few more bugs before they finally summon Ghidorah. So we'll be getting three issues of Godzilla and Rangers working together. Glad they don't save it for the very end and finally we have Godzilla with some kind of agenda of his own.

I gotta say, this is a lot more fun than I was expecting. Thanks OP


Aww yeah been waiting all month!


The Rangers are very in-character and the series has three more issues to prove that they also got Godzilla right. It's definitely better when there's more than just one issue to develop the story because it looks like in that new Rivals issue they once again couldn't decide what kind of Godzilla they want so chose both. At least this Gvs.MMPR looks like it has a chance of being interesting.

Why you didnt put storytime in the post or topic, OP?

I had the eye monster toy as a kid. It was a blast

Shit!, thought I did, whatever I was only functioning on two hours sleep when I started

Badass Issue

Fun Crossover

Anyone else feel like the double KO was a copout?

Godzilla in Hell since him and SpaceGodzilla killed each other by blowing up Earth.

Why is this guy so mad about this series? It seems like everyone else likes it except him.

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Maybe it's good I don't know who that is. No reason to get mad at a simple miniseries. I'm happy Godzilla doesn't seem to be some ambiguous presence. The last few years made me absolutely allergic to this kind of portrayal unless we're talking about a Godzilla solo story.

Every month we're getting something is that what winning looks like? Even Call of Duty although I have no idea what that may be. Some kind of obstacle in multiplayer game? Anyway I don't want them to stop I hope we'll be getting something new on regular basis forever.

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I won't lie, this kinda triggers my autism.
I'd rather they keep using kaiju that would've been around when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was airing.

Bloody hell, did they have to give THAT line to Trini?

As fun as this is, it still doesn't make sense to me Power Rangers is the first sentai techically to get a proper crossover with Godzilla.

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Sounds awful. Why don’t we give Godzilla an awful ranger form as well

This art is disastrous.

I’d be mad too if I had that haircut

Don't bring YouTuber shit here ya dingus

oh shit

Kiryu is debatable.
Akane said it was a draw but pretty much every human character felt Kiryu won because the goal of that fight was to repel Godzilla