BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl

Paulo has guilt edition

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Paulo this whole chapter

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threadly reminder that Mike did nothing wrong

The curl on Mike's head looks weirdly cute

Maybe now he'll realize simping is stupid

holy shit
are we are going to a "Mike was right Lucy is a bitch arch?"
the main group seems to be warming up to him while Lucy is alienating them

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Glad it wasn't glossed over

What did they mean by this?

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The life of everyone in this comic would become significantly better if Lucy disappeared.

>mike's hair

mike bad because otherwise lucy bad

I honestly didn't expect him to actually be shown feeling guilty on page. I thought she'd "Imply" it or something at a later date.

Lucy being a self fulfilling prophecy on her friends leaving her like Mike said in December would actually be great.

Next page: a blank fucking page flashing back to Paulo and Lucy before the play. see you on friday retard

the sex scene?

Don't get your hopes up when it comes to BCB. Always expect the worst. That's what this comic has taught me over and over again.

Would be nice, though.

Lucy stans are salty, which is the best outcome that can reasonably be asked for


They really want the comic to confirm their belief that Lucy's suicide was all his fault, almost like he caused it on purpose even and that Lucy isn't held accountable for her own actions.

Finally, we'll see what actually happened

Yeah, whenever she's in the comic it's just a miserable time.

So are they just not posting the twitch stream pics anymore?

Kek. Sure, let's finally put it to rest whether Lucy blew her virginity on orange cat.

It sounds like they did get somewhere yeah but it's really awkward and hard to tell who's speaking. The bit you see in the preview is a zoom in of the only panel in the entire page

I figured it was about Daisy since a lot of people are for some reason mad at Mike over that.
The most recent actual bad thing he did was flip between Lucy and Sandy.

there was a small chance everyone could get past their shit and become better while she was gone. It was a small one but it was there.

Notice how when she came back, everyone got WORSE.

Men ebil

She's like Archer

From the Ask Roseville Blog and that one chapter at Rachel's party, Lucy probably let Paulo grope her during their heavy makeout session.

As if it matters anymore

No that makes too much sex, they full on fucked

It doesn't matter anymore, but I'd still like to know every detail

I would think so too, but Lucy and Paulo's whole thing was him bringing up mike and her leaving/suicide.

Mike hasn't done anything horrible besides be a super sperg and get back with Sandy. But the fanbase makes him out to be a much more horrible person than he really is and they have since his December rant.

Archer at least had the excuse of everyone wanting to be horrible and they were just using him as an excuse to justify it. Lucy doesn't have that.

oh how deeply I hope so

7 inches

Got that right

December would look awfully different with the semester reversed

Sue still hates Mike though

*sexes reversed, what the absolute fuck autocorrect

To be fair Lucy has literally just wanted to hang out with Augustus and be alone since she got back

Then she should come out and say it rather than play stupid games like sperg-in-the-box

Tbh yeah. Pleasant surprise! Hope this goes somewhere interesting :)

How did you get away with not desu-ing that? Capital T? desu Tbh desu

She should tell them just that and keep it that way instead of doing this back and forth thing. She keeps saying she doesn't want to be around her friends but will still hang out with and talk to them. She could have avoided the whole argument with Paulo if she didn't seek him out earlier.

I have nothing more to teach you, son

Why would you not just say desu at this point

Sue is kind of a weirdo theater girl. she kinda sussy. and totally just act on feelings and not listen to any other viewpoints than what she sees.

Fair but it was a weirdly extreme thing for Paulo to suggest to begin with and this explains it; it's a blunt instrument to make him feel guilty for not being a loyal enough friend. Couldn't it have done that with some other issue?

Sue wont get it until either Mike apologizes to her or she sees just how bad Lucy can be and realize she was not prepared for that level of sperg.

This is the stark contrast between Mike and Lucy.
Who they are at their CORE
Lucy is abrasive and pushes people away. Mike wants to help others and then feels bad about it if he messes up.
Lucy doubles down if she messes up and people think this is a #GirlBoss move
[1:29 PM]
No it's not
And if you think that it is, you need to re-evaluate how you handle things and humble yourself.

post a screenshot, I want to save it

Of what?

deez nuts

Like this?

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what in the fuck did Mike do? He has been cucked and castrated ever since Eternal Flame
every once are twice he has a chad nihilistic moment, but he is doing jack shit

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Mentally ill cunts who have literally convinced themselves that their self-insert was actually pushed off the building by Mike instead of actually being accountable for her own actions.

I cant imagine what life events lead to the mindset where Mike, who spent his childhood being beaten up and stonewalled by Lucy but putting up with her because he knew he was her only friend, and whos main fault is bottling himself up and taking everyone's shit until he finally explodes, is the bad guy and not the one who literally is responsible for pushing him to the breaking point so much

with the names

These are the same people who stan Amber Heard solely for having a Y chromosome

Why not make a screenshot yourself?

You know, despite the chronic bobblehead and beanface syndromes, this is a nicely evened out design for BCB. The key features seem to be
>new hair breaking up the boring smooth scalp
>jacket adding a bit of mass and color
>extra scarf bulk in front ends up looking like an ascot or neckerchief which better distributes the "weight" of Mike's design while improving his silhouette profile

If Suitcase is reading this, he should encourage Taeshi keep this up.

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Mike is handsome....

>what in the fuck did Mike do?
Got written ooc for half a decade and constantly punished for it. Got cheated on by his girlfriend. Realized he'd been acting like a cunt, beat himself up over it, and actually tried to reconcile. It will never be enough for these people.

the glowup of romantic nihilism is real

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I sort of get it, but only because Taeshi is such absolute garbage at portraying two sides of an issue. Mike was right to want Lucy out of his life but everything leading up to her vanishing act was focused on how much she was suffering and experiencing gradual character development and paid little attention to detailing the reasons behind Mike's growing hatred. Then after Lucy came back, Taeshi decided to render Mike utterly unlikable for five years straight. Not the most balanced viewpoint presentable to the readers.

>a Y chromosome

Retcon Friday Baybee

Wait a second, Mike is beginning to look like he does in Fork in the Road!

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Lucy ain't no prize to be won at this point, so not seeing any reason to feel invested. Still, this would be worth it just to finally shut down all the arguments.

So when is Lucy's hair going to suddenly start changing as well, or does that only happen as a sign of character development?


We will see if the boning guide has any merit

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user, shitty retcons don't shut down arguments.
They open up Pandoras box for more criticism and lambasting.

Nothing has changed, Paulo just gone done horseplaying with him, it's just ruffled up for now