Shows that got screwed by Covid

TFW pic related got cancelled but Chicago Party Aunt gets another season.

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I want to see her mummified

>Chicago Party Aunt
If it ain't dead yet, it will be.

I miss her so fuckin bad bros

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I had to know for myself. I watched the first season while I was fixing my computer. Can confirm, that show is a fucking joyless dumpster fire.
I wonder if the people working on it actually think it's good or if they know it sucks but just need the paycheck.

Like this?

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skweesh the feesh

Goddammit ZeFrank

It might have done better had it released at a different time. I think Covid fucked both with the production timeline as well as viewership. On top of that, it received almost no PR and was only available via pee cock which nobody gives a shit about.
Unfortunately it doesn't have enough of a draw to pull a family guy/Futurama so it will likely stay dead. It's too was a fun watch. RIP.

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lips look like how furries draw buttholes.

Someone needs to shop this so she's holding a giant dick instead of an arm.

didnt this show have like 2 seasons and it resolved most of the things by the end? also it was already "out" a 1 year before paramount picked it up.
the only thing this show did wrong was the weird releases (which when it originally aired you could only see it on a fucking app) and lack of advertisement which is an issue for all cartoons these days.
Im telling you any form of forced outrage is purely a cost effective publicity stunt.

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it had 2 full seasons and a half season. The finale did have a sort of resolution for the immediate arc, but the overarching arc was left open.
Initially it was only available on Peacock before it moved to paramount which helped fuck it. Nobody gives a shit about Peacock.
The final season was released in 2021 which means it was likely in production late 2019/early 2020. Because it has only half the episodes the first two seasons have, I think it's likely they got word that they were shutting it down early on and had to figure out a way to slap some sort of ending on it.

>TFW pic related got cancelled but Chicago Party Aunt gets another season.
I want to kill whoevers responsible for this atrocity getting another season instead of cleopatra cunny kino

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Why do actors suck at doing northern midwestern accents?

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Callie looks like Cherry Crush and that makes my peepee hard.

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same character designer as for Lolirock (and Baskup's Mia)

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Covid was actually a BOON to animation. When actors couldn't travel and lockdowns were happening, animation was the one sector that could continue on largely unmolested. There were studios bragging about how much work they were pulling in during the lockdowns. I don't know why everybody here acts like covid was a cartoon killer when the opposite would have been true.

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just read the comics if you want more

Depends on the studio/network. I was supposed to work post on a production that got pushed back by a full year because of the pandemic. Don't ask me why, it doesn't make sense to me either. Maybe some places don't like their assets being moved offsite? Be that as it may, Covid did affect at least some production timelines.

less fetish bait, no fish cunny, different art style, no kino soundtrack. The story continues, but it's not the same.

Season 2 is pretty underwhelming compared to S1.

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And now that things are back to “normal”, Netflix and co. repaid that debt by cancelling projects en masse and undervaluing animators. Bravo.

It got cancelled becue it was garbage, covid has nothing to do with it

>The story continues, but it's not the same
yeah, it's actually good unlike the cartoon.

It only got screwed over in the sense that the pandemic episode was briefly left out since the show was coming out during the early days of COVID. It has been reinstated now.

They only ordered 26 episodes and that was it. If anyone’s to blame, it’s the showrunners for not finishing their story and thinking they’d be renewed for more.

>Enjoy watching the everyday, adventurous, "slice-of-life", non-action part of the show
>Zones out and gets upset when the actual action, drama and fighting starts.

Why am I like this.

This show was made way before covid.
t. knows a guy who knows a guy who worked on it

so were they hoping for more episodes to be ordered or did they intentionally leave it on a pseudo-cliffhanger?

>What would you do to me, user?

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Her voice actress was annoying as shit, but her design was pretty cute.

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I keep hearing this, but there’s barely any difference between seasons. I’m pretty sure it’s just Faustfags seething once again.

The french may be annoying but good damn if they can design some nice looking cartoon girls

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Fish alien girl is cute.

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Yeah, I don't agree with that either. Season 2 was perfectly enjoyable and I liked some of slice of life or mission of the week episodes

That torso....hnnnng

I'd imagine she has some special sucking powers like a lamprey or a squid. Terrifying yet alluring

It's a bit odd the way they handled it. If i recall correctly, the show pretty much contains all events (sometimes they happen in the same way, but in many cases they happen differently or are even exchanged for other) that happen in the comics up to like book 5. So they really couldn't have made another 26 episodes to animate the final book 6.
Maybe, looking at when the books released, the author himself hadn't finished the finale yet when the show was being made. And so they worked off what they had, thinking that if needed the company would commission a final couple of additional episodes. Which imo is an unrealistic expectation; there's no way that someone would pay for precisely the traditional number of 26 episodes to be made because he's intending for it to be three separate seasons all with different episode counts and a little bit of story left over at the end.

Animations are expensive to make. They used to be able to offset that by pushing merchandise, but kids don't play with toys as much anymore. Toy sales in general are down and major stores have closed. As such, shows tend to get cancelled pretty quickly if they're not immediately a runaway hit which impacts the sorts of stories you can tell.
I guess the question is how can animation be lucrative enough to convince networks to run a show more than 1 or 2 seasons these days?

Because the final season was so short, I wonder if maybe they found out the show was getting cut short relatively early on so they accelerated the pace of the story to try to bring the show to some sort of conclusion before they got axed.
The setting of outer space + school + sci-fi + mystical ancient egyptian crap + typical teenage drama (and Cleo often being a fish out of water) leaves enough room for exploration that I think they could have filled a larger episode order even if the major plot points from the books were covered.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we got the pseudo sense of closure that we did, but having just watched season 1 again, I'm sad we didn't get more.

I know that feel, bro

A giant dick...with a hand instead of a head??

no, instead of getting her face squeezed, her mouth can be filled with a load. If those pinch lines near the fingers were air brushed out it would just look like her mouth is full.
Or a dick with a hand. That also works.

>lack of advertisement
I assume you mean online advertisement because on Cartoon Network they were playing commercials for this show constantly. All up until the second or so week after it's premiere. Then they dialed the commercials back. I can't talk of the quality of the show, I could never get my self to watch it since I find that dinosaur absolutely hideous, but it got a fair enough advertising for a Cartoon Network show at the time.

>northern midwestern

Cleo wasn't screwed by covid
It got screwed by airing in fucking Indonesia first, waited months before sending it to a then literal who service that only gained relevance because it did the HBO Max of sending theatrical movies to it day and date

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Covid only screwed one episode of Cleo, it was being on Peacock that killed it

in this case I meant northern midwest of the US since the show is based in Chicago

Idk, watch a movie I guess

Didn’t she literally fart on the show? Fuckin ew, cancel it again

I'm glad they let her fart before killing it

They gave her a scene to

still the hottest girl-on-girl kiss in western animation

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They definitely do what they do well.

The show ended with the entire population not-Hogwarts stranded in some unknown part of space, their home base compromised and destroyed while the villain is free to continue being a villain. Very little was actually wrapped up.

haven't watched it in awhile, but I think they wrapped up the school staff being spies subplot so there was a minor sense of closure but yeah, it was left WIDE open for more show.

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Too bad for the guys

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