Punisher #2 Storytime

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Bump if you're reading.

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why is his old logo still on the cover?

Oh hey, Frank killed a guy when he was a kid? I never knew.

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What kind of right wing nutjob drew this cover?

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Thank you but where would the first one be?

And that's it. If you liked this, support your LCS or whatever.

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Thanks, will see how this turns out.

I wonder if Frank will fight with DD and Elektra and the faction they're forming.

Wasn't Punisher the chosen of Ares fir a hot minute there? Ares was digging him out of some rubble and was worried about him- explicitly referred to him as his chosen in the process.

so Frank is lying to his wife about her being dead and the hand resurrecting her.

>I killed a guy
isn't this is revisionist history of the time Frank beat a bully or something from BORN or Valley Forge, Valley Forge?

is Aaron going to retcon it so that the beast is Mephisto to tie into his Avengers run?

so frank has magic powers now?

Once the avatar stuff started coming out someone asked Ares that and he said he can't choose just one. But he implied Frank's off limits because he's one of Death's favorites so no one claims him to not start a conflict.

So Frank is magic & The Hand resurrected his wife?

In terms of bullshit magic feats for The Hand, Frank's dead wife complete with bullet wounds is like finding a coin behind your ear.

so is this Ares change thanks to events of Avengers no road home like the rest of greek gods? remember even hades was changing in the Valkrie book (which Aaron co-wrote) and he didn't even get killed by Nyx.

that will probably be retconned now to being the beast's avatar. Didn't Khonshu make a similar statement about Frank in moon knight?

Hmm. So the Beast is starting shit. Interdasting.

He said he was aready someone's chosen and proudly flew his sponsor's banner, while the view panned in on his chest-skull.

So this is all leading up to a big Daredevil vs Punisher event then, given what's going on in Zdarsky's run, right?

Jason Aaron is determined to misunderstand and ruin this character. What a fucking moron.

Anyone remember how Wolverine went to a hell with Solem during X of Swords, and got a look at the Beast in person? I thought he looked pretty low-rent, like a poor cousin to Mephisto and others. Like somebody should just go to hell and kill him, so as to depower the Hand forever,

looks like it will probably also involve Wolverine(Percy has some plot point with the hand going on in his book) moon knight as well most likly.

how the fuck are throwing stars penetrating your bullet proof vest?

Why don't they come to Magneto? Mutants also want more allies don't they

Uuuuh. user. Bullet-proof vests are notoriously weak against blades. They aren't designed for them. I'm not even a gun guy and I know that.

hollow point shuriken

I'd be willing to bet a few bottlecaps that Aaron will show The Beast is a reflection of Death, or at some point pledged allegiance to her.


ffs, you got 4 editor credits and this still happens