Hilda thread

Hilda thread.
There are never enough Hilda threads.

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Why is her show so g-g-good?

The characters and world were very well executed even if they were pretty basic on paper.
That and they didn't bogged down the story with fantastic physics when that isn't contributing to the story being told.

A few things
>Great animation
>Great character designs
>Cute girls
>Cute boy
>Magic creatures based on folklore
>Magic world crossed with a sort of modern world
>Episodic episodes with a mix of plot episodes
>great sound track
>Able to be silly but can be serious
It’s just a great show

>> And cunny.

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Completely agree, the show was a cold drink in a hot desert of soulless current cartoons.

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Who was in the wrong here?

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The Great Raven

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Alfur you funny thing what are you looking at?

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The show should have weekly episodes release instead of dropping the entire season in one day. It feels like talking about a movie than a show.

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Very cute boy.

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Johanna, for not having a husband to take care of her daughter, she is a busy mom, no surprise Hilda is an independent girl.

It has Sovl

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The Hilda booru is now saved in case the bitches take it down like Frog and Owl's

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Hilda's mom is for _________

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Being mounted and plowed by her canonical and only husband, Alfur.

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How does she not have a boyfriend to talk to?


Single moms doesn't consider that as a big priority. They rarely get dates.

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Cucumber sandwich Chad.

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Getting bitchslapped to next week and/or stripping her away of any custody rights for screming at the little troll girl cause isn't the first time she unleashes her fucking emotional instability unto a kid

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MFW when me again without any clothes.

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I want to beg hilda to touch my throbbing erection

What happened to Hilda after Netflix decided to cull every animation (except Big Mouth because everyone wanted a season 7 to that).

I want to see her full nudity!!!

Hilda as a troll is __________

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Nothing. It's been in production and it's the last season anyways

Jannies aren't going to like this...

>tfw no lonely mum gf

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Fuck off, Hilda. You should treat your mother with more respect, you little shit.

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David can make her happy

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Don't forget Alfur is Johanna's husband.

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Lucky guy

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Very smol

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-potato chips guy

-getting eaten out while majorly stoned

>Why is her show so g-g-good?

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I always looks forward to a good hilda thread, movie was pretty good

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it's alot like adventure time

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>Nice thread you got here, Baka

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just watched the trailer for """Hilda"""
what garbage
fuck you

She also lived out in the woods until the show started.
Would smooch. Even though I'd feel awkward when I learned about Hilda.

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Except the story and characters are much better imo

i want to stomp her skull into mush

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mmmm chubby hilda

I like to see more of that

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>Shot up!

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*Shut Up* my bad