Hey everyone, I’m Rick Beato. And seeing as how Amphibia is nearing it's end.

On today’s Everything Music.

It’s What Makes This Song Great? Episode 113.

The Artists are Brenda Song, Haley Tju, and Anna Akana
And the Song is “No Big Deal”

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I think we know what the song won

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Telling Marcy she has no singing lines in the show because her vocals are garbage.

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Rick "Beat his kid"o

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What are you talking about?

I like to think Marcy's mind prison within Darcy takes the form of this meme.

She actually is the better one flow wise.

Matt didn't give them time alone together because he knew they would overshadow any ship with Anne.

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In the finale as the girls put their power into a final attack, no big deal will be playing.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

He didn't give them time together because they are a garbage pairing that does not work without Anne

I feel like Sasha was starting to drift away from Marcy.

Clearly had no interest in her DND game
Gave zero fucks of Marcy in danger, even giving a joke she was going to get herself killed.
Spends the day with Anne and it's Marcy who ends up contacting her before she even mentioned Marcy name.

Rate my fan art. I drew this during season 2, and want to get back into drawing again.

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This boomer's videos are garbage


>finally me and it's no big deal
This song is literally a trans anthem

Edelgard did nothing wrong

Weakest episode of each season;

Season 1A: Girl Time
Season 1B: Cracking Mrs. Croaker
Season 2A: Truck Stop Polly
Season 2B: Bessie & MicroAngelo
Season 3A: Turning Point
Season 3B: Mother of Olms

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It ok

So reliant on just copying that it doesn't even warrant a rate

Nah mate, weakest episode was Newt in Tights

Only good part of that episode was seeing this

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That's basically what I do.

So fucking wrong
Season 1: Anne of the Year (there's no separation)
Season 2A: Sprig gets Schooled
Season 2B: New Wartwood
Season 3A: Thai Feud
Season 3B: Newts in Tights

Then YWNBAA (you will never be an artist)

I just think delaying the prophecy being told and depend on gross out humor. I'm personally not a fan of that type.

>there's no separation
What do you mean? It connects to the episode Reunion unless, you mean something else?

Bullying doesn't always mean it's true (though you convince her it is).

I just don't think they thought out the Sasha/Marcy side of the friend triangle that much. Matt's on record saying stuff like Sasha and Marcy are "equals" but Marcy is shown to be on the lower level with Anne as another subordinate of sorts (though more content to be in that position) when they all group up in 2B. Even when it comes to Anne and Marcy nothing Marcy's done has shown that she was toxic enough for Sprig to be considered Anne's first "real" friend. Sure she gets lost in her own world but Anne and Marcy were communicating and having fun like normal friends in 2A and 2B. You can debate how bad her trapping them in Amphibia was but that's not even something that pertains to the Anne/Sasha/Marcy dynamic BEFORE they went to Amphibia.

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What I mean is there's no 1a and 1b. All of season 1 flows together. There wasn't even a hiatus

>New Wartwood
Nah that episode rocked.

Season 1 is probably the truest form this show was supposed to be. A miniseries like "Over the Garden Wall" with Grimes being the big bad.

Now you see, seeing as this is a modern Disney song. This obviously has a bit of quantization. But it doesn't really matter because of how great the vocal performances of Brenda Song and especially Akane are.

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Ohhh, I just like splitting S1.

Final ship of the show.

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Here's mine.
Season 1A: Sprig vs Hop Pop
Sesaon 1B: Civil Wart
Season 2A: Truck Stop Polly
Season 2B: Bessie and MicroAngelo (Toad to Redemption is a close contender though)
Season 3A: The New Normal
Season 3B: Mother of Olms

And inversely, the strongest episodes
1A: Contagi-Anne
1B: Reunion
2A: Toadcatcher (but this half was really weak)
2B: True Colours
3A: Adventures in Catsitting Anne-Sterminator is also a valid choice.
3B: Fight or Flight

Marcy did call Sasha over to manipulate Anne on her behalf though, but I do agree that from what we've seen, Marcy wasn't really that bad of a friend. She was inconsiderately reliant on Anne, but that's not really malicious, it's just kind of selfish, which is her primary problem. The show would have benefited a lot if we'd taken a few of those 3A episodes and dedicated them to Anne, Sasha and Marcy's dynamic back on Earth.

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Never happening.


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In The Dinner Sasha is quick to follow Marcy's plan so no they see each other as equal.

Grimes was a supporting Big Bad

Sasha was the true Big Bad of the series and they should have kept it that way.

She was a far more interesting antagonist than Andrias ever was.

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Do people honestly think they are going to put either of the people who horrible betrayed Anne with her?

Only thing I remember from that whole episode is the blush

Yes? Sasha's entire arc is about feeling guilty for what she's done and vowing to be a better person and Anne is a very forgiving person who's never held a grudge in her life.

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Even less likely.

>True Colors
What's your strongest non-finale episodes?

But possible!

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No. Sasha was always meant to be redeemed. Grime was the true big bad and should have stayed that way.


Recite the notes of each chord in this Disney song or Imma whoop you senseless!

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Not really.

Sashanne would 100% be abusive.


Both ways too. They would end up killing each other.

Kinda? Both Sasha and Marcy will "change" for the better in the end.

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Yeah, they were weeks away from a falling out anyway.

>Sasha and Marcy rarely ever interact
>Anne barely cares about either Sasha or Marcy
You're an idiot if you think any calamity shipping will be canon

1B: Wally and Anne
2B: Barrel's Warhammer

It plays into the stereotype and I'm not a fan of it.

1A - Breakout Star
1B - Cracking Mrs. Croaker
2A - Truck Stop Polly
2B - New Wartwood
3A - Temple Frogs
3B - Mother of Olms

Yeah Matt is just baiting to boost ratings.

Post your Hopes, Expectations, Worst Case Scenarios

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Ah, Based taste user.

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Less than zero, baby!

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All of them were taken out back and shot.

That's like the linchpin of the entire show, really: The girls had a bad, codependent friendship and they were already starting to form cracks long before the box. There's no way Anpbibia is ending with a big group hug.

>Breakout Star
Not a fan of pimples?

>Matt's self-insert.

>There's no way Anpbibia is ending with a big group hug.
That's kinda the whole point. They fix it through the trials of Amphibia


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Anne is clearly his self insert.

Super epic climactic final battle with all the girls powered up and working together. Darcy actually being a badass and putting up a good fight.
Probably going to cry
>Worst Case Scenarios
Sasha and Marcy get sidelined.

It's a small touch to the image but I'm glad they made sure to keep Maggie's skin color consistent instead of half assing it

No and I don't really care for the 'character gets suddenly famous conflict' formula.

>Sasha and Marcy get sidelined.
Oh they will.

>There's possibly no time left
I take that back. Marcy will NEVER learn anything because she's currently in coma.

fair enough.

Marcy did nothing wrong.

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Andrias did nothing wrong.

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Darcy is an actual threat
Anne, Sasha and Marcy actually sit down at some point and talk about their relationship.
Sasha punches the moon
Hop Pop and Grime death
Terri does something important
Frobo does something important
Anne loses an arm
A happy ending.

Plantar calamity forms
They don't say 'Spranne against the world.'
Andrias redemption

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