New Rescue Rangers trailer

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I want to buy Disney stock while it's low but it feels like this could take it even lower.


>These fucking shill comments

What you don't want on the Nantucket sleigh ride? All the way to the bottom!

>Yea Forums on the left

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Flounder is great

Hand drawn animation wasted on this. Disney sucks.

>believing this
The Mouse will survive till the end of time

i didnt expect it to be worse than the previous trailer but jesus fuck that film looks like its a complete abomination

Keyblade in the center.

and...thats Jimmy Neutron's hair isn't it?

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>old ganster Peter Pan
I'm surprised that DIsney allowed that. It still sucks, though.

There's also the Pink Panther's muzzle, a chunk of Shenron on the far left, and Rocky's hat

Yep Disney literally lifted it from an existing render. Wonder if Paramount could sue or if it falls under parody. Or if the mouse already is in the process of buying Nickelodeon.

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Maybe i'm a little less cynical than most but it seems mostly inoffensive. More so than Wreck It Ralph 2 or Space Jam where they're basically "look at all the IPs we own!". there's at least some original characters here

Is that Ickis' mouth on the left of the Keyblade?

>Cameos: The Movie

God damn the cel-shading is shit. It looks like a fucking PS3 game.

I like the idea of two different art techniques being used alongside real life, that idea is very creative. But the non-CGI stuff looks awful. Roger Rabbit came out almost 40 years ago and it looks way better than this.

Damn, Disney really fell off.
Meanwhile Dreamworks is making pure cinema like The Bad Guys. Wild how the dynamic has shifted.

First time watching one of these trailers, why'd they replace their voices? God damn.

Because it was hand-drawn animation. This is cheap cel-shading.

Oh it looks even worse than the first trailer

This is awful

Also fuck you for putting in CGI Pumbaa like anyone remembers him

Where's Gadget

>half of the "2D" is just 3D with a flat texture
>all the legit 2D just make a very small appearance
>pumba but from the "live-action" remake and not the OG
>seth rogen

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Yoooo this looks good. I love how they're doing all these different art styles clashing together. And then saying they had surgery.

All of the "2D" is cel-shading. There's no traditional animation here.

they have no shame

To get more celebrities on there. Same reason Mario movie has Chris Pratt

Totally organic and real comment guise

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its so people see the shitty 2D and say
>lmao cartoon sucks and 3D is fire fr fr no cap

I am so totally going to see this on my Disney Plus trademark account.

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is that Shen Long tail in the left?

After seeing that, I think my eyes are bleeding.

the fuck is supposed to be this?, cartoon organ traffic

why disney suddenly cares about kingdom hearts? they always pushed it aside like their bastard child for 20 years and now they act like they always cared for it. i hate normalfags

I actually kind of love how batshit crazy this is. But it still looks bad, and the animation is not great.

More than likely Disney just paid Paramount for the rights to reference certain properties. We already know G4 ponies are in this film, canon designs and all, there's no way they'd be able to get away with something like that without royalties to Hasbro.

this movie is just jews circlejerking and playing a theater act for their egos

Didn't know race mixing could exist in cartoons

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Nothing to see here.

flounders looks decent for that short shot though

They got a shitload of money from Nintendo for allowing Sora in Smash and are now trying to milk KH for more cash

So, from a lore perspective is this supposed to take place in the same universe as Who Framed Roger Rabbit (where cartoon characters are "real" actors)?

kek, now looks like an actual pedophile

I feel nothing. Scratch that. I feel an absence of an aura, a sucking void in the realm of the soul.

I see the Smurf hat on the right and Rocky’s hat.

I thought it was going to be "so bad it's good". Now it just looks bad.

no fucking way

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and the retard normalfags are falling for it, the very same ones who made fun of it for the weird crossover concept are now pretending to suddenly care for the series.
>those generated comments parroting the same thing
how stupid does disney think we are?

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It's been 10 minutes since I closed the video and I can't stop cringing.

the same universe roger and bonkers comes from
probably seth rogen coined that joke

Yeah, tho WFRR might have been a movie in that universe too.

I'm not a huge fan of the execution so far, but it seems like the most fully realized attempt at having toons fully integrated into the real world.

This is what the "Scoob" movie should have been.

A toon mystery on the Warner Bros lot and the Mystery Inc gang has to solve it. They could have cameos from Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, Hanna Barbera stars, etc

they already did this (better) in the "Mystery of the Blue Falcon" movie

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I thought the 2D stuff wasn't hand drawn in this movie but cel shaded to look 2D

It’s funny how desperate they are for this one.

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Lmfao no way they aren't even gonna try this time. It's star wars all over again

Shillbots are expected. What scares me is that it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that some of these are genuine comments made by real "people" for free. I try not to think about it.

They knew the outrage that Lola got and are wait till the movie is out to show us what nonsense they did with Gadget.

Are we feeling this is fake or real after seeing trailer #2?

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wait, they own the smurf now? I'm pretty sure they are owned by Peyo's familly, like Tintin and the moulinsard fundation

the MCs are cel shaded CGI but most of the other characters use recycled old hand-drawn footage
It’s funny and pathetic how little expense Disney is willing to put towards hiring actual talent (though I know recycling animation is nothing new for them)

its leaning to be more real.
he's got the pluto ear in this scene

in Russia

he had that in the prior trailer

good mornin sir!

well, he got it right on the part of cartoon pieces

the shill of all shills

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Well that or Donkey Kong grew a mullet