The Molestation Cinematic Universe is back

the Molestation Cinematic Universe is back

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Oh hell yeah! More cute bitches to feel bad about wanting rule 34 of!

Eyes seem to have changed, anyone else think so? More prominent

Rank 'em

Damn coach.

The ol "ur crazy-no jutsu"

i’m glad they’re actually getting molested this time again but these girls are kinda mid compared to some of the past ones desu

I wish a hot lady teacher would’ve complimented me, texted me on weekends, given me free shit and touched me. God damn ungrateful bitch!

Sooo is it wrong to want to praise the visual work on a series about bad touching?
Because man they make it look good

I appreciate the peripheral angles of stuff like wanting to open up to a parent about shit that's happening but seeing them bound up in all of their own stuff and not wanting to trouble them with more

Sooner or later they have to do one about hot female teachers who starts dating their teen male student.

No. Their last one about the fat kid being bullied was a marked improvement over the others. It's nice to see them not phone it in because it's a PSA.

AJ and Jon fill that role
What we need is a girl getting pressured and mind tricked by their predatory lesbian friend

Shouldn’t there be at least one bad friend who encourages her to “go all the way” with the coach?

>He touch me
Did he touch you like this? Or maybe like this? Did he have you sit on his lap like this? Did he start undressing you? Did he put his hand under your shirt? Because if he did you have to tell someone sweet cheeks.

They'll do one with a trans teacher, but it's about how it's okay when they do it.

Reminder Raquelle and Noah had sex

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Yeah, I'm surprised that it's actually pretty good for a PSA. The metaphors make sense and there's even a nice visual storytelling aspect to it

>wears a choker
It's good they made it a point that just because she dresses a certain way it doesn't mean she's asking for it. I hope they express this point more clearly in the future.

I guess that makes sense why the coach targeted her then. He tells her because she's the weakest link on the team when clearly she's better than her friend, so that's the biggest explanation I can see.

Nothing will ever top the kino that is Goldtooth

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>lead character designer
yeah that tracks

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>Same uniform color as the Raquelle short
>Don't get to see any of them thicc bitches

He does a good job of making characters look authentic while also conveying the exact type of person you'll likely run into in real life.

I wonder how aware and mad are the people involved in this PSAs of the infinity of horny that there is in this world such that we sexually their characters.
If magic was real and there was no consequences how many of them would press a button to kill everyone here

>That extremely casual "did he touch you in the gym?"
I love how molestation has become so common place in this town no one even sees it as shocking anymore.

The people who commission/pay for these and have sincere concern for the subject matter are different people than the ones who make the designs and animation.
The ones who made them hot knew what they were doing

So real talk: any drawfriends here?

It's not a crime to be horny even by the MCU's standards
Just don't bad touch

The space theme was really creative. Between this and the Raquelle story with slime, they're really stepping up with their delivery.

They had that guy being harassed by his Latina MILF coworker, it was pretty similar in practice.

The designs aren't super sexualized or anything. It's more that anons lust for anything even vaguely shaped like a female. Except for the Latina MILF, she was pure sex.

Will they gave a psa about teachers trying to groom kids into homosex.

Cause tgats been a big problem and a female gym teacher was arrested on multiple counts of raping young girls who were brainwashed into thinking they were bi or gay.

This really needs yo be talked about.

I leave Yea Forums for nine months and the first thing I see when I come back is you guys fetishizing abuse PSA's?
What is happening to you guys?

these videos were of ongoing interest long before 9 months ago bucko

That guy was a total fag for not getting into that, that shit was basically my fantasy through most my teen years

What do you mean?

>What is happening to you guys?
Nothing, it's always been like this

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>has 2 r34

Not enough. We need like 5.

Sometimes people don't like to be chased. This one girl kept trying to have sex with me, and she was aggressive about it. It made me so uncomfortable that I had to start avoiding her.

Go back to twitter

Give us the /ll/ episode

They had the church guy do basically that
No lesbians yet that I know of

less than a minute in and i can't stand it. the music was already egging me to click off, but then the dialog started and that's what told me it was best not to sit through 10 minutes of this. fuck this video and fuck you

I think real life people and many of the people on Twitter and reddit do consider this and other stuff actual pedophilia (maybe they're right) and therefore a though crime that should be punishable by death.

Thirsty loser or larping female.

>They had that guy being harassed by his Latina MILF coworker, it was pretty similar in practice.
Reminds me of a story my uncle told me. Hire a girl for the company, my uncle has bad vibes about her. There's a guy known for generally flirting with girls , and being "that guy". My uncle tells someone make sure they're never alone together.

Months go by and sure enough, she files a sexual harassment suit against him.

Yeah, youre right. And its a big deal. What I talk about is not talked anout and is lionized in social circles.

This is 2D and everything looks cute that way in real life that teacher is a ugly whale dressed like your grandmother

Yeah I wish we could get that.
I was talking the other day with a Chaturbate person who told me how she got raped as a kid by a woman. Pretty sad guys remember that for as perverts we all are that crossing the line into real life tremendously hurts people so never ever do it.

>ywn be molested by a thicc gilf teacher
why love

The visual style reminds me of Carmen Sandiego.

The character designs are unique enough to feel like actual people while also being generic enough to convey a stereotype or archetype that you are likely to see in real life.

I often mull on what would happen if I went to jail and people found out how much loli I've huffed over the years.

this is 4juan
if any of us actually encountered a female in the flesh it'd be US being traumatized by the experience

Tu eres puta

Good for them!

You'd be deemed a definite loser and degenerate but it's still a far cry from actually touching kids or holding onto actual CP so you probably wouldn't get shanked or anything
Or do you mean the reaction from people outside of jail? Yeah in that case RIP lol

I always picture inmates as extreme moralfags, despite their own deeds, who look for any way to out people who don't conform to their exact standards.

Imagine having to tell that to your mother you basically convince her you're a bad person, fear that you'll go to hell and many other bad stuff. Desperately in denial crying everytime you remind her of the truth because she's asking you when are you getting married.
If she's conscious in her deathbed she'll be sad thinking how you're a monster. Basically you'll be causing a great deal of pain to the person you presumably love the most because of the person you care the most ( yourself) only has so much control of itself. Not enough to disengage in highly immoral behavior if not outright illegal in many.

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No, I meant people on the inside, not going to jail for having loli, sheesh.

>Phases the fence out of reality to acquire cunny
based physics warping old bastard

It's sad when murderers kills misopedists in prison and get treated like heroes when they've killed someone's parent and therefore ruined a child's life themselves.

Anyone have the art of Raquelle grinding on Noah after gym?

What was it about Are You Okay that made it the most popular one?