Uh... superman bros

uh... superman bros....

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Death Battle really mindbroke the DBZ spics, huh?

reminder that Shazam could BTFO Goku.

Isn’t pretty much the entire Dragon Ball fandom in agreement that Heroes sucked though

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isn't superman one million literally immortal and almost god tier

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> almost god tier

Yeah, and thats the problem. Goku achieved God status like 3 powerups ago dude.

He got raped by The Unkindness

I thought that was Cosmic Armor Superman or Silver Age.

Superman canonically got raped up the ass. Goku would never get raped.

God, I wish all dbshitter would get gassed.
t. weeb

>isn't superman one million literally immortal and almost god tier
He's Saiyan Saga at best...

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Oh fuck, Chris!

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Who is Chri-?
>One of the most knowledgeable power scalers in the community
So just another literal who worthless autist with too much free time.

Didin't know he was a massive DB fan

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Sonic is just second rate DB.

If you're not going to make your own flashy CGI cartoon about it, no one's going to care

Stay in your containment thread, cunt.

He generally knows his shit, I believe him

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> getting beaten by the manifestation of all of the despair in the universe

Hey, good try. Let me handle it from here.

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>the most respected powerscaler
Is this supposed to be impressive?

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>Chris, one of the most knowledgeable power scalers in the community
Is here aware this is all nonsense and that fiction doesn't actually have perfect internal consistency? This is like being a plotfag, but ten times worse.

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Who the fuck is Chris any way

To be fair, he is a pretty knowledgeable power scaler.

Discord debater on the Power Scaling server. Expert on Marvel, DC and DBZ.

Ligma balls.

Have we really reached a point where "being a knowledgeable power scaler"is something someone can be acclaimed for being the peak of?

PhD in Power Scaling.

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Only in this hell of clickbait-as-news. I can't tell you how many times I have started reading an article only to realize that they are LITERALLY just recounting a reddit or twitter conversation involving random nobodies as if it was valuable information.

I literally can't think of anything sadder than being a power scaler.

Expert? Like he's got a Ph.D or something?

Yes, probably.

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>power scaler

whoa whoa whoa, leave some pussy for the rest of us!


I believe Chris

Did Miami Mike said anything about it?

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He is right. Superman is too being being erased and replaced with either gay Superman or black Superman.

Lex without any powers or power-ups defeated him.

Still a more worthwhile class than gender studies or intersectional basket weaving.

And a scrub with a gun almost killed SSB Goku

Isn't everyone low-star level in the Saiyan Saga? They don't even get to solar system level until the end of the Cell Saga

user, how do you think Gohan was born?

once at a party I asked some drunk guy called Danny if Goku could beat superman , he rambled for a while about the 911 conspiracy and then asked me who fuck was Goku, I told him it was some chinese guy who could turn into King Kong, he then told me King Kong can beat Godzilla so that means he can also beat superman.

>The ultimate authority on power levels is Chris
Somehow I always knew

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isn't that the faggot who lost to Captain Ginyu?

Ginyu would fuck over a lot of capes if he pulls his move off. He could just swipe Superman's body and doesn't have to worry about needing the training like what happened with Goku as the sun is doing most of the power up

I mean he said it was his favorite anime

Chris>>>Death Battle
In all seriousness please explain how Death Battle's opinion holds anymore weight than any other of these power level autists.

Well I guess since Chris said so, its true.

It’s because they had their argument animated

We live in the age of adult coloring books and people dying in meme challenges. There are worse things on the internet than being a guy that measures fictional power

>one of the most knowledgeable power scalers in the community
I watch lots of power scalers and have never heard of this Chris

So first Miyamoto has to rely on Chris Chan to release the mario movie and now he is the guy who says if goku can beat Superman or not?

>some literally who's opinion

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>most knowledgeable power scalers in the community
There is so many things wrong with this sentence.

Doesn't Cosmic Armor Superman have literal plot armor? Also power scalers are fags

Wasn't he weakened because of an evil version of Raven who was jacked up on A TON of black magic? Supes always was vulnerable to magic.

>imagine your only way to interact with art you like is debating black nerds on discord about how much a fictional character can lift

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No he wouldn't. Hal Jordan could beat Ginyu with his powers of child molestation.

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So only a noncanon Goku can beat Supes, this is a nothingburger

This is why everybody hates Chris

You think body swapping is something new?

>I invented anime and manga
What did Toriyama mean by this?

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this looks like pure shit without any context

No. The scenario sucks and most of the animation too but the games are awesome.
No, he isn't, he just lived a long time inside the sun and had a lot of distant descendent helping him but he isn't very different from normal Superman.



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We obviously know Superman could defeat Goku, but could Superman defeat Chris?

OP is a spamming and ban evading faggot.
Report him as much as possible for the greater good.

Not your personal army.

The power of Chris compels you!