Wazzo Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again where we discuss everyone’s favorite intangible gal from the 31st century and her friends the Legion of Super-Heroes

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>We want YOU to post about the Legion!

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Fine I will

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Damn straight

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as someone who's never read a Legion of Superheroes comic in my life where the fuck do i start

Here’s the handy dandy cheat sheet, it’s a wee bit outdated considering the lack of recent collections but it still works.

Whatever you do though just avoid Bendis’s Doomboot as it’s pretty much just a straight trashfire

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Like here are the three books of Johns Lightning Trilogy

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Here are the two collections for “In Media Res”

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Here are the collections for the “New/From The Top” section before they stop getting collected

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These are the collections for “Kinda Old with Superboy”

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Only tinya here looks like tinya...

Personally I'd recommend checking out some of the key moments of the really old comics, legionnaire debuts, the super moby dick of space, computo, the first appearance of the fatal five, etc to get acquainted with the characters and concepts, That said, the old comics might be a hard read if you're not into that so I'd jump forwards to the Levitz era (this ) after that.
Well it would be weird if anyone else looked like Tinya

Updated designs in a better world

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does anyone here know how to find a scan of this?

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As nice as the designs are I'm still not a fan of black Garth. I feel like all race swaps are counter intuitive seeing as they always fail to replace the original, it just overshadows original black characters.

also does anyone know who made this? i remember seeing another one with the legion wanting to have an orgy with clark

This is my feeling on it as well, it also overshadows the diverse characters that already exist and just need a push

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Terrifics Wazzo is best Wazzo

That book made me so happy. Gotta get the other volumes of that run once the prices aren't so stupid

Fuck Bendis for throwing his weight around at DC.
A Terrifics x Legion of Super Heros crossover would have be cool as fuck

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I prefer ginger Garth too, just appreciated how the artist still kept his proper bad boy mullet in spirit at least
waitingforthet tumblr

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Sook draws anyone not white so racist as fuck kek. Hell even his white people's faces look scary.

>lightnig lad

Never could get a physical, I got it for free on Kindle though

>rastafarian Garth
kinda neato

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Don't know I should be glad of frantically upset DC treats current losh as a non-entity.

It’s definitely much much better than the official Doomboot design

Terrifics was really such a nice surprise of a book and it’s a shame DC will probably never acknowledge it again

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rabble rabble over black Garth but no one comments on obviously Asian Rokk

Not trying to imply anything, just found it interesting

Asian Rokk really isn’t that big of a leap though especially since he’s kinda looked Asian in a couple other takes

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Weird, I literally just read this one earlier today

That is pretty weird