How come Disney has not yet made a TV series like they did with Tangled? I thought Frozen was a cash cow.

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Because frozen got a second movie. The tangled tv show was their second movie

Blonde and blue eyes are problematic...

The second movie would've benefited from being a TV show.

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Disney saw that frozens popularity wss a fluke and durme too baiting on lone no life homos.

The short shat the bed as well.

>wss a fluke and durme too baiting

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That's probably a big part of it. You import the brown and black third world to work the shit jobs for Master if the light skins start seeing positive representations of themselves on screen. The other problem with more content is you have to start paying writers and animators. Who the fuck wants to do that?

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Based Anna

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They make kid shows, not softcore porn for lesbians and faggots on Yea Forums.

>not softcore porn for lesbians and faggots on Yea Forums.
>The Owl House

I think social media made them too nervous. The movie was caught in the cultural nexus of being released as tumblr became a public cancer that tricked the mainstream media into thinking it spoke for the mass audience. Places like Facebook and Twitter arguing over whether the movie was empowered enough or whether Elsa was gay or not, made it hard for Disney to commit to any direction with the series, especially since it wasn't originally expected to be the smash hit it became. The sequel film is evidence of that nervousness as they threw in about 5 different script ideas into one and came out with a movie that pleased no one. But at this point the film is nearly a decade old, which is log enough for little kids to think its ancient, and its cultural footprint has been snowed over by new trends, and I think a lot of people would now be annoyed to see it return.

Those don't have any porn just funny shots you make lewd.

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A lot of their recent movies would have been better as a series. Frozen 2, Raya, even Ralph 2 would have benefitted from having a bunch of flavor-of-the-week romps in different game worlds for loot.

>Rearward Face

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Why is Disney so afraid of making them openly canon?

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They'll be canon in the third movie

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They fear Glorious Next President.

They didn't want to dilute a golden brand.

Twitter will demand representation and shipping for famous ips .which will be more obnoxious for tv show than movies

Because Disney doesn't know what the hell they're doing. They have no idea why first film was so popular, and have no clue what to do with the franchise as a whole.


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Because they're stupid. Go check out that thread about the Rescue Rangers movie if you don't believe me.
Also, Elsa is perfect.

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they would lose the China Market, also Russia

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Nice projection.

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Sweet Home Ara Ara.

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There's already a Frozen thread.
Disney/Jennifer Lee would never greenlight anything with a majority European cast. Look at what's in the pipeline:
>Strange World (biracial family)
>Tiana (just Tiana, no New Orleans)
>Iwaju (Afrofuturism because apparently Black Panther isn't enough)
Which short?

>There's already a Frozen thread.
>A Pepe / Wojak / Outrage thread died for this
>An East vs. West thread died for this
>A Live Action thread died for this
>A Death Battle thread died for this
>A Toonami thread died for this
>A Twitter thread died for this
>A Coomer thread died for this
>A Creator thread died for this
>An e-celeb thread died for this
>A /pol/ thread died for this
>A meta thread died for this
One more thread won't hurt.

Link to First and Biggest Frozen Thread:

You know what, maybe this thread is better.

Yes, come and join us, we have more Elsanna.

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No it's litterally gay bitches and Disney paid shills pumping out the porno.

Like this thread much more than the other one.

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And an Isabella thread die too, this is a blessed thread

The difference is that Elsanna is legitimately a good couple. Notice how many pictures are just of them acting cute and romantic, rather than straight up lewd. Porn is nice, but most of us are on this ship because we like the idea of them actually being in love.

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There are no difference. You and your kind are mental.

When will I get Zootopia 2? :(