Death Battle

Will even amped Thor be enough

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Slowdinson won't be able to keep up

>reddit is supporting Vegeta
Oh this will be a feast

Thor is as slow as the clouds.

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Even the executives at Marvel agree.

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Non amped Thor can beat him

Woah someone actually pointing out that travel speed potential != combat speed

Even kid Vegeta would be too much...

Thor struggles with enemies far weaker than Saibamen.

They have Superhomo beating Goku when he can't handle street level characters in his comics, DB characters exist to job.


>They have Superhomo beating Goku
That was fucking retarded....

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Get out

Superman can be hurt by a specific radioactive rock, but Goku and Vegeta can be hurt by regular rocks, guns, needles, and trains.

Thor has a greater warrior's spirit than vegeta. power levels aside thor could just break vegetas will.


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Darkseid got btfo by gun remember? Never underestimate gun as its one of the most busted things in media

guns are fucking broken in dragon ball

the gun that shot gohan in revival of F has to be strong enough to kill a super saiyan, like who makes guns that strong

It doesn't matter who wins. These threads will just be seething about DC, but even more than usual kek

Itll be about the same as usual barring the nect match being another DC one and one that involved someone notable

Who should granolah fight if he gets an episode? the only one matchup i know is zeref

Lobo, last of their kind bounty hunters

You must be new. The thorfag(s) in particular have been very specifically schizo and unhinged in the months leading up to this. I can only imagine, regardless of outcome, it will only increase. The question is will the character of it be uppity cope or salty seething

Are you that fag from vsbattles who was crying about Thor when this episode was announced?

granolah is a horrible fucking fighter and he would lose to characters that are way lower than him. a street level character could take granolah because granolah has neither the training nor the temperment for a serious fight

he only get a win on vegeta because vegeta's current fighting style is self destruction based


Ionic destabilization. Comic writers throw these terms around like tennis balls

Thor’s sort of a special case, he doesn’t fly with his hammer raised in the front like Superman does with his fists, he throws the hammer and latches onto it like cans on a car after a wedding

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yeah, one was capable to knocking back the champ himself Hercule Satan but he was unharmed since nothing can harm him

the historical revisionism perpetrated by the likes of you is the most disgraceful aspect of these threads by a nautical mile holy shit

If it were revisionism you wouldn't need to seethe about it


you can't even express yourself like a human being
pretty sure you're a bot at this point
if they give Thor the Odinforce the dream is dead. but as it stands Vegeta has a chance.

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If they go by the usual "power = speed + megaton explosions" then even amped up versions of Thor will lose hard. He can swing the megatons alright but as others have pointed out he could never keep up with even base level Vegeta in terms of speed. However shit like RKT having cosmic awareness and the power to control the space between atoms goes way beyond speed and raw punching power so if they bring that up (they won't though) Thor could win.

Lightspeed a rarity in the Mar universe
Kid buu didn't have experience fighting against lightspeed

Is this a raid?

>He can swing the megatons alright but as others have pointed out he could never keep up with even base level Vegeta in terms of speed.
Surfer speed scaling

See . Being able to fly fast isn't the same as being able to fight fast.

Don't forget about hercule cutting super buu in half with a gun

>expressing yourself 'like a human being' means seething openly, throwing tantrums, and responding with schizophrenia to every single scrap of bait

has vagina ever won a fight against a real enemy? the only time I remember was when he killed the ginyu forces after Goku beat them up unconscious

Why are people so confident in Vegeta winning? We already know what Swan thinks of this matchup

It is when you fight by slamming into someone with your hammer

>he's still arguing with the voices in his head and projecting them onto me
h-he beat Toppo....

They don’t care

He beat the shit out of Jeice by himself, and he bodied Android 19, he won against Toppo, and I think that might be it.

Does it mean anything?
Let’s assume a wall is made out of “Unstable particles each from a different universe”
And a character punches through that wall. By simply changing the syntax of a feat, you can change wall level to multiverse level

It's still just a wall, retard

It's the funniest and best outcome

>Let’s assume a wall is made out of “Unstable particles each from a different universe”
That just means none of those particles are from the same universe, not that they’re stronger than other ones

The best outcome is if they both inexplicably die and they refuse to elaborate in the post fight analysis

He's writing, not directing it this time around

Okay you're right

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>muh hammer
Yes, and?

They are just dipping their Toe in to Sentry vs. Goku.

He swings it with his hands, ergo moving it at lightspeed

Sentry is for Primetime

He beat goku as a great ape
He beat frieza in res of f
He beat dodoria and zarbon
He beat a19
He beat 2nd form cell
He beat qui
He beat puipui
He beat toppo
He beat mageta
He beat frost
He beat ginyu in gokus body

You mean the hammer that moves at light speed on it's own? The one Thor needs to hold onto for dear life?
That hammer?

Frieza killed him in RoF.

The hammer doesn’t move on its own, Thor throws it, and again he’s spinning the hammer with his hands at FTL speeds here
So swing it at Vegeta

>can't show scans of Thor actually moving at light speed, without hammer
Hammer speed =/= Thor's speed
Vegeta can just take the hammer away, like Superman

He still lost the fight pretty much. Frieza only blew up the planet out of cowardice

Yeah and won the fight by doing so.

Why do people think that Godzilla will be the first to go 3-0? There's a significant chance they would put some Godzilla monster against something from Ultraman since the new movie comes out on the 15th, and 99% of the time that's a guaranteed loss for Godzilla.

So if mecha frieza and king cold blew up earth they would have beaten everybody in a fight got ya

Nobody credibly thinks this
Kaijufags are desperate and irrelevant. Marvel was already the first 3-0

It’s just about the same

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Why are thorfags so dishonest?


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I mean the biggest difference is that Vegeta was right there and could've just stopped him, but yeah sure

Limits of depiction